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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday October 19 2017 to Wednesday November 1 2017

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Singer Mona Lissa Chanda with Billy Georgette Thursday October 19th at the HoJazz Montreal and drummer/singer Jeff Simons on Wednesdays at the HoJazz Laval!

Mona Lissa Chanda pianoThis Thursday October 19th at the HoJazz Montreal come discover Mona Lissa Chanda. Mona Lissa Chanda is an artist who's journey is filled with delicious paradoxes that fuel her creativity. Born in Northern Quebec, this daughter of a German mother and East Indian father embodies a unique mélange of cultural influences. Mona Lissa is also a Ph.D. in Psychology who has has published papers on the neurochemistry of music together with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Daniel J. Levitin. She'll be accompanied by a HoJazz Montreal regular, great pianist Billy Georgette and his Paradise Band!

Singer Mona Lissa Chanda with Billy Georgette's Paradise Band : Thursday October 19th 7:30pm at the HoJazz Montreal

The HoJazz Laval is proud to present a new artist. In residence with us every Wednesday, come discover the music of Jeff Simons. Jeff has worked as a drummer since 1976, and has experience in most styles of music that use the drumset, but also sings!. He began playing in Top 40 bands in the 70's. In the 80's he got into blues and accompanied many great blues artists, including Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Big Mama Thornton, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Sonny Terry, Nina Simone and Kenny Neal. His jazz experience includes work with many known Canadian artists, including Oliver Jones, Ranee Lee, Vic Vogel, Nelson Symonds, Charlie Biddle and Dave Turner. He has also worked with well known international artists, including Johnny O'neal, Nneneh Freelon, Lorraine Klaasen, Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel. Jeff Simons has extensive experience in stage show work, both on land and on ships, having toured with Ain't Misbehavin' in the late 80's, and playing in many Montreal shows, including A Little Shop Of Horrors and Guys And Dolls at the Centaur Theatre. Come discover his unique voice in a show tinted with blues, RnB and soul.

Drummer/singer Jeff Simons : Wednesdays 7pm at the HoJazz Laval

The Holiday season is fast approaching and the HoJazz Montreal and the HoJazz Laval are ideal for your Christmas parties! Tailor-made group menus and music to accompany your evening! Get in touch with us for more information.

For the HoJazz Montreal, reserve your seats at 514-842-8656 Montreal

House of Jazz Montréal - 2060 Aylmer
For the HoJazz Laval, reserve your seats at 450-232-5582 Laval
House of Jazz Laval - 1639 boul de l’Avenir, Laval

Check out dozen of videos of these artists at the House of Jazz Montreal and Laval at

Prepared piano with Hauschka, presented by the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Thursday Oct. 26th at the Gesù.

JAL17_150x150_Hauschka photoHauschka (Volker Bertelmann) is an independent experimental musician based in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is internationally renowned for his prepared piano technique, a tradition that dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The piano is prepared when “preparations” (rubber, paper, leather, metal…) are inserted between the strings or onto the hammers of the instrument. He offers a tutorial here:

Everything is played live. I would say that 90% of this music is improvised. And I would do that even if solely for the sake of beauty.There is also the piano itself, which is very different from one hall to the next. Each piano poses new problems, offers new challenges. It is always exciting to prepare a new piano.”

Hauschka successfully combines aspects of chamber music with pop, rock and electronica, using a minimalist approach with great musical sensitivity.  Influenced by Satie, the repetitive quality of his constructions also sometimes recall the early keyboard works of Philip Glass, or Terry Riley and Steve Reich. With 17 solo albums and 14 original film soundtracks (including Lion) to his credit in just 13 years, he has collaborated with such remarkable musicians as Samuli Kosminen (Múm, Edea), violinist Hilary Hahn, and Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico.

Don’t miss this concert, presented by the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal on Thursday, October 26 at the Gesù, with opening act Justin Wright.

A foretaste :

Tickets and information :

The last four days of the Festival international de jazz de Québec reaches a peak @ Jazz des Amériques with Thiago Ferté (Brazil), Rafael Zaldivar (Cuba), Wesli (Haiti) and AfroVibes (Haiti) at Quebec City's Capitole Sunday Oct. 22nd.

concert des amériques 150x150.jpgGino Ste-Marie, founder and president of the Festival international de jazz de Québec (FIJQ) tells us this four-part closing concert of the 11th FIJQ is a musical tableau of today's jazz in America with Quebec musicians, a witness to how open jazz and Quebec is to world music.

So you'll hear Quebec City/Brazil saxophonist Thiago Ferté and Quartet, pianist Rafael Zaldivar and his Afro-Cuban Revival Project, haitian troubadour multi-instrumentalist Wesli and AfroVibes with haitian voodoobeat/afrobeat percussionist Emmanuel Delly.

Thiago Ferté Quartette
Quebecois/brazilian saxophonist/composer Thiago Ferté likes to bring tropical rhythms, harmonies and melodies into his music. For this Jazz des Amériques concert, Thiago Ferté presents some of his compositions and with some happy surprises. He'll be with some of the best Quebec jazz musicians. Check it out!

Rafael Zaldivar Afro-Cuban Revival
With Afro-Cuban Revival, cuban pianist Rafael Zaldivar wanted to revive and highlight afro-cuban folklore. The great Juno-nominated pianist created this as a symbol for a new period of change of his island home. This celebration of rich afro-cuban rhythms will be played by a quartet of star players, such as guest percussionist from Belle et Bum tv show Mélissa Lavergne, bassist Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, drummer Michel Medrano and percussionnist Eugenio Kiko Osorio.

A troubadour from Haïti, with roots in Montréal since 2001, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Wesli is described as «One of the most formidable world musicians that Montréal can offer to the rest of the world» by Alain Brunet in La Presse. In trio or big band format, Welsi is to be reckoned with. His commited social texts are a witness to the difficulties of emerging countries and his festive musical universe is a crowd-pleaser that grooves to the sounds of dancehall, reggae, afrobeat, rara, konpa, funk, merengue, jazz and even some reels.
AfroVibes - Emmanuel Delly
Founded in the fall of 2014 by haitian percussionist Emmanuel Delly, AfroVibes is made up of eight musicians from various cultures and origins and plays a brand of voodoobeat/afrobeat that leaves no one indifferent! The band proposes a new and unique sound rooted in haitian voodoo with rhythms and chants destined for the gods. He also gets his inspiration from afrobeat creator Fela Kuti. This is the first Quebec band to mix voodoobeat and afrobeat.

For more info :

La Tournée des Refuges in the Pyrenees - 41 days of hiking and 43 concerts!

Damien Levasseur 43 concerts Pyrénées montagneMusician Gaspard Panfiloff (balalaïka/guitar/voice) had a great idea. The Tournée des Refuges (Refuge tour) is a collective of 20 musicians that, like the name says, had a tour in the french and italian Pyrenees, instruments on their backs, hiking boots on their feet, playing a mix of gypsy jazz, russian gypsy music, music from the Balkans and even bluegrass! The 5th edition was on from July 8th to August 17th and Montreal guitarist Damien Levasseur has participated since the first edition.

While some are waking up, some of them are going to bed, some rarely leave the cities, and some rarely leave the mountains, nonetheless musicians and hikers might just run into each other on the Tournée des Refuges. If you run across them on a mountain pass, a glacier, or on a trail, these unusual hikers with strange backpacks singing russian, sicilian or brazilian, you should turn around and follow them. That night they'll stop at a refuge, and under the lights or close to the wood stove they'll play their music, so rich and moving. It's a simple idea, musicians hiking with their instruments doing a mountain tour. Every night they're expected in a new refuge where they'll give a concert.

Following their 2017 Tournée des Refuges hiking on foot thru the Pyrenees with their instruments, they're working on their 2018 tour that will happen in the french and italian mountains of the Écrins and the Dolomites.

For more info :

To see the video, it's here

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CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Leaf - Leaf

And we continue our quest and mission of presenting Montreal/Quebec jazz with this interesting new quartet. Launched in mid-September, Leaf is also the name of the quartet's first album, fittingly named for the fall season. For this project, no interchangeable musicians from one band to the other, but four decicated musicians with compositions to discover. For their first foray in jazz, guitarist Olivier-Grenier Bédard, pianist/keyboardist Éric Kappauf, bassist Jonathan Arseneau and drummer Dave Croteau are into a certain minimalism.

Because the guitar is somewhat the anchor of their sound, this very thoughtful jazz can sometimes sound a bit too academic.They're not into swing - such as with Joe Pass or Jim Hall - Leaf’s musical architecture requires reflexion and focused listening. With the greyness of fall upon us, that should be easy. Like we were saying, the eight original tracks generate ambiances, but lacks a bit of the beat we like to tap our feet to. Without it being overly intellectual - let's not curb creativity - these musicians could've injected a bit of nitroglycerin in the proposed corpus. As we listen to the tracks we discover this new talent that will mature, I'm sure.

Fields / Petit Rocher / Lunes / 456 / Nuit Étoilée / He Dreams of Peace / Rush Hour / Des Racines et des Ailes

Olivier-Grenier Bedard, guitar
Éric Kappauf, piano
Jonathan Arseneau, bass
Dave Croteau, drums

To see the album's video teaser, it's here

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  January 14 2015
The Teresina Quartet - Amor Ate O Fim - House of Jazz Laval, Jan. 14th 2015

Guitarist Mike Rud had a great idea. He invited NY guitarist Chris Flory to join him in a Quartet Thursday, Oct. 19th, in the intimite Coup de Foudre Audio setting : swing guitar rules!

bpj 19 oct Chris Flory 150x130A prominent NY figure of the seventies and an amazing guitarist, Chris Flory started playing guitar quite young and got his first gig - that's music slang for a concert - playing rock and blues. He eventually studied jazz guitar that led him to play with the Scott Hamilton Quartet.

Once in NYC, the young guitarist became a hot item and was offered to play with the Benny Goodman Sextet and toured with the band. In the eighties Chris Flory performed prowesses on the guitar and recorded with Roy Eldridge, Ruby Braff, Maxine Sullivan, Rosemary Clooney and others.  Inspired by Charlie Parker, Charlie Christian, T-Bone Walker and Jimi Hendrix, Chris Flory digs the blues but swing is his forté!

Mike Rud confides that the Quartet for this special concert will get into some lesser known standards from the American Song Book, such as Close Your Eyes, Robbin's Nest, Best Thing For You and From This Moment On, among others. To top it off he's got a special guest up his sleeve that he's keeping a secret. He's got us excited and promises a night of swing focused on two guitars with lots of rhythm...

hmm a secret...

I wonder who it could be?

gotta see and hear...

Chris Flory, guitar
Mike Rud, guitar
Alec Walkington basse
Andre White, drums

Thursday October 19th 7pm
Coup de Foudre Audio
6644 Clarke Mtl

Entrance : 20$

Extra Extra Extra !!! : Win a Mike Rud CD with your Facebook "Going" status, right here


Chris Flory on YouTube, it's here
Coco :
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz, Mardi 19h @ 100,1 CKVL FM

The Panama Jazz Festival celebrates fifteen years of art, education and culture, January 15-20, 2018 - and we'll be there!

Panama Jazz Festival 2018 150x150.jpgUniting international acclaimed jazz artists, renowned educators and fans from all over the world, the 15th Panama Jazz Festival will be held from January 15 - 20,
2018 at the City of Knowledge and Panama’s Old Quarter, turning once again the country’s capital into the largest jazz scene of the region. Last year, the festival welcomed a total audience of 27,599 people from Panama and around the world, including countries like Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, the United States and Mexico.

From the heart of America to the world”, the Panama Jazz Festival has managed to position itself as a cultural project that concentrates creativity, knowledge  exchange and talent, with a strong commitment to social education and well-being, and returns with a strong artistic billboard. Its artistic director, jazz pianist  Danilo Pérez, himself a panamanian, alreary confirms the following international talents : today’s most important jazz quartet, the Wayne Shorter Quartet; latin jazz legend Chucho Valdés; Brazilian singer Luciana Souza; mythical American pianist Ran Blake, and masterful composer and pianist Bill Dobbins.

For more info,

Editor's note : will be there and will present coverage, interviews and videos! 

TVJAZZ  April 2 2015
Trio YPG : Karen Young Sylvain Provost Normand Guilbeault - I Mean You - Théatre Outremont, April 2nd, 2015

TVJAZZ  March 23 2017
Rafael Zaldivar Afro-Cuban Revival - Obatala - Jazz en Rafale, March 23 2017

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