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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday August 15 2019 to Saturday August 31 2019

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals

Jazz education in Québec - Universities and colleges where jazz is teached !

Are you aware there are 15 universities & colleges in Québec offering a jazz program ?
Did you know there are at least 225 teachers and 850 students involved in jazz ?

McGill University - Schulich School of Music (Montréal)
University of Montréal (Montréal)
UQAM - Université du Québec à Montréal
Concordia University (no information received)
University Laval-Faculty of Music (Québec)
University of Sherbrooke- School of Music (Sherbrooke)
University Bishop (Lennoxville)
Cégep Saint-Laurent (Montréal)
Cégep Vanier (Montréal)
Cégep Marie-Victorin (Montréal)
Cégep Lionel-Groulx (no information received)
Cégep Joliette (no information received)
Cégep Drummondville (Drummondville)
Cégep Trois-Rivières (no information received)
Cégep Alma (Alma)
Domaine Forget
JazzFest des Jeunes
Kosa Academy Annual Percussion Workshop

McGill University - Schulich School of Music

Description : Intensive and complete jazz program, including theory and practical instructions. Wide variety of venues to perform, including McGill University and various restaurants & jazz clubs.

Our teachers : Jan Jarczyk, Donny Kennedy, Guy Boisvert, Brian Hurley, Daniel Lessard, Pierre Pépin, Alec Walkington, Dave Laing, Michel Lambert, Chris McCann, André White, Dave Gossage, Greg Amirault, Greg Clayton, Roddy Ellias, Mike Gauthier, John Gearey, Jean Beaudet, Wray Downes, Jeffrey Johnston, André White, John Roney, John Rager, Rémi Bolduc, Gordon Foote, André Leroux, Frak Lozano, Joel Miller, Douglas Burden, Muhammad Andul Al-Khabyyr, Jocelyn Couture, Kevin Dean, Ron DiLauro, Bill Mahar, Joe Sullivan, Ranee Lee, Madeleine Thériault

Outstanding students : Awards and recognitions to teachers and students ; 8 records out of which 3 received awards including a 1990 Downbeat Award, and 2 on the Cadence magazine Top Ten list.
Joel Miller, finaliste au Prix Opus pour la saison 2004-2005
Frank Lozano, lauréat du loft de New York du Gouvernement du Québec en 2006

Since 1967
approx. 30 teachers
approx. 100 students   
english-language teaching

Université de Montréal

Description : Our jazz program distinguishes itself in that it not only takes into consideration jazz music from the 1940s to the 1970s but also, fusion and contemporary jazz music from the 1970s to today. A number of styles are thus covered, such as ragtime, swing, be-bop, hard-bop, free-jazz, acid-jazz, funk, fusion, latin, etc. The program follows the evolution of jazz all the while adapting to the new styles that can attach themselves to these. Of course, the blues and the jazz standards remain the classic repertoire and the basis of teaching.

Our teachers : The Faculty of Music of the Université de Montréal’s Jazz Department counts amongst its teaching staff specialists for all jazz instruments (guitar, piano, double-bass/bass, drums, saxophone, trombone, trumpet), as well as teachers for jazz theory courses and ensembles, such as : improvisation, history, ear training, jazz arranging, composition, harmony, stage band, choir, jazz musicology, vocal jazz accompaniment, jazz keyboard proficiency, jazz combos (in a recording studio).

Outstanding students
: Our alumni have been heard and seen at the best jazz venues as well as performing with some of the best Quebec artists : jazz festivals, television, CD recordings, Cirque du Soleil. To name a few : Guy Dubuc (piano), Dany Roy (saxophone), Jean-Sébastien Fournier (piano), Gilbert Fradette (drums), François D'Amours (saxophone), Marie-Josée Frigon (saxophone), Ali Labelle (piano), Lauréat Cormier (bass), Patricia Deslauriers (bass), Marc Lessard (drums), Alain Bastien (drums), Jean-François Gagnon (trumpet), Sylvain Lapointe (trumpet) and many more…


approx. 20 teachers
approx. 60 students   
french-language teaching

Université du Québec à Montréal - UQAM

Description : We have a jazz guitar & jazz vocal ensemble, a latin combo, and a jazz history course. UQAM offers a popular music program allowing a vast array of musical styles (popular song, jazz, world music, rock, folk, country, etc.)

Our teachers
: Sylvie Genest, Dominique Primeau, Stéphane Allard, Marie Bélanger, Claude Bergeron, Luc Boivin, François Bourassa, Pierre Cormier, Ron Di Lauro, Pierre Dumont-Gauthier, Pierre Hébert, Serge Lapointe, Julie Leblanc, Yves Léveillé, Denis Mailloux, Gilles Pinard, Alain Regaudie, Richard Ring, Jean St-Jacques, Mario Vigneault, Jean-Pierre Zanella

Outstanding students
: Ariane Moffatt, Catherine Major, Alain Bédard, Frédéric Darveau, Gaëlle Tavernier, Jean-François Déry, Josiane Laporte.

approx. 20 teachers
approx. 75 students
french-language teaching

University Laval - Faculty of Music (Québec)

Description : We offer popular and jazz programs including piano, bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone & voice.

Our teachers : Gabriel Hamel, Serge Lacasse, Ranee Lee, Rémy Tremblay, Claude Vallières, Joël Thibault, Jean-François Lambert, Rémy Tremblay, Janis Steprans, Adam Over, Louis Leblond, Denys Lelièvre, René Roulx, Steve Amirault, Jacques Bourget, Bruno Drolet, Clément Robichaud, Bruno Turgeon

Outstanding students : Joël Thibault, Sébastien Champagne, Jean-François Lambert, Denis Cantin, Jean-François Gagné, Simon Paré, Éric Savard, Éric Caissy, Marie-Noëlle Claveau, Julie Cimon, Marie-Lyne Néron, Mireille Boily.

Since 1990
approx. 20 teachers
approx. 55 students
french-language teaching

University of Sherbrooke - Faculty of Music

Description : Jazz performance, Stage Band, Graduate Diploma in Jazz Performance, double program in Jazz performance and Music education offered in collaboration with Université Laval . Our jazz program allows students to perform standards, to improvise, arrange, compose, teach and use the technology.

Our teachers : David Gelfand, Michel Bernard, Caroline Nadeau, Michael Gauthier, Yvon Bellemare, Richard Savoie, Francisco Lozano, Patrice Richer, Michel Lambert, Gérald Côté, Marc-Antoine Olivier, Robert Prévost

Outstanding students : David Simard and Simon Bergeron have played with Le Cirque du Soleil. Jimmy Lemelin-Lord has been selected to perform at the Montreal Drum Fest in 2005. Simon Bergeron and Jimmy Lemelin-Lord have been members of Martine St-Clair's band.Our Stage Band has won many awards and its performances have been broadcasted by CBC Radio.

Jazz courses has been taught at the École de musique since 1992 and a specific jazz program has been created in 1997. A Graduate Diploma in Jazz Performance is offered since 2005.

Since 1997
approx. 15 teachers  
approx. 35 students  
french-language teaching

University Bishop (Lennoxville)

Description : Jazz & blues guitar...standards & jazz repertoire 1930-2000, improvisation & combo coaching + jazz history
in a small, friendly & relaxed atmosphere, jazz concert(s) & masterslass(s) with invited artists every year.

Our teachers : Michael Gauthier, David Gelfand, Kevin O'Sullivan, Yvon Bellemare, Donny Kennedy, Gilles Ancteau

Outstanding students : Alain Mayrand (composition), J.S. Baciu (bass), Dave Hudson (bass).

Since 1980
approx. 6 teachers
approx. 27 students
english-language teaching

Cégep Saint-Laurent (Montréal)

Description : It's tradition, the diversity of it's ensembles, the recording studios & the music department of the Cégep de Saint-Laurent all join together to allow the student to develop many aspects such as interpretation, composing and arranging in a unique environnement. Québec's largest music department, the first to teach jazz, the first music department to give a technical music program, the first Cégep to offer double DEC.

Our teachers : Muhammad Abdul AL-Khabbyr, Stéphane Allard, Réal Ayotte, Richard Beaudet, Marie Bélanger,
André Beaudry, Sylvain Bolduc, Marie-Ève Bouchard, Lana Carbonneau, Jocelyn Couture, Lorraine Desmarais,
Jean-François Doré, Pierre Dumont-Gauthier, Jean Fréchette, Dan Gigon, Michel Héroux, Philippe Keyser, Yvan Lemelin,
André Martin, Vincent Morel, Pierre Pépin, Mario Roy, Dan Thouin, Jean-Pierre Zanella

Outstanding students : Arianne Moffat, François D'Amours, Julie Lamontagne

Since 1970
approx. 24 teachers
approx. 120 students
french-languague teaching

Cégep Vanier (Montréal)

Our teachers : Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr, Stéphane Allard, Dave Clark, Jocelyn Couture, Johanne Desforges, Nick Ditomaso, Dan Gigon, Eric Harding, Peter Kisilenko, Jacques Labelle, François Richard, Wayne Richardson, Tony Romandini, Christopher Smith, Dave Watts, Michael Wilson

Outstanding students : Mohammed Abdul Al Khabyyr, Morgan Moore, André White

Since 1971
approx. 16 teachers
approx. 97 students
english-language teaching

Cégep Marie-Victorin (Montréal)

Description : Concerts given by students in training - in and outside of the cégep. Stage Band and many ensemble possibilities and quality auditive training. A new music pavillion equipped with the latest technology. A team of teachers specialized in their field and recognised in the jazz world. Vast choice of large ensembles.

Our teachers : Frédéric Alarie, James Gelfand, John Roney, Mario Fraser, Marco Tessier, Benoit Gauthier, Pierre Côté, Sylvain Cossette, Pascal Richard, Greg Amireault, Gisèle Poulin, Josée Caron, Nancy Martinez, Yves Boisvert, Christian Pamerleau, Richard Beaudet, Michel Lambert, André Guay, Stéphane Allard, Alain Labrosse & Sylvain Nolet.

Outstanding students : Jean-Sébastien Nicol, Loco Locass drummer, , Thomas Brodeur, Karcius drummer & Dominique Blouin Karcius bassist. Singing carreers : Sophie Tremblay, winner of the Festival de la Petite Vallée, Natasha Poirier new CD, Valérie Panneton & Sandra Jean have stood out as remarquable soloists with the Stage Band du Collège and other bands in many events such as the Festival International de jazz de Montréal. Jonathan Cayer, on piano, has won with Jocelyn Auger at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2004. Le Stage Band, under the direction of Michel Lambert, participes in the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal since 1998 and has also won the mention or at the JazzFest des Jeunes each year, since 1996.

Since 1992
approx. 20 teachers
approx. 70 students
french-language teaching

Cégep Drummondville (Drummondville)

Description : The teaching of jazz standards and music has always occupied a privileged spot in the programs offered by the Cégep de Drummondville. The Cégep de Drummondville is the only college institution to offer these four programs : Pre-university Music DEC, DEC - Professional Technique Music & Song, AEC in Creation & Sound Mixing as well as Mixing and Recording.

Outstanding students : Michel Cusson, Jean-Marie Benoît

Since 1970
approx. 60 teachers
approx. 150 students
french-language teaching

Segal Centre for Performing Arts (Montreal)

Description : Group music courses for teenagers. Different genres: jazz, rock, blues, pop. Guitar, bass guitar,
saxophone and drum courses. Students are eventually matched with students from other groups in order to introduce
students to playing in a group. Beginner and intermediate levels. We also offer coaching to either existing or newly
created Rock bands or Jazz combos (all ages). Courses in music history (including the All American Song Book history class)
as well as a guitar class are available for adults.

Our teachers : George Doxas, Director of Music Education; Chet Doxas, saxophone; Jean-Sébastien Williams, guitar;
Morgan Moore, bass guitar; Jim Doxas, drums.

bilingual teaching

Cégep Alma (Alma)

Description : Arranging & writing, drums & percussions, saxophone, keyboards & piano, voice , doublebass, electric guitar & horns. Improvisation et instrumental comprehension, musical groups productions, specialized music pavillion, professional recording studio, 2 concert halls.

Our teachers : Robert Pelletier, Denis Gagnon, Michel Bastien , Luc Lévesque, Jean Casavant, Rémy Tremblay, Marie-Noëlle Claveau, Mireille Boily, Marc Bonneau, Carol Roy, Jimmy Lahaie, Mario Lévesque, Steeve Langevin, Yannick Rieu, Carl Naud, Christian St-Pierre, Denis Morissette, André Tremblay, Claude Côté.

Since 1970
approx. 13 teachers
approx. 69 students
french-language teaching

Le Domaine Forget – Music and Dance Academy (St-Irénée de Charlevoix)

Description : Vocal jazz sessions at le Domaine Forget, August 14th to 21st, 2016.

Vocal jazz – solist : This one-week workshop focuses on advanced and semi-professionnal students aged at least 15.

Vocal jazz – chorist : This intensive workshop focuses on trained singers and groups, aged at least 15.

Our teachers :
The Swingle Singers

Outstanding students :
Patricia Deslauriers, contrebasse; Roberto Murray, saxophone; Guy Kaye, guitare, Serge Lavoie, guitare

From 1990
english-language teaching

JazzFest des Jeunes - 38th edition - April 2nd 2016 - École Secondaire André-Laurendeau, Longueuil , QC

JazzFest des Jeunes - 38th edition - April 2nd 2016 - École Secondaire André-Laurendeau, Longueuil , QC

Yearly annual KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival... July 2016 at the Academie KoSA in Castleton, Vermont

Yearly KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival in Castleton, Vermont
July 2016

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