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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday November 20 2014 to Wednesday December 31 2014

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Jazz guitarist Dom Gobeil launches"Quintet" at the Gainzbar, on St-Hubert St. (Mtl), Tuesday, November 25th at 7pm.

Dominic Gobeil couverture CD 150X150 version de Dom.jpgGuitarist Dom Gobeil takes the listener to the five cardinal points displayed on the cover of his new album Quintet. With a profound and fluid touch on his instrument, the always inspired Gobeil presents all new compositions. He mixes strongly contrapuntal phrasing with a deeply rooted sense of the swing tradition, wrapped in constantly surprising harmonies.

Dom Gobeil surrounds himself with musicians that perform with true understanding the complexity of his contemporary writing. The five points of the star reflect the alliance of this high-calibre ensemble. May the music of Dom Gobeil, like the stars and planets, be visible and audible around the world.

Dom Gobeil, guitar and compositions
Samuel Blais, alto sax
Jonathan Cayer, piano
Sébastien Pellerin, doublebass
Éric Thibodeau, drums

Open to all!  You're all welcome to come and share these few moments of music in our company !

Dom Gobeil launches "Quintet"
Gainzbar, 6289 rue St-Hubert (Mtl)
Tuesday, Novembre 25th at 7pm

L'Orchestre national de Jazz at L'Astral, Thursday, Nov. 27th at 8pm, guest artist and direction : Jennifer Bell, play Duke Ellington's Such Sweet Thunder Suite and Mike Rud's Notes on Montreal!

onj_nouveau_150X150.jpgMulti-instrumentalist Jennifer Bell will conduct Duke Ellington’s Such Sweet Thunder Suite (1956) as well as pieces from Mike Rud’s Juno Award winning vocal jazz album, Notes on Montreal (2013), a collaboration with singer Sienna Dahlen.

The songs from his album Notes on Montreal highlight his abilities as a composer and are reminiscent of some of his adoptive city’s great authors of the likes of Gabrielle Roy, Mordecai Richler, Leonard Cohen and Michel Tremblay. Interpreted by the Torontonian Sienna Dahlen, who was warmly applauded by the FIJM’s public during her appearance at the Savoy, Rud’s compositions stride within a poetic space that sways effortlessly between jazz and literature.

This poetic sensitivity becomes a theme within the concert, as Ellington’s piece was influenced by Shakespeare and dedicated to the Stratford Festival where he was inspired by a line in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “I never heard so musical a discord, such sweet thunder." Music critic A.B. Spellman names the piece crafted by Duke and his partner Billy Stayhorn as “one of the most remarkable orchestral pieces of American music.”

To see a few tracks of the ONJ in concert, July 6th at the FIJM, click here

L’Orchestre national de jazz -guest artist and direction Jennifer Bell - works by Duke Ellington, Mike Rud, Bill Mahar and Charles Papasoff - Thursday, Nov. 27th, 8pm at L'Astral- 305 Sainte-Catherine W 514-871-1881. (This is the 3nd concert of the 2014-2015 season).

"20 year without Jobim" interview with brazilians Zé Renato and Marcos Ariel, and Jean-Pierre Zanella.

entrevue Ze Marcos JP Zanella oct 2014_150X140.jpgTo highlight the "20 years without Jobim", Oct. 17th concert at the Gesù, here's our interview with guitarist /singer Zé Renato, pianist Marcos Ariel and saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella.  This concert marks the 20th birthday of the death of legendary brazilian musician and creator of the bossa nova, Antonio Carlos Jobim.  The composer, a musical genius of the 20th century, wrote a great number of songs that have become classics of popular brazilian music and jazz.

We spoke of their commun passion and love for brazilian music, the collaboration in between Zé Renato and Marcos Ariel, when they played with Jobim, his influence on their music, and a few excertps of  "O Morro Não Tem Vez", "Chega De Saudade" and "One Note Samba".

Interview by Coco Jazz and Claude Thibault.

In concert with Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass), Paul Brochu (drums), Lévy Bourbonnais (harmonica), André Dequech (piano and flute), Paulo Ramos (guitar, voice, percussions), and Daniel Zanella (drums and percussions).

To see the interview, click here

To see "O Morro Não Tem Vez", click here

If you like brazilian music, don't miss this intimite concert on the musical universe of Milton Nascimento and Chico Buarque at Studio Victor, Friday, Nov. 21st with Jean-Pierre Zanella, Pierre François, Rémi Jean-LeBlanc and Paul Brochu. For more info, click here

Jacques Kuba Séguin and L’élévation du point de chute - shooting for the stars!

jacques-kuba-seguin_150X150.jpgJacques Kuba Séguin launched his latest CD, L’élévation du point de chute, Saturday, Oct. 25th at Montreal's L'Astral. The concert was a success according to the trumpeter who won the 2012 Révélation Radio-Canada .

MEB - Jacques, what does the title of your last album L’élévation du point de chute (elevating the drop off point or connection...) mean ?
JKS - "The drop off point is the place where a projectile lands, but it's also a place to rendez-vous, to connect. For me these definitions join together and bounce off each other : without a drop off point, there's no trajectory or connection.  Each meeting with other musicians help you grow, as the talent of the other musicians influence you...On this project there are two generations of musicians playing together.  One being the generation of Jean-Pierre Zanella (sax), André Leroux (sax) and Frédéric Alarie (bass), veterans of this form of art, and my generation with Jonathan Cayer (piano), Kevin Warren (drums) that represent the "new" generation of musicians…It's interesting to see how each song emerges based on that age difference. I was happy that the musicians went along with the dynamics of the situation. It also helped with the creative process of the album. Because I admire and respect these musicians, I wanted to try out this formula and it worked quite well."
MEB - What did you have in mind when your wrote the material for this project ? There's a hint of jazz-rock, and pop...
JKS - "That the melody is centre stage, and that it featured each instrument. I deliberately shied away from the spotlight allowing the musicians to really take their own space. Everybody on this project plays really well and I wanted all the musicians to have their shining moment."
MEB - Since Litania, you seemed to have gained a lot of respect on the Montreal, Québec and international jazz scenes.
JKS - "Yes really, and I'm conscious of where it's taken me. At a certain point I realised that it was important to include other styles and other sounds from an ensemble of compositions, leading to other types of collaborations. I'd say that what I like about this project is that it's close to pop and many other genres. For me music is just music, as opposed to most people who like to define and categorize styles and genres in small little boxes.…You have to try to break out of those boxes, and make the various styles work together. With this project, I didn't want to produce some kind of academic jazz but rather some "feel-good music". And once the charts are on the lectern, it works right away, everything fits and we're at 80% of the goal, and then it's magic from then on."
MEB - With this project, what were you aiming for as a group and as a musician ? An international tour ? How did you accomplish yourself differently that on Litania ?

JKS - "To be pefectly frank, for this project I'm shooting for the highest stars [laughs]. If there's a jazz festival on another planet, I want to go ! I admit that when we were recording I simply wanted to play some good music with no specific aim."
MEB - What colour does this project represent for you?
JKS - "A clear colour, something bright! bright but not adolescent...!"

MEB - In closing, what are you listening to these days ? What's in your player ?
JKS - "Good question! I admit, I don't listen to a lot of jazz at home...I'd say 90% of the time, I listen to a lot of radio, classical music...I like suggestions, and let myself go to "setlists"prepared by hosts. It goes in phases. I like folkloric music quite a bit, such as bulgarian music recorded in a barn…as well as scandinavian jazz. That and bulgarian music, you know, things out of the ordinary. "
Interview : Marie-Eve Boulanger, special collaboration
Lendemain de veille host at CKUT

Translation : Claude Thibault

to read our CDJazz article by Christophe Rodriguez on L’élévation du point de chute, click here

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Félix Stüssi - Arrabbiata

No only is he an excellent pianist, but  Félix Stüssi likes to cook up some hot jazz, figuratively...With Arrabbiata, which is also the name of some spicy italian sauce, he welcomes us to a happy banquet and some great musicians. Surrounding the man of the hour, bassist Clinton Rider, drummer Isaiah Ceccarelli, alto and soprano saxophonist Alexandre Côté, tenor and soprano saxophonist Bruno Lamarche and a very special guest, american trombonist Ray Anderson.

Lots of power of course, but also some creative intelligence, that danse to accomplished arrangements : Hip Limp, Blues Malcommodes, Arrabbitata, of course, and Nébuleuse.

A beautiful release that help us forget the grey fall weather. Bravo !

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  November 25 2014
Dom Gobeil - "New Clave" at the "Quintet" launch - Gainzbar, Nov. 25th 2014

Jazz vocalist Lara Solnicki launches "Whose Shadow?", Saturday, Nov. 29th at the Bleury Bar à Vinyle.

larasolnicki_150X150.jpgClassically trained, Lara Solnicki's four-octave range voice was leading her to being an opera singer with studies in voice and piano at the Glenn Gould School / Royal Conservatory
of Music, but then...she got into jazz for it's expressiveness, liberty and improvisation.

A vocalist with a talent for poetry, composition and improvisation, Lara Solnicki has made her way to an enviable position on the canadian contemporary jazz scene.

Surrounded by Roddy Ellias on guitar, a master of contemporary, jazz and classical music and Adrian Vedady on bass, who has a reputation for his sense of swing and inspired lyricism, Lara Solnicki presents her new opus "Whose Shadow?".

This contemporary jazz project is more eclectic than her first CD with arrangements ranging from modern jazz to classical music such as Ravel & Purcell with a dash of pop-art like Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and even Joni Mitchell.

An album launch is always a lot of fun and Lara Solnicki's voice will charm you, I'm sure!

Lara Solnicki, voice
Roddy Ellia, guitar
Adrian Vedady, bass

Saturday, Nov. 29th, 8pm
Le Bleuty Bar à Vinyle
2109 Bleury
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Coco Jazz host at Radio LaSalle

TVJAZZ  October 17 2014
"20 years without Jobim" interview with Zé Renato, Marcos Ariel and Jean-Pierre Zanella - Gesù Oct 17, 2014

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