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 Jazz Icons DVD Series 3 - Sonny Rollins "Live in 65 & 68" (3rd of 5)

December 4, 2008

Last icon of jazz, Sonny Rollins is a saxophone player one never gets tired of listening. In the Jazz Icons Series, there's a great Xmas gift suggestion — less than twenty dollars — here's Sonny doing it in the 1965/68 period. Mohawk style / shaved head, blowing that wind twice as hard as ever, in the footsteps of Coleman Hawkins and not giving in an inch. Thru timeless changes, his generous solos on key tracks such as There Will Be Another You, On Green Dolphin Street, St-Thomas or Oleo remind us how this musician can make the listener happy.

by Christophe Rodriguez

Editor's note: The other 2 DVDs of the Jazz Icons Series 3 will be presented in this feature by Christophe Rodriguez.

 Pink Turtle - Pop in Swing

November 20, 2008

According to the legend, the european septet Pink Turtle retired in 1969, victim of their own success. Being too young for the Flower Power era, yours truly is excited about this hot CD. Our band of seven give us great swing, thanks to Louis Prima, Louis Jordan and Gene Krupa. Doing it much better than the Lost Fingers, an easy task, with these pop tunes ; How Deep is Your Love, Logical Song, Highway To Hell ou Smoke on The Water (crazy!). Based on a 4/4 rhythm that the masters of swing would've loved, Pink Turtle is well worth it. Montreal Jazz Festival promoters, book them right away, you won't be disappointed !

Patrick Bacqueville - trombone, voice
Christophe Davot - guitar, voice
Michel Bonnet - trumpet
Pierre-Louis Cas - tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Jean-Marc Montaut - piano
Laurent Vanhee - bass
Stéphane Roger - drums

by Christophe Rodriguez

 John Roney - Silverbirch String Quartet

November 6, 2008

These days writing and research in time projects happen not very often. In collaboration with cellist Christian Robinson, Montreal pianist John Roney, well know by Dièze Onze customers, has launched Silverbich. The meeting of jazz and strings is nothing new and has had it's ups and downs. In this case, rest assured. as each of the 10 tracks are small jewels, just think of Cascara, Tristeza and American Osus knitted together like quilts. Friends of classical music, and yes, friends of jazz, rejoice !

John Roney - piano
Christian Robinson - violin (Silverbirch String Quartet)
Chonghua Chen - violin
William West - alto violin
Alexandra Lee - cello
Richard Jackson - percussion

by Christophe Rodriguez

 Jazz Icons DVD Series 3 - Lionel Hampton "Live in '58" (2nd of 5 )

October 23, 2008

This man had a great time sharing his very communicative swing, the essence of the blue note. Mostly a vibes player, but also drummer, pianist and singer influenced by Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton was active till his eighties and then some. On his mostly europeen tours, he got together with great musicians and the best such as Clifford Brown, Charles Mingus,  Walt Johnson & Freddie Hubbard. This '58 Belgium tour is a part of the history of swing. Communicative, sometimes excessively, driving his band like a powerful machine running on high octane; Hamp’s Piano Blues, Hot Club Blues, et I’ve Found A New Baby is the heart of a jazz that's long gone.

by Christophe Rodriguez

Editor's note: The other 3 DVDs of the Jazz Icons Series 3 will be presented in this feature by Christophe Rodriguez.

 Alain Bédard - Auguste Quintet : Bluesy Lunedi

October 9, 2008

A true musician at heart and key personality of the Montreal jazz scene, bassist Alain Bédard, who's also the founder of the Effendi label sometimes has enough time to...write and play his music! This discreet man, who "gives to spotlight" to younger musicians, writes like the great ones who don't give us a lot of notes just to please us. Bluesy Lunedi, his third CD, breathes Monk, Ahamad Jamal and of course, Jimmy Garisson,  friend of Coltrane. Impressionism is the word ; Bluesy Lunedi, Double vue-suite,  Monky, without being too complex. A brilliant CD by the man who likes to reflect and have fun at the same time.

Frank Lozano - tenor & soprano sax
Jean-Christophe Béney - tenor & soprano sax
Alexandre Grogg - piano
Alain Bédard - bass
Pierre Tanguay - drums

Effendi Records

by Christophe Rodriguez
Listen to a sample by clicking  here

 Jazz Icons DVD Series 3 - Cannonball Adderley (1st of 5 )

September 25, 2008

Jean-Paul Sartre once said, let's be philosophical a moment : Jazz is like bananas, you have to eat them right on the spot. In this month of September, one of Falling Leaves, a great jazz standard, six DVDs of the famous Jazz Icons collection (Series 3) have just been released. This is great art, beautifully filmed within the standards of that period, in Europe where men of the blue note found refuge, sympathy and money, let's not forget. To start off this series of 6 DVDs ; Julian « Cannonball » Adderley, accompanied by his brother Nat (cornet), Yusef Lateef (tenor sax, flute), Sam Jones (drums), Joe Zawinul (piano) & Louis Hayes on drums. With humor, simplicity and professionnalism, they give us straight from clubs in Switzerland and Germany (1963), a savory mix of hard-bop, funk & bop that need no comments. For less than twenty bucks, this is a deal you should scoop up.

by Christophe Rodriguez

Editor's note: The other 4 DVDs of the Jazz Icons Series 3 will be presented this fall in this feature by Christophe Rodriguez.

 Erik Hove - Soundclash

September 11, 2008

Originally from Vancouver now living in Montreal, alto sax player Erik Hove give us some geometric jazz. Soundclash, the group and debut title CD threads with finess and a bit in the tracks of NY alto sax Steve Coleman. Slightly acid, with funky and trip-hop roots, purists might be led astray while younger or greener ears, you decide, will discover a musical space where experimenting is allowed and encouraged. If the musical signature is a bit mecanical, blame it on the youth, the talent's there as well as the harmonics research. A cat to follow.

Erik Hove - alto sax
P-Love - turntables
Fraser Hollins - bass
Martin Auguste - drum

by Christophe Rodriguez

 Michel Benita and Manu Codjia - Ramblin'

August 28, 2008

Faithful Erik Truffaz accomplices, it's on the Ladyland Tour that Michel Benita & Manu Codjia cooked up the Ramblin’ project, an album that summons drifting and vagabonding. Right out of the Bob Dylan, Neil Young and traditional irish music songbooks, Michel Benita & Manu Codjia aren't shy about liking and playing folk music,  revisited with their rich-in-harmonics-and-airy playing. Think of Pat Metheny's New Chautauqa or even Ry Cooder. Paying tribute to the music that gave him his first thrills, Michel Benita rethinks the folk genre approaching it as a jazz improviser and with much talent. To hear the full album via streaming visit his website.

Michel Benita  - bass, doublebass, percussions & programming
Manu Codjia - acoustic and electric guitars   

by Éric Seguin

 Chantale Gagné Trio - Silent Strenght

August 14, 2008

Rather discreet on the Montréal jazz scene, québécois pianist Chantale Gagné shares her time in between New York & Montréal. Sidewoman and composer, Chantale Gagné presents her first CD in trio. With Peter Washington on bass & Lewis Nash on percussions, Chantale Gagné can boast about being well accompanied. On ten compositions, Chantale wrote seven, as well as taking on Monk & Bill Evans compositions with brio. Kenny Barron introduces her on the CD's linear notes, with whom Chantale takes classes, Silent Strenght is a good first try for the pianist. Her playing might lack a bit of personality, but with time she'll stand out from her mentors and do her own thing. Check it out on her official website. Keep your eyes and ears on her...she's going somewhere !

Chantale Gagné - piano
Peter Washington - bass
Lewis Nash - percussions

by Éric Seguin

 Freddie Hubbard & The New Jazz Composers Octet - On The Real Side

July 31, 2008

Even after all the negative comments Miles Davis made about him, trumpet player Freddie Hubbard remains a model. Mixing rhythm and harmonic discoveries, the icon of hard-bop jazz is the last of a trilogy that was Lee Morgan, Woody Shaw & the man himself ! Althought tackled by lips problems, the 70 year-old Freddie still holds his ground, even if he's lost a bit of his ability to surprise us. Surrounded  by hot new players like David Weiss, trumpet,  Jimmy Green, tenor/soprano sax, Xavier Davis, piano, Freddie who chooses to play the flugelhorn,  will rekindle passions and some debating. On The Real Side is the portait of a man who just doesn't give up.

by Christophe Rodriguez

 Alain Caron - Conversations

July 10, 2008

Alain Caron's latest CD is defined by it's sobriety and moderation. A far cry from ex-band UZEB's style of jazz-fusion that the bass player got us used to, so this intimist project is a good surprise. Conversations with the piano, bass & vibraphone, playing in a dialogue mode and not a confrontation. The melodies are soft, the ambiance intimate. Remarquably well self-produced, Conversations gathers a impressive turnout of local musicians such Lorraine Desmarais, Oliver Jones et François Bourassa. Listen to clips from Conversations on Alain Caron's website  :

Alain Caron  - basses
Jean St-Jacques  - keyboards and malletkat
Oliver Jones - piano
Lorraine Desmarais - piano
François Bourassa  - piano
Otmaro Ruiz - piano

by Éric Seguin

 Vic Vogel and the Jazz Big Band - Jim & Andy's

June 19, 2008

Sometimes you have to believe in miracles. In 1984, our famous Montreal band leader is playing in New York with his happy bunch and god knows how, a small record company tapes the event. Some great musicians are on the recording such as great tenor sax Zoot Sims and Philippe Dubois also known as...Phil Woods. Without being nostalgic, the level of this kind of playing doesn't come around much anymore : a ton of firepower, joie de vivre, a big band revving up like a Formula 1 engine and, as always, Vic Vogel is on top of it. A great find that never made it across the border.

by Christophe Rodriguez

 Madeleine Thériault Wray Downes - Eclipse

June 5, 2008

Singing teacher for fifteen years at Concordia University & founder of the McGill University female jazz choir, Madeleine Thériault finally dives in with her new CD Eclipse. Under the influence of the great Charles Mingus, Eclipse being the title track, Madeleine gives us consistent results and shows us her influences. Accompanied by heavy hitters Wray Downes on piano, Brian Hurley on bass, Frank Lozano at the sax, Michel Lambert on drums & Marc Villemure on guitar, she revisits ;  Sister Sadie (Horace Silver), Little Niles (Randy Weston) and the Billy Strayhorn classic Lush Life. He christal clear voice influenced by the great John Hendricks, Eclipse is a nice surprise that avoids the pitfalls of academicism.

Madeleine Thériault - voice
Wray Downes - piano
Frank Lozano - saxophone
Marc Villemure - guitar
Brian Hurley - bass
Michel Lambert - drums

by Christophe Rodriguez

 Eric Khayat - Revoluciòn

May 22, 2008

At first glance the dark CD cover and pompous title of  Revoluciòn is a turn-off but that changes a second time around. Composed mostly in Cuba, it presents itself as jazzy travel diary, a soundtrack with souvenirs, landscape, and the faint smell of cigars as a backdrop. Saxophonist, composer, musical director, Eric Khayat's career is witness to his taste for various musical styles and that he likes challenges. Eric Khayat is not part of current "jazz" scene, he's rather a free thinker, roaming from blues to pop and R&B.  His writing might not be grounbreaking, but his arrangements serve his music well. Eric Khayat plays this music which is not his, cuban jazz, with melancoly and joy. Listen to clips on Eric Khayat. For each CD purchase, $1 is given to Equiterre

Eric Khayat - saxophones
John Sadowy - piano
Mike Dumont - guitar
Massimo Sansalone - drums

by Éric Seguin

 Simon Legault Quartet – Misrememberings

May 8, 2008

Winner of the 2007 Jazz en Rafale New Talent Contest, the Simon Legault Quartet gives us Misrememberings, a first CD with a lot of maturity. On the Effendi label, Misrememberings confirms the talent of a guitarist and composer that will certainly get noticed on the canadian jazz scene in the coming years.  Simon Legault 's playing brings us back to the classic stylings of Jim Hall, and somewhat Pat Metheny in his first days. This guitarist has a sense of dialogue, giving the talented sax player Annie Dominique a lot of room in a quartet formation where both soloists combine their melodies with natural ease. The quartet's main strenght is it's osmosis. Misrememberings is an all-night listen. For a first try it's masterfull and we love it. Hear clips on the the Effendi Records website.
Simon Legault : guitar
Annie Dominique : tenor sax
Sébastien Pellerin : bass
Alain Bourgeois : drums  

by Éric Seguin

 Brad Mehldau Trio Live

April 24, 2008

Very prolific in the last few years, Brad Mehldau was not as present on the music scene since his collaboration with Pat Metheny on his last two albums.  In a seemingly back-to-the-roots mode, Brad Mehldau Trio Live is in the footsteps of the Art of the Trio serie with ex-drummer Jorge Rossy.  Jeff Ballard is a more versatile player, but his playing having a sound that is closer to that of the previous drummer, leads the trio to it's path but loses the creativity which was the strength of Day is Done, their first collaboration. Brad Mehldau's playing gets more complex to the point of self-parody, as if the pianist was stuck in his own schemes, still continuously creating melodies in a unorthodox fashion, and in short amazing us without much renewal. Lovers of the pianist will miss his sense of adventure but will reconnect with the authentic Brad Mehldau,  a pianist that has contributed greatly to bringing a new sound to the piano-bass-drums trio.
The trio was in concert at Québec City's great new concert hall, the Salle Raoul-Jobin of the Palais Montcalm this Friday April 25 at 8pm.

Sound clips available on Brad Mehldau

Brad Mehldau – piano
Larry Grenadier – bass
Jeff Ballard - drums

by Éric Seguin

 Andrée Boudreau - Trio Andrée Boudreau

April 10, 2008

Here's and album that's soft and subtle. Andrée Boudreau in trio spells harmony, complicity,  but above all femininity and sensitivity. The mood is velvety smooth and the musicians blend rightinto Andrée's compositions. A trio without ego, playing nothing excessive, soft, uncut, music with intelligence by talented musicians who want to play together and that have mastered the dynamics of a trio, something not easily done. Self-produced, this album's artistic direction is flawless. Listen to samples of this album on Andrée Boudreau's website at

Andrée Boudreau : piano
François Marion : bass
Daniel Richard : drums and percussions

by Éric Seguin

 Bright Road - Min Rager

March 27, 2008

Bright Road is certainly not a new CD in the market (2006) but this album is worth a second listen. Min Rager is a very talented young korean pianist straight out of McGill with a very promising future.  Having a great sense of melody, Min Rager knows how to seduct her public with an intense and enriched jazz. Min Rager has a strong attack, yet soft like velvet as well as a great technique. This album's compositions show the maturity of the pianist who's quite present in the Montréal jazz scene having played many times at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal as well as the OFF Festival de Jazz. Min Rager's first opus is a success, she doesn't overplay, which is great, and her styling is dynamic, strong & goes to the heart of the matter. To hear samples, go to (whom she shares with husband Joshua Rager, also a pianist !) or on

Min Rager: piano
Kevin Dean: trumpet
Donny Kennedy: alto sax
Kieran Overs: bass
Andre White: drums

by Éric Seguin

 Frank Lozano Group - Colour Fields

March 13, 2008

Frank Lozano's track record is impressive. From Tito Puente to David Binney as well as Pat LaBarbera, Michel Donato and Oliver Jones, his numerous collaborations as sideman have led him to this first projet as leader. Back from New York where he spent a year in residence thanks to a Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec grant, Frank Lozano presents Colour Fields, that reminds us of a soundtrack in the making. Rugged jazz with dark colours, Frank Lozano doesn't try to seduce us, his music is uncut, always cerebral.  A must, listen to Buciumeana in which Kim Ratcliffe trades in his guitar for a mandolin which leads us the country of Gustavo Santaollalla. Listen to samples on Frank Lozano or Effendi Records.       

Frank Lozano - Tenor saxophone
Jim Lewis - Trumpet
Kim Ratcliffe - Guitar
John Geggie - Bass
Jean Martin - Drums

by Éric Seguin

 Joel Miller - Tantramar

February 21, 2008

After a suprising Mandala in 2004, Joel Miller is back with Tantramar, an eclectic work of original compositions echoing various genres, such as folk, blues & electronic music. Joel Miller's music is inspired by many influences leading to a very personal and cohesive sound, quite different from the current local productions. Well supported by Kenny Bibace on guitar & Bill Mahar on trumpet but mostly by the one whose versatility makes it stick together, percussionnist Thom Gossage, Joel Miller takes us on a trip in his childhood New-Brunswick.  Maybe a bit too many high notes but that's a matter of taste.
Joel Miller - tenor & soprano sax, voice & electronics
Bruno Lamarche - tenor & baritone sax, clarinet & flute
Bill Mahar - trumpet & cornet
Kenny Bibace - electric and acoustic guitar
Fraser Hollins - bass
Thom Gossage - drums & percussions


Amelia McMahon - voice (tracks 1,4,7,8)
Colin Burnett - banjo (tracks 3,9)
Black-capped Chickadee (track 4)       

by Éric Seguin

 Montréal Variations - Montréal Jazz Club Session 3

February 7, 2008

What a great idea to unite 9 of our best pianists with their city as their main inspiration and the 4 notes that are "played" by the métro as their starting point. In a piano solo mode, Montréal Variations isn't totally «jazz» and Alain Lefèvre's presence is a sign that Analekta is aiming for a larger audience. The album's production is excellent,  maybe over-refined sometimes lacking a bit of audacity. Nonetheless, the soft and subdued ambiances of Montréal Variation will give listening pleasure to the music lover. Here's and album you'll want to play on St-Valentines.

Montréal Variations
- Montréal Jazz Club
Lorraine Desmarais, François Bourassa, James Gelfand, Jean-François Groulx, Alain Lefèvre, Guy Dubuc, Oliver Jones, Luc Beaugrand, Guy St-Onge

by Éric Seguin

 E.S.T - Live in Hamburg

January 24, 2008

Recorded in November 2006 after their first opus Tuesday Wonderland, this live recording of this popular trio led by swedish pianist Esbjorn Svensson is a pearl. With this electrifying concert, Live in Hamburg confirms the maturity of a group that transcends the barriers in between jazz & rock by injecting post-rock sounds along the lines of Radiohead & Sigur Ròs. This pianist reminds us of Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett & Jan Johansson, another swedish pianist deceased at the young age of 38 in 1968. Magnus Ostrom's constant rhythm and the omnipresence of Dan Berglundet on bass give Esbjorn Svensson a creative space in which leads the pianist into intense solos.  Many sound clips and videos are available on Until this soon-to-be-released in Québec double CD, you can order online directly from their label at :

Esbjorn Svensson: piano
Dan Berglund :  bass
Magnus Ostrom: drums

by Éric Seguin


 Insomnia - Matthieu Bélanger Quartet

January 3, 2008

Insomnia dives into a sleepless night full of surprises. Clarinetist Mathieu Bélanger takes us on a trip to a dreamy universe full of night moods.  Mathieu Bélanger's playing is hypnotic, reminiscent of Mingus & Dolphy and equally modern. Claude Lavergne (drums) & Wayne Smith (bass) reply to Matthieu's solos, giving liberating performances on a cohesive album that will please jazz fans and newcomers. Andrée Boudreau on piano keeps it together with subtlety and discretion.

Footnote : The album's intro is by Stanley Péan. Hear samples on Matthieu Bélanger

Mathieu Bélanger – Clarinet
Claude Lavergne – Drums
Wayne Smith – Bass
Andrée Boudreau – Piano    

by Éric Seguin

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