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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday June 13 2019 to Wednesday June 19 2019

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Beloeil Jazz at the Centre culturel de Beloeil this weekend Thursday June 13th to Saturday June 15th with jazz singer Ranee Lee presenting Dark Divas, the Jazzlab Orchestra presenting Quintessence and the a capella vocal group Jazz Affair.

3 - Ranee Lee - 150x200 - de Michael Slobodian.jpgConsidered one of our great jazz singers, Ranee Lee is also an actor and composer. Sided by seven musicians, she presents Dark Divas, a project where she plunges into the life and répertoire of seven of some of the greatest jazzwomen of the 20th century that are Joséphine Baker, Billie Holiday, Pearl Bailey, Lena Horne, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

On the program for the Saturday June 15th concert, all of the pieces from the Dark Divas double album, which is also the music of the play The Dark Divas written by Ranee Lee on those seven great ladies of  jazz : Dark Divas is musical voyage musical in the life and times of those great jazz singers of that era.

Josephine Baker : Honeysuckle Rose / I’m Just Wild About Harry / J’ai Deux Amours. Billie Holiday : Riffin’ The Scotch / Fine and Mellow / Ill Wind. Lena Horne : The Lady Is A Tramp / Stormy Weather / It Was Just One of Those Things / Make It One For My Baby,  And One More For The Road, Pearl Bailey : Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye / He May be Your Man, But He Comes To See Me Sometimes / What Happened To The Hair On The Head Of The Man ? / It Takes Two To Tango / Hello Dolly. Dinah Washington : Surprise Party / What A Difference A Day Makes / Makin’ Whoopee. Sarah Vaughan : Misty / Perdido  /  If You Could See Me Now. Ella Fitzgerald : Mack the Knife / A Tisket, A Tasket / A Ballad Medley / Oh Lady Be Good.

With the help of Taurey Butler - piano et musical direction, André Leroux - tenor sax, Bill Mahar - trumpet,  Dave Grott - trombone, Carlos Jiménez - guitar, Dave Watts, bass, Dave Laing, drums.

Ranee Lee - Saturday June 15th @ 8:30pm.

The Jazzlab Orchestra is defined as a singular group in the world of Canadian jazz. Usually made up of 8 leading musicians, it has often gone from 8 to 12 to 22 musicians depending on the project. The Jazzlab Orchestra explores the writing of music in a variety of styles, each time supported by outstanding composers and musicians. Always keen on originality, and always seeking to federate a nucleus of amazing artists, the ensemble has elaborated with inspiration each and every project since its 2004 debut.  After 6 albums and more than 250 concerts all over the planet, the Jazzlab Orchestra presents for their 7th album nine compositions by pianist Félix Stüssi on Quintessence.

"A unique musical perspective in contemporary jazz" Alain Brunet, La Presse.

Accompanied by the amazing musicians Samuel Blais (baritone sax), Mario Allard (alto/soprano sax/clarinet), Alex Francoeur (trumpet/flute), Jacques Kuba Séguin (trumpet), Thomas Morelli-Bernard (trombone), Louis-Vincent Hamel (drums), and under the artistic direction of bassist Alain Bédard, pianist Félix Stüssi will take us in his own way to the essence of what jazz is today.

Jazzlab Orchestra - Thursday June 13th @  8:30pm

Friday June 14th, a cappella vocal group Jazz Affair invites us on a voyage at the heart of desire, dreams and the imaginary with a repertoire of the great jazz standards and songs that have made the glory of New York in the 40s and 50s. The six singers will present some of the most beautiful melodies by Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver, Charlie Parker and many others. With their rich and original arrangments, Jazz Affair proposes a night where love, pleasure and liberty will be celebrated in song, beyond time and frontiers! By the sole power of their voices, they'll revisit songs and jazz standards with humor and sensitivity.

Jazz Affair
is Luce Bélanger, Marie-Pier Deschênes, Camille Legault Coulombe, Jean-François Aubin, Louis Laprise and Christian B. Poulin - six up and coming artists from Québec & Montréal that you'll discover as well as discovering a total a cappella experience where it's all about the voice.

Jazz Affair - Friday June 14th @ 8:30pm

The 2nd Beloeil Jazz series June 13-15 is the Jazzlab Orchestra who's presenting it's latest project Quintessence in Octet format, Thursday June 13th, vocal group Jazz Affair is on Friday June 14th and Saturday June 15th, it's one of our great jazz singers, Ranee Lee and her seven musicians presenting Dark Divas. All concerts are at 8:30pm.

All tickets for these concerts are available at the online box office of the Centre culturel de Beloeil, by phone at 450-464-4772 and in person at 600 Richelieu, Beloeil (J3G 5E8). 25 $ per concert of 3 concerts for 50 $ @ Beloeil Jazz.

Les Voix Jazz at the FestiVoix in Trois-Rivières with Body & Soul, Suzi Silva, Stéphane Wrembel, Lorraine Desmarais, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Manon Brunet, François Bourassa, Scratchophone Orchestra and Bet.e, June 27th to July 7th, it's all about the jazz!

Voix Jazz du FestiVoix 2019 150x150.jpgThe 26th edition of the FestiVoix will take place from June 27th to July 7th 2019 in the heart of downtown Trois-Rivières and on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. From 5 pm, go to the most beautiful terrace in town located at the Jardin des Ursulines.  Enjoy a glass of wine at the SAQ Bistro’s and a meal offered by local restaurants!

Trois-Rivières’s jazz and funk sensation Body & Soul which will offer the opening concert on June 27th. Then Suzi Silva presents, on June 28th, her Fad'AZZ project which puts forward a jazz music with a touch of her portuguese culture. Guitarist Stéphane Wrembel on June 29th presents his repertoire in tribute to Django Reinhard. The FestiVoix is ​​also proud to present the concert of the great pianist Lorraine Desmarais on June 30th. For the occasion, she will play Bill Evans’s repertoire. July 1st, Dominique Fils-Aimé, a real phenomenon on the current jazz scene will offer her new songs to the festivalgoers.

Blues singer Manon Brunet has accepted to present on stage the songs of her hit album Ma Blues Band released in 2007 on July 4th. The FestiVoix is also honored to receive the internationally known pianist and composer François Bourassa on July 5th. The french band Scratchophone Orchestra which will present its music mixing swing, jazz and electronics on July 6th! Finally, on July 7th, Bet.e will offer her brand new bossa nova project : Eliza Eleven.

Daily pass: 28 $ (tx.incl.)  

For more info,

The very creative and inspired pianist Aaron Parks presents Little Big at the Dièse Onze Friday June 14th / Saturday June 15th.

Aaron Parks 150x226.jpgAaron Parks Little Big, the new Ropeadope album from the acclaimed pianist, keyboardist and composer, is at once the culmination of his brilliant early career and the long-awaited follow-up to his Blue Note Records debut, Invisible Cinema. That 2008 release, with its gorgeously melodic writing and improvising and deft use of indie-rock, electronica and hip-hop elements, established Parks as one of the most gifted and original young voices in jazz. “This is the natural successor to that record,” says the New York-based artist, 34. “It’s taking the ideas of that project and doubling down on them — fully committing to that direction.”

Little Big also marks the recorded debut of the intuitive working group that gives the album its title (and which takes its name from a fantastical novel by John Crowley - a favorite book of Parks and, the pianist notes, Wayne Shorter). Parks handled the production duties, with engineering by Daniel Schlett (whose credits include The War on Drugs and Ghostface Killah). The album was mixed by both Schlett and Grizzly Bear bassist/producer Chris Taylor, the latter of whom Parks met in a Seattle big band at the age of 10. “We put a lot of time and care into the way this record sounds, and the result” — simultaneously crystalline and warm, postmodern and natural -  “makes me really happy,” Parks adds.

To listen :

2 Aaron Parks Little Big concerts at the Dièse Onze :

Friday June 14th 10pm / Saturday June 15th 6pm

Aaron Parks - piano, keys
Greg Tuohey - guitar (a guitarist who places taste and tone ahead of chops-focused bravado)
David Ginyard - bass (he really understands what the bass does and he thinks super compositionally)
Tommy Crane - drums (he has a very unique ability to internalize and commit to the particular heartbeat of each song)

Dièse Onze
4115A St-Denis    

Talking with pianist Vincent Gagnon about the why of jazz, writing, the public, a instrument he'd secretly like to play, what he listens to, his band, his projects, jazz in in Montréal vs Québec, the Wednesday June 26th concert at Québec Jazz en Juin...

Vincent Gagnon 150x239.jpgGaspé-born pianist and composer now established in Quebec City, Vincent Gagnon is one of the best know jazzmen of the region having played in hundreds of concerts with québécois and international artists. Not only a jazz musician, he's shared the stage and recording studios with Keith Kouna, Tire le Coyote, Hubert Lenoir, Lou-Adriane Cassidy, Émilie Clepper, Paule-Andrée Cassidy, Raoûl Duguay, Jennifer Tremblay and many others.

He's released three albums as leader of his jazz ensemble : Bleu Cendre (2009), Himalaya (2012) and Tome III - Errances (2014).  He's described as "the revelation of the 2009 Quebec City Jazz Festival" (Stanley Péan, Espace Musique). He won 2009 Montreal Prix Étoiles-Galaxie Jazz prize. He was nominated twice for the Prix de Radio-Canada at the Opus Gala for best Jazz Album and was finalist for a Félix Arrangeur de l'année in 2014.
CT - Vincent, you got into jazz while studying in engineering at Université Laval by a guitarist friend, who was it and what artists turned you on ?

Vincent Gagnon – It's a longtime friend called Jean-René Gosselin. He studied jazz guitar at the Drummondville Cegep and absolutly wanted me to get into it. We played together a whole lot for a summer in Matane. After that he stopped jazz, but I was hooked. Today Jean-René produces handmade pedals with effects for guitarists, Jonny Rock Gear. He's now back into jazz and we actually played together last winter!

The first jazz album I bought was Workin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet. It's a perfect album, with Red Garland at the piano, Paul Chambers on bass, Philly Joe Jones on drums and John Coltrane on tenor sax. The First Great Quintet. Theirs solos are like compositions. The rhythm section swing effortlessly. Anybody can get into this album. It Never Entered my Mind and Ahmad’s Blues are pearls. If you never heard jazz and you ask me what it is in 10 minutes, I start with this album. I also had a Lorraine Desmarais cassette, Andiamo, and a Jimmy Smith compilation on Verve. We'd listen to that before jamming, it would crank us up.

CT - I read that you love writing but it's really a sound that you're looking for, is that still the case ?

Vincent Gagnon – In fact, I'm looking for a clarity of intent. When I'm listening or playing music, simple or complex, I want it be clear, as far as the message, the ambiance, the attitude. I want something clear and sincere to stand out, a little something that I can connect with. If the band and the public can connect to that in a concert, something happens. As far as a sound, generally speaking, if I could resume very simply, I'd like the piano to sing as if Billie Holliday sang Chopin...I think that's what I do sometimes, and when I do it, it helps me focus. 

CT - I was listening to an invitation to the public for a launch concert a Quebec City's Palais Montcalm from a few years ago and you said that you wanted to create a certain space with the public - so why is the public part of the performance ? tell us about that...

Vincent Gagnon – It's clear the public is essential. I'm absolutly against clientelism in music, but it's important for me to be conscious that I play music for myself and wanting to share it. I would forget that when I was younger which would make me tense. I was only relaxed when I played alone at home. I think I gave too much importance to the notion of music for music's sake. If I pay attention to idea of sharing the music when I'm playing, it helps me feel free, helps me improvise without judgment as well as  accepting my limits. In general the public feels it, and gets involved. It can create moments of grace.

CT - June 26th we'll probably hear music from your three albums : Tome 111/Errances, Himalaya and Bleu Cendre...and new music ? and who's playing with you in the band ?

Vincent Gagnon – Yes, a few of my "hits" from my first albums, but mostly new music. I'll be with bassist Pierre Côté, a key bassist from Quebec City for many decades. The trio will be completed by Michel Lambert, one of my favorite drummers of the  world.

CT - Which other instrument would you secretly like to play ?

Vincent Gagnon – The drums! I've got an old Gretsch at home that I play on when I'm home. I'm fascinated by drummers with a killer time and that can make the drums sing at the same time. Also the voice. I sing pretty bad so it's the romanticism of a unachievable dream.

CT - The new Québec Jazz en Juin festival is great for the Quebec City jazz there a difference with the Montreal jazz scene ?

Vincent Gagnon - I've been on tour so much in the last little while that my point of vue on that is outdated...I should ask that to younger musicians in their twenties! One thing I see thought is that besides jazz the distance in between both cities is getting smaller, there are more and more common projects in Quebec City and Montreal. It's not a handicap anymore to live in Quebec City if you're playing creative music...

CT - What are you listening these days ? do you have a playlist ?

Vincent Gagnon – I don't like playlists that much. I prefer listening to an album, and when listen an album, it's for a long time. When I'm alone I mostly listen to jazz or acoustic music. These days I'm listening a live album of Miles in Berlin, Moonbeams by Bill Evans, Something Else by Ornette Coleman, The Newest Sound Around by Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake, Stravinsky's Sacre du Printemps, Tchaïkovsky's Lac des Cygnes, Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss and the Concert in Copenhagen by Lennie Tristano. I also listen to more recent stuff here and there. For the rest, the people I tour with have lots of music to make me listen to,  by all kinds of artists, recent and not-so-recent, in all genres.

CT - You've played with some many excellent msuicians, in you own trio and quartet projects, as a jazz sideman but also Hubert Lenoir, Lou-Adriane Cassidy, Tire le Coyote, Keith Kouna, the Quebec City Ligue d'improvisation so tell us about a WOW! moment you've had sharing the stage...probably many...

Vincent Gagnon – It's hard to choose just one...I've had some very very wow moments with all those artists, on many levels. Many of the moments that have marked me musically happened in jazz clubs. I remember once where we'd played Round Midnight with François Côté & Renaud Paquet at the Clarendon; another time a 45 minutes set of magic with François Côté & Guillaume Bouchard at l’Agitée ; a moment where I played Left Alone in duo with Michel Côté at the Largo; a surprise night with the Phò Trio & Gabrielle Shonk at the Fou-Bar. All those moments the musicians were relaxed, and the pieces created themselves without effort, there was a lot of space, everybody has something personal to say, and we where all available for each other. For a few minutes I had the impresssion where we were playing some truly great music.

CT - And what are your upcoming projects ?

Vincent Gagnon – I want to do a trio album with Pierre Côté et Michel Lambert, and get back to presenting more of my music in concert. It's only lacking a few pieces and a global vision about what I want to do it, but it will be done. I've also got two projects of instrumental music but not in jazz. I'll be in festivals, tours and studio sessions in the next few months with the people I accompany. If all goes all well, I'll also be involved in a play at the Trident this fall.

CT - In conclusion what more would you like to say to our readers avec June 26th at the Musée National des Beaux-Arts ?

Vincent Gagnon – With all these tours of these last years, I haven't presented a jazz concert for the last two years. I'd like it to be a ambiance of reconnection with old friends, and that everybody feels like on holidays! Can't wait to see you all once again !

Don't miss Vincent Gagnon in concert at Quebec City's Musée National des Beaux-Arts @ for the first edition of Québec Jazz en Juin, Wednesday June 26th. This concert is a double bill with pianist Jean-Michel Pilc.

Québec Jazz en Juin presents 30 concerts featuring over one hundred musicians that include Brad Mehldau, Alain Caron, Gilad Hekselman, Yannick Rieu, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Jim Doxas, Stéphane Wrembel, Jean-Michel Pilc, Sheila Jordan, and more, from June 20th to the 30th in Quebec City.
Interview : Claude Thibault

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Yves Léveillé Quintette - Phare

Sometimes jazz can be like poetry. With the cold weather of the last few days - but don't despair summer is on the way - we strongly suggest pianist Yves Léveillé's new album to chase those blues away. Over the last twenty years we've kept track of the music of this jazzman which can be poetic and that invites us to dreams and voyages.

For Phare (lighthouse) - which is probably the one in Pointe-au-Père (Rimouski) - he's got a little help from his great musical friends, Jacques Kuba Séguin on trumpet, Yannick Rieu on soprano sax, Guy Boisvert on bass, and Kevin Warren on drums. But why those specific friends ? Because the proposed eight tracks needed to be played by seasoned performers, with something to say and extensive group experience. The universe of the pianist is sometimes like that of a novelist or traveler and is made up of imaginery atmospheres and long dreamlike beaches that arouse our senses. With this band, he make a lot of room for all with long choruses that highlight, among others, Jacques Kuba Séguin and Yannick Rieu.

With most of the tracks going from 6 to 9 minutes everybody shows off and does their thing on title track Phare, as well as on Gestation, Toujours Est-il, Eau Trouble & Gratitude. In his own discreet way Yves Léveillé launches the themes, giving the lead to his collegues and taking us by the hand for a most beautiful voyage. A endless poetic discourse masterfully played by a musician with a presence and capacity to touch us.

Phare / Sang-Froid / Gestation / Centaure / Toujours Est-il / Eau Trouble / La Lune dans sa Bulle / Gratitude

Yves Léveillé Quintette with Yves Léveillé on piano, Yannick Rieu on saxophone, Jacques Kuba Séguin on trumpet, Guy Boisvert on double bass and Kevin Warren on drums.

To contact Christophe Rodriguez :

TVJAZZ  March 7 2019
Jazzlab Orchestra - Quintessence (Studio Piccolo) March 7th 2019

From one America to another : Bianca Gismonti & Julio Falavigna at the Résonance Saturday June 15th.

Bianca Gismonti Julio Falavigna 150x150.jpgThe path of brazilian pianist Bianca Gismonti is strewn with happy and fruitful meetings. Bianca grew up in a artistic
environment, her parents being famous composer, guitarist and pianist Egberto Gismonti and actress Rejane Medeiros. After studying the piano, she formed Gisbranco, a duo with pianist Claudia Castelo Branco that gave us in 2011 the very beautiful Flor de Abril,  colorful, virtuosic and very sensual.

After her marriage to drummer Julio Falavigna, she starts composing and releases Sonhos de Nascimento (birth dreams), and creates the BG Trio with bassist Antonio Porto, offering us Primeiro Céu (first sky) in 2015. On it you'll hear her dreamlike world alternating in between ethereal moments and wild rhythms, with the collaboration of a different musician on each track.

Saturday night, it's the intimate duo of the piano and the drums that will create resonance in the café of the same name. Bianca Gismonti & Julio Falavigna will gently rock us to colors and brazilian rhythms with a dash of modernism.
They'll be accompanied by Gabriel Schwartz, special guest.
A moment in time out of time...

For the O Primeiro Céu de Marina video of the BG Trio,  it's here

Bianca Gismonti et Julio Falavigna

Saturday June 15th 9pm
5175A Ave. du Parc   
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

Bassist Alain Bédard talks to us about the Jazzlab Orchestra & Quintessence, how things have evolved over the last 15 years, the collaboration in the group and why we should check out their concert Thurday June 13th @ Beloeil Jazz of the Centre culturel de Beloeil.

Alain Bedard bio 150x 150.jpg15 years ago, double bassist and Effendi founder Alain Bédard created the Jazzlab Orchestra. To highlight this feat pianist Félix Stüssi wrote nine compositions that capture the essence of the band's life. A staple of the Montreal and Quebec jazz scene, standing out over the years with their compositions, the Jazzlab lays down some pretty invigorating jazz that recalls Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers in the 50s-60s as well as modernism, and all created in good taste. Here's a few words we had with Alain in regards to Quintessence.
CT - Alain, 15 years after you started the Jazzlab Orchestra, where does it stand now ? is it where you thought it would be ?

Alain Bédard – Jazzlab in fifteen years has had it's ups and downs. When we started we had the chance to start something unique that a lot of musicians wanted to write for or be part of. We regularly had a lot of offers and many venues and concert halls showed interest. We gave concerts in tours in Canada the USA and in Europe - many times - so we had a good reputation. We've been nominated for all the albums that we've produced. We had sufficiant grants to support most of the album productions, tours and concerts. Only Musicaction supported all the way since we started. Over 15 years, 35 special projects were created and set-up with international artists, for music that had been never recorded.

In 2009-2010 Jazzlab became a non-profit organization as suggested by specialists. Curiously at that point we started to get less and less grants for our activities. So our projects started being late and slowed down. Tours like the ones in China and in Europe had to be cancelled. The 2 albums before Quintessence,  World Colors and Portrait d’ici, two great projects - didn't get much visibillity in Quebec, Canada and internationally, even if we worked hard to make it happen. Why ? Listening habits and tastes had changed, I guess...

I presented many demands to different institutions to help us function and be active, because the Jazzlab Orchestra, like any large ensemble, needs yearly support to stay alive, like any other ensemble in music. Unfortunatly we never got any. So in the last years I stubbornly kept it alive. Recently we once again got some help from Musication, the CALQ (Quebec Arts Council) and the CAM (Mtl Arts Council). It's good to get that help and once again create interesting projects for the group.

Generally speaking and depending on the projects that were created over the years, I'm quite proud about we've done. We've done some really beautiful things with the Jazzlab Orchestra on albums and on stage. The Jazzlab Orchestra is unique in the realm of Canadian jazz. Composed of 8 musicians, it has always only played original music. It's an ensemble that has nurtured the creation of national as well as international musical exchanges. So it's always been about creativity, for the music to grow but also to sustain high level cultural exchanges and that's quite extraordinary. The Jazzlab Orchestra is a group that's successfully managed all the different musical approaches thanks to the intense collective and mostly the talent of each composer and the musicians that we supported over the last 15 years. Quintessence, the new project that we're now presenting, is also a diving board for many of the musicians.

CT - The group includes you on bass, but also, on top of Félix Stussi at the piano there is Mario Allard (alto sax), Alex Francoeur (tenor sax),  Samuel Blais (baritone sax) Jacques Kuba Séguin (trumpet), Thomas Morelli-Bernard (trombone), and Louis-Vincent Hamel (drums)...all really great musicians with their own groups...and because of that I'm assuming there is a good collaboration...

Alain Bédard – The Jazzlab Orchestra has always been a group of leaders. From the first album : Réunion to this one Quintessence all of the musicians have always been some of the best from the Quebec jazz scene. These artists all have their own groups, their own projects and their own carreers. Many are teachers and everybody's quite busy. It's always a challenge to organise rehearsals or photo shoots. But with Quintessence, I don't know if it's experience or the renewed desire to do things right, there is a great collaboration, a very good synergy in the group, probably making it one of the best Jazzlab Orchestras since it started.

CT - And to end this exchange what would you like to tell our readers in regards to your Thursday June 13th concert of Beloeil Jazz at the Centre culturel de Beloeil ?

Alain Bédard - A good musical laboratory needs many powerful and diversified ingredients to sustain its reseach, creation and performances and the public is one of those key ingredients. If you want that magic to happen, for that 5th element to be there, to create that Quintessence right there and then, it has to happen in and with the public as much as on the stage.

The Jazzlab Orchestra arrives with Quintessence, on the music of Félix Stüssi. Since its January release there's been a good interest from the media and journalists. In all modesty, I can say that the Jazzlab Orchestra is a superb group that plays this new and fascinating music. What better to satisfy the Montreal and Quebec City jazz public. Quintessence is to consume without any restraint according to many. Not only that but it would be sad to celebrate 15 years all by ourselves.

So, welcome all!
Check out the videos of Quintessence & Altered Ego

Jazzlab Orchestra - Quintessence - Thursday June 13th 8:30pm @ Beloeil Jazz

Tickets available at the online box office of the Centre culturel de Beloeil, by phone at 450-464-4772 or directly at 600 Richelieu, Beloeil (J3G 5E8).
Interview : Claude Thibault

TVJAZZ  July 7 2012
Lorraine Desmarais Trio at the 33rd FIJM, July 7th 2012

TVJAZZ  December 13 2013
L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal with Ranee Lee - I've Got Whole World On A String - L'Astral, Dec. 13 déc 2013

TVJAZZ  November 17 2017
Stéphane Wrembel Band - Les Yeux Noirs - Église St-James of Trois-Rivières, Nov 17th. 2017

TVJAZZ  July 5 2018
Dominique Fils-Aimé - at the Montreal jazz Fest July 5th 2018

TVJAZZ  April 17 2019
La Ruche intergénérationelle of the Bourdonnements Jazz 2019 - Coffee Break - Petit Outremont, April 17 2019

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