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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday July 23 2015 to Wednesday July 29 2015

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals

The Brooks & Alan Prater at the Festival Jazz etcetera Lévis, Saturday August 8th at 22:20 on the Desjardins Stage.

the_brooks_150X140.jpgThe Festival Jazz etcetera Lévis is pleased to welcome The Brooks and singer Alan Prater on the Desjardins stage on Saturday August 8th at 22:20.

The Brooks
is a band created from the common love of seven talented musicians to funk and vintage soul music. Groovy, sexy, jazzy, musicians experiment and improvise on rhythms of their own or from chosen pieces for their authenticity. With Philippe Look on guitar, Alexandre Lapointe on bass, Maxime Bellavance on drums, Marc Bell on percussion, saxophone Sébastien Grenier, Daniel Thouin on keyboards and vocals and excellent singer Alan Prater, who has performed and recorded with the Jacksons, Cameo and others.

The Brooks will get us dancing to their "old school" music with contemporary influences!

To see the video of "Use Me", click here

Festival Jazz etcetera Lévis
is an authentic street festival with over 40 free performances featuring 120 artists on 2 stages in the streets of Old Lévis and is presented by Desjardins in collaboration with Loto Québec, the City of Lévis and Énergie Valero inc.

Come and join us in Lévis for the 9th Festival Jazz Etcetera Lévis from Wednesday, August 5th to Sunday August 9th -  Visit for our complete schedule - Facebook / Twitter (@JazzLevis)

The 8th Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant presents Le Grand Événement, a unique concert with guitarist and composer Michel Cusson, Saturday, Aug. 8th!

gif-FJMT-2015_v2.gifThe Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant and it's spokesperson bassist Michel Donato welcome you to a 100% jazz festival with over 40 free concerts presenting over 100 artists on two outdoor stages in the center of St-Jovite, as well in 10 venues around Mont-Tremblant.

Don't miss Le Grand Événement of this 8th edition with prolific composer and guitarist Michel Cusson in a trio format, Saturday, Aug. 8th at 9pm. The music of this special edition concert is the fusion of his cinematographic work (Cavalia, Omerta, Unité 9, Séraphin, and more) and his work as a jazz improviser. For this unique concert he'll be sided by bassist Vincent Yelle and drummer Olivier Guertin. This project is heavily influenced by his work in the realm of the 7th art, using the same ingredients as what he does with cineman and imaging, and emotions. This "open" project will eventually lead to a new album.

To listen to a teaser, click here

Also, every day, three series with Jazz sous les étoiles and Piano Libre at the Scène Découverte as well as Jazz Lounge and to end the night, the Festi Jam Festif, both at the Scène Jazz Lounge...

Jazz sous les étoiles - Scène Découverte : (9pm)

Aug 5 : Jacques Kuba Séguin Odd Lot with J.-P. Zanella D. Bellemare F. Alarie J. Cayer K. Warren
Aug 6 : Undercover Quartet with J.-F. Groulx J.-B. Lasanté P. Kisilenko P. Brochu
Aug 7 : Michel Donato Trio with J. Gelfand P. Brochu
Aug 8 : Le Grand Évenement - Michel Cusson with V. Yelle O. Guertin
Aug 9 : Closing concert - Yvan Belleau Mix-Cités with J. Lamontagne J. Couture M. St-Pierre J. Fréchette D. Gigon Y. Plouffe M. Auguste

Piano Libre - Scène Découverte : (7pm)

Aug 5 : Guillaume Martineau (Révélation Jazz Radio-Canada)
Aug 6 : Éric St-Jean
Aug 7 : Anne Bisson with Jean-Bertrand Carbou
Aug 8 : Pierre Leduc with Ron Séguin
Aug 9 : Yoel Diaz with Fraser Hollins

Jazz Lounge - Scène Jazz Lounge : (1pm and 3pm)

Aug 5 : Michel Donato Robert Ménard Éric St-Jean Edouardo Pipman - Grant Green Tribute 1pm
Aug 6 : Joel Miller Quartet 1pm
Aug 7 : Yannick Rieu Trio 1pm
Aug 8 : Hugo Mayrand Trio 1pm / Jean Vanasse Quartet 3pm
Aug 9 : Léo Samson Tribute Concert 1pm / Cerbère Jazz 3pm

A unique event for in downtown St-Jovite !  

To see our videos of the FJMT over the years, click here

The 8th Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant goes on from Wed. Aug. 5th to Sunday, Aug. 9th - For more info, go to !

Interview with guitarist Sylvain Luc who was in concert with accordionist Richard Galliano in a Tribute to Édith Piaf, July 1st at the 36th FIJM.

animation 1.gifWe met guitarist Sylvain Luc who was in concert July 1st at the 36th FIJM with accordionist Richard Galliano.

We spoke about his musical relationship with accordionist Richard Galliano from the nineties to now, the tribute to Édith Piaf with their project La Vie en Rose, the music of accordionist Gus Viseur, the Giù la testa project - a film music project, his guitar technique, the types of guitars he likes to play and why, and musicians he'd like to play with.

Invitation Series
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2015

To see the interview (in french), click here
To see the concert clip, click here

Interview : Coco
Interview, camera and editing : Claude Thibault

Interview with pianist John Medeski who presented a solo concert, July 4th at the 36th FIJM.

animation 2.gifWe met pianist John Medeski who presented a solo concert, July 4th at the 36th FIJM.

We spoke with pianist John Medeski (from Medeski, Martin & Wood) about his latest release : A Different Time, his acoustic roots, the time to reflect, what he'd like
the listener to get out of the album, why he recorded this album on a vintage 1929 Gaveau piano, what attracted him to jazz, what artist would he have liked to play
with, a concert with an artist that struck him, musicians he enjoys playing with and what he's listening to.

Jazz dans la Nuit Series
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2015

For the interview, click here
For "Summertime", from that concert, click here

Interview : Coco
Interview, camera and editing : Claude Thibault

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Annie Dominique Quintet - Tout Autour

Because there aren't that many female soloist musicians around in the Montreal / Québec jazz scene, here's an opportunity to discover a new one. Young saxophonist Annie Dominique is worth a listen, she has a form of constance with some great musical ideas. Once again, no standards on this nine track release, but personal compositions as well as many solos she gladly shares with trombone player Jean-Nicolas Trottier.

Serious jazz, some might say, with the presence of departed jazz musicians John Coltrane and certainly Michael Brecker in the background, without actually copying them or their state of mind. Étude no. 1 gives us a good idea of the intuitive talent of saxophonist Annie Dominique, just like AM, which highlights a uncanny sense of the ballad (there's some Dexter Gordon in there). Our fav track : Another Waltz. Let's also mention the essential work of the rhythm section including Jonathan Cayer at the piano, Sébastien Pellerin on bass and Éric Thibodeau at the drums.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  January 8 2014
The Brooks - Use Me - Dièse Onze, January 8th 2014

L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal with guest conductor Mathias Rüegg present Duke Ellington's Sound of Love - Sunday, Aug. 2nd at the Festival de Lanaudière.

animation bon plan 30 juillet 2015.gifL'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal with guest conductor Mathias Rüegg present Duke Ellington's Sound of Love - Sunday, Aug. 2nd at the Festival de Lanaudière.

Once again, my suggestion is a great opportunity to get out of the city and head for Joliette. This time a great Ellington concert with l’Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal, under the artistic and guiding hand of very friendly Mathias Rüegg
direct from Zurich just for this concert.

Not only had he led Vienna Art Orchestra, Mathias Rüegg has composed hundreds of pieces for that ensemble. He'll also led some large european orchestras as well as many classical orchestras and is a prolific theatre and film composer. He's received many prizes, such as best arranger in 1984-1986 from Downbeat, the american jazz bible.

L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal highlights 16 brilliant musicians for this concert, with lots of swing and high energy. For "Duke Ellington : Sounds of Love", the conductor leads the ONJM with his own arrangements and takes us into the colourful universe of great composer Ellington. They'll play the classics "Take the A Train", "The Star-Crossed Lovers", "Such Sweet Thunder" and many others.

Le Festival de Lanaudière is treating us to a grand closing concert !

Mathias Rüegg, conducter & arrangements
L’Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal
Sunday, Aug. 2nd at 2pm
Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay
1655, boul. Base-de-Roc - Joliette

For more info on this concert, click here
Coco -
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz host at Radio LaSalle

Thursday, July 30th, Claude Thibault's monthly feature at Quand le jazz est là, with Stanley Péan on ICI Musique.

Quand le jazz est la - nov 2014 - 150X114.jpgThursday, July 30th,'s editor, Claude Thibault, is Stanley Péan's guest at Quand le jazz est là on ICI Musique.  He presents Quebec jazz news, special events, releases, features, concerts and more. The show is at 5:30pm and his feature is in the 2nd hour, around 6:30pm.

1) L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal - 2 concerts...

with conductor Mathias Rüegg, Sound of Love by Duke Ellington in the Festival de Lanaudière (Joliette) closing concert, Sunday, Aug. 2nd.
with Karen Young and Ingrid Jensen, conductor Christine Jensen at the Festival Orford (Orford), Saturday, Aug. 8th.

2) Michel Cusson, special edition concert, Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant, Aug. 5-9

3) The Brook and Alan Prater, Festival jazz etcetera de Lévis, Aug. 5-9

4) Happy Birthday Lorraine ! Lorraine Desmarais Sextet with J-P Zanella Ron D Lauro M. Abdul Al Khabbyr F. Alarie C. Bélisle at the Festival St-Zénon de Piopolis, Saturday, Aug. 15th.

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