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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday December 8 2016 to Wednesday January 4 2017

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Kick off your holiday celebrations with crooner Matt Dusk and his Old School Yule!, Friday, Dec. 16th at l'Astral

Matt Dusk for ad feature.jpgOne of Canada’s most beloved male vocalists and multi-platinum selling jazz artist, Matt Dusk has forged a career in music that has resulted in 6 critically-acclaimed studio albums. Dusk’s latest release, Old School Yule!, is a collection of holiday favourites and some new songs, featuring a sixty piece orchestra, fifty piece choir and numerous special guests. Matt Dusk exudes cocktail party cool in this a swingin’, up-tempo, cocktail holiday album that will have you feeling a little “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” while you croon along to “Fa-La-La-La-La”.

Matt brings his infectious energy and 60’s-style swagger to the intimate l'Astral on Friday, December 16th, along with a 5-piece band. Québec’s own Florence K will join Matt on stage as his very special guest. Matt and Florence released their ADISQ nominated Quiet Nights on February 12 and both are currently touring in support of their latest individual CD releases.

If you’re looking for a must-see Christmas concert to share with friends, family or that someone special, this will surely kick off your holiday celebrations with a bang.

Matt Dusk
with special guest Florence K at l'Astral
305 Sainte-Catherine W - Montréal, H2X 2A3

Friday, December 16th at 8pm - General Admission $40.25 advance, $46.00 day of show -  VIP Package: $80 includes early entrance into the venue for a meet & greet at 6:45pm + 2 Matt Dusk CDs - Tickets available at l'Astral, and by calling 855-790-1245

Fundraiser : The Festival international de Jazz de Québec wants us to the a guiding light for our musicians!

animation financement FIJQ 2017.gifGino Ste-Marie, president and founder of the Festival international de Jazz de Québec, in collaboration with the Fondation Largo pour les Arts, invites us to help promote the growth and production of artistic events focused on jazz in Quebec City. This philanthropic endeavor will help create the groundwork for the 2017 FIJQ. In fact the FIJQ has been working with very limited budgets in the last years. Nonetheless the event has pursued it's objective and continues in the smaller jazz market that is Quebec City.
It's under the Honorary Presidency of jazz great Oliver Jones that the 10th FIJQ ended last Oct. 23rd. The 2016 FIJQ 2016 was marked by a great intention : get the jazz vibe alive and kicking with the Quebec City musicians and creators. The event made it possible to hear and get into the groove of some of the best Quebec jazz artists in the most beautiful Quebec City venues, clubs and restaurants.

This is what Alyn Shipton, journalist of the London Daily Telegraph said in 2014 after her participation at the FIJQ : «…The Festival international de Jazz de Québec is becoming one of the best jazz festivals of the planet…».

Together we can make the next FIJQ one of the best!

Visit the Fonds Largo pour les Arts and make a donation now!

The campaign ends Feb. 1st 2017.

Legendary guitarist Colin James presents us his new album Blue Highways as part of the Jazz All-Year Round series.

ColinJames_150X150.jpgAn iconic blues and rock figure, Canadian singer-guitarist Colin James will soon mark his 30th anniversary as a musician. That’s a lot of water under the bridge since Stevie Ray Vaughan first noticed him as a young guitar whippersnapper. After 18 albums, 15 Juno nominations and 6 wins, hundreds upon hundreds of shows and collaborations with the greatest names in music (Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Carlos Santana and Buddy Guy, to name just a few), the one-time prodigy has constantly enhanced his musical maturity.

In his musical explorations, Colin James has turned his hand and axe to rock, blues, R&B, jump blues and swing, sometimes in a tight combo, sometimes in a Big Band, winning over fans of all ages. Today, his passion for his art is greater than ever, as he returns to out stage with his latest album, Blue Highways, featuring his re-interpretations of classics by such legendary genre masters as Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Freddie King, Jr. Wells & Buddy Guy, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and William Bell.

In concert, Thursday, February 16, 8 p.m, Théatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts

Tickets and info available at!

Voices with guitarists Carlos Jiménez and Michel Héroux, Quebec City launch, Friday, Dec. 9th at the Bar Ste-Angèle

jimenez heroux voices 150X150.jpgFeaturing two established Montreal guitar players, Carlos Jiménez & Michel Héroux join forces on a new album entitled Voices. This project presents 12 new compositions featuring the guitar through diverse colours and sounds, as well as mixing jazz and many other styles.

Carlos Jiménez
Carlos Jiménez is a very active musician on the Montreal jazz scene. He has shared the stage with some of the most expressive names of Canadian jazz, as well as being featured on numerous recordings as a sideman and a leader. His versatility and ability to play various styles on both electric and classical instruments has made him a first choice guitarist for various projects.

Michel Héroux
For the last 20 years, Michel Héroux has been performing in various styles of music such as jazz, rock, pop, classical, as well as being involved in film scoring. He is also a composer and a teacher.

To see Blues For Jim from the Nov. 15th Montreal launch, it's here

In Quebec City, Voices will be launched Dec. 9th at 7pm and 9pm, at the Bar Ste-Angèle, 26 rue Sainte-Angèle, Québec, Qc.

Now available on iTunes and CDBaby

Jazz crooner Matt Dusk talks to us about Old School Yule!, inspiration, holiday classics and jazz, Florence K, and more.

Matt Dusk Florence K 150X150.jpgFollowing up on a successful collaboration with Québec’s own Florence K (Quiet Nights released in Feb 2016),  Matt Dusk exudes cocktail party cool in his most recent CD release Old School Yule!, a collection of holiday favourites and some new songs. Matt brings his infectious energy and 60’s-style swagger to l’Astral, along with a 5-piece band, which will surely kick off holiday celebrations with a bang.
CT - Matt, apart from the fact that they sung great tunes, what do you love about the classic crooners (Crosby, Sinatra, etc) that have inspired you? the swagger? the style? their way of life? great whiskey? none of the above?
MD - When I was a teenager I was looking to identify with being older…being a gentleman.  The classic crooners seemed to have the lifestyle I was looking for.  Classy guys, dressed to the nines, drinking and smoking on stage and hanging around beautiful women.  Although some of those lifestyle choices are shunned todays, the culture is still alive and well.
CT - Where does Old School Yule and Christmas songs fit in the world of jazz?
MD - Christmas songs are the only standards we have left in the western world.  The only songs that are played year after year.  This is important as many of these classic tunes were written in the heyday of jazz.  By playing these songs it brings awareness to the genre.  When you have mainstream radio stations flipping over to Christmas music, it spreads the genre.  I think that Old School Yule! fits directly into it because the style of playing is exactly that : jazz.  All the musicians on the album come from that school. Old School Yule! is our attempt at capturing the arranging and production style of the early 1960’s just before Beatlemania began and changed the face of popular music forever.
CT - Tell us about the connection with Florence K and how that happened...
MD - Florence and I met in 2011 in Toronto, she was a special guest at one of my live performance.  Florence is an amazing and beautiful person and we hit it off immediately.  
Sharing the stage with someone musically is fun, but sharing it with someone who deeply motivated to express the true meaning of music is even more exciting.

CT - You used up to 100 musicians (full orchestra, big band, and Matt’s own childhood choir - St. Michael’s Choir School) on Old School, what a headache! why?
MD - My first memories of Christmas were me as a child sitting in front of my grandparents record player.  There I would listen to Bing Crosby’ album White Christmas over and  over again. Bing’s album had it all...orchestra, singers, big band.  It wasn’t until my wife and I knew we were going to have a child that I got into so much. Becoming a father for the first time is one of my most fondest memories and it brought me back to my childhood.  I wanted the traditions that i grew up with and pass them on to my daughter. So I pulled out all the stops and made the best Christmas album I could in hopes one day I could sit down with my daughter, share those holiday stories and sing along with her.
CT - So what can we expect Dec 16th at L'Astral?
MD - Lots of music, audience participation, and fun heartwarming stories.
CT - In one phrase, what would you like to say to our readers about Dec. 16th?
MD - Grab a martini and let the Christmas tunes roll.
CT - If you could play with any artist dead or alive, who would that be?
MD - A difficult question as there are so many I admire.  However I’d have to go to Frank Sinatra.  He was the first musician I heard that inspired me to pursue music.  I’ve learned so much from his ability and still continue to learn.   
Interview : Claude Thibault
Matt Dusk with special guest Florence K at l'Astral
305 Sainte-Catherine W - Montréal, H2X 2A3

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Misses Satchmo - Is That All There Is

Wondering why Misses Satchmo is so popular? The answer is quite simple, they make people happy! Having seen the jazz band a few times, at concerts and at many of their Festival International de Jazz de Montréal gigs, I can tell you their playing is always great, respecting a certain tradition as well as adding a very communicative joie de vivre. Some might say that this immortal genre of jazz, heard and played thousands of times should be rejuvenated, nonetheless it's the best way to initiate a large public to standards that are part of the american culture.

Misses Satchmo is Lysandre Champagne, trumpeter and singer, Blanche Baillargeon on the bass, Marton Maderspach on the drums, Yvan Belleau at the clarinet and saxophone as well as guitarist Jeff Moseley. Recreating the era of smoky bars and other New-Orleans clubs, the happy quartet dips into what is described a traditional repertoire. Those who know trumpeter Louis Armstrong, pianists Fats Waller/Earl Hines, soprano sax Sydney Bechet or trombone player Trummy Young will find a bit of musical heaven after a listen of this recent release. When we take a closer look at the proposed tracks, it's practically a return in time, played with taste and creativity. From Old Man Mose to Tight Like This, part of the King Louis repertoire, with some Jonah and The Wales and Ain't Necessarily So, this is the music of legends. For anyone who's interested in discovering jazz, this release is a gift for each and all.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  November 15 2016
Carlos Jiménez Michel Héroux - Blues for Jim - Voices launch - O Patro Vys, Nov. 15th 2016

Singer Annie Poulain in Quartet with Normand Guilbeault, Saturday, Dec. 10th at the Dièse Onze!

annie_poulain_150x150.jpgWe don't get to hear singer Annie Poulain very often in concert. That's what I think, and I'm not the only one!

Her exquisite, composed alto voice is easily recognizable, her « forté » is writing and arranging jazz pieces in french. Annie Poulain sings the melodies with much sensitivity, strong emotions and a lot of respect for the texts. She's a greatly appreciated Quebec jazz artist with two albums under her belt and another one, Triades, in collaboration with  Charles Biddle Jr. and Sonia Johnson, a collective project that's gotten her nominated at the 2013 ADISQ and the 2014 Junos. Annie Poulain is a quiet force...her next album with 10 major pianists is to watch for, we'll be able to hear a few of those tracks for this concert.

Annie will be well supported for this concert. She confides « I've been working with Vincent  Gagnon since in started in jazz  (2002) : He's an amazing pianist with a lot of finesse and impressionnist influence. The rhythm section is made up of two members of Kawandak (Normand Guilbeault and Claude Lavergne) which I'm part of. Our repertoire sits in between jazz and french song. I love adding french texts on jazz instrumentals such as La route by Dave Watts, Equinox by Coltrane, etc…"

If you love exclusivities, you'll be in for a treat!

To see her take of Pierre Flynn's Le vent se lève,
that's here

Annie Poulain, voice and texts
Vincent Gagnon, piano
Normand Guilbeault, bass
Claude Lavergne, drums

Saturday, Dec. 10th @9pm
Dièse Onze
4115A St-Denis   
Coco -
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz host at 100,1 CKVL FM

The collective improvisation group Les White Whales back at the Resto-Bar La Petite Marche, on St-Denis St., Friday, December 9th.

leswhitewhales_150X150_9 dec 2016.jpgLes White Whales is an collective improvisation group inspired by many currents of jazz : ambiance, ballad, latin, funk, fusion, experimental, electro, Miles Davis, etc...

The music is mostly totally improvised except for a few musical directions needed to help unfold the improvisation. Even the words of the songs are improvised, which sets in place a always surprising and captivating process. All this without any safety net.

All the musicians are from different backgrounds, coming together for the love of creation and improvisation.

François Corbeil (trumpet) and Michel Bergeron (voice) both co-founders of the group, are supported by Éric Poncet (keyboards and percussions) Daniel LeBlanc (guitar) Christian Lajoie (bass) and Daniel Boudreau (drums).

The White Whales
Friday, Dec. 9th at 8:30pm
Resto-Bar La Petite Marche
5035 rue St-Denis
Montréal, Qc.

The kitchen is open during the performance. All are welcome.

For more information : François 514-754-4671
Our YouTube page.

TVJAZZ  September 17 2013
Misses Satchmo - Apple Tree (launch) - Lion d'Or, Sept. 17th 2013

TVJAZZ  October 16 2014
André Larue Groove Street - Now - Les Grands Québécois du jazz at the Festival int. de jazz Québec, Oct. 16, 2014

TVJAZZ  October 16 2014
John Roney Alain Caron Camil Bélisle - C Jam Blues - Les Grands Québécois du jazz at the FIJQ, Oct.16 2014

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