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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday November 26 2015 to Wednesday December 2 2015

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals

The Jason Rosenblatt Quartet performs for one night only, part of the Segal Center for Performing Arts Power Jazz Series, Sunday, December 6th.

jasonrosenblatt_150X150.jpgComposer, pianist, vocalist, and harmonica player Jason Rosenblatt is one of the world’s foremost harmonica innovators.

His performance on the unassuming instrument has helped break new musical ground for the instrument long associated with “the blues,” into art forms as diverse as jazz, bluegrass, klezmer and Turkish music. Jason Rosentblatt's latest project of all original jazz, blues and ragtime compositions harkens back to the "good ol’ days" of jazz influenced by Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong, mixed with tinges of post-bop and avant-garde. Combining mellifluous, mind-bending harmonica and gritty guitar, this group's low-down blues inflected set is always performed with good humour. Here's a video of the band.

Tickets for the Power Jazz Series are on sale now at 514.739.7944 / - 5170, Ch. de la Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal - Jason Rosenblatt Quartet, Sunday, Dec. 6th @8pm.

Live the VIP Concert Experience in the intimacy of the Studio with the ever-popular Power Jazz Series of the Segal Center. Subscribers to the whole series receive benefits: They save over 30% off ticket prices, access to free indoor parking, priority seating, and exclusive savings on cultural outings offered by our partners.

The Jazz All-Year Round series : something for all with l'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal and Jessica Vigneault Dec. 5th plus Rufus and Martha Wainwright Noël Nights  Dec.

SJN_11_25_JAL (Jt).gifOn Saturday, Dec. 5th at l’Astral, Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan, don’t miss l’Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal with singer Jessica Vigneault and Christine Jensen in a  The talented Jessica Vigneault sings the gems and pearls from the Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks. On stage, 17 musicians will promote the development of orchestral jazz music from all eras and origin. Do not hesitate to come and applause those artists who take advantage of this evening to use their talent and creativity!

Finally, on Saturday, Dec. 5th and Sunday, Dec. 6th, Rufus and Martha Wainwright return with a new edition of their magnificent Christmas show at the Maison symphonique de Montréal: Rufus and Martha Wainwright Noël Nights with family and guests. The Wainwright siblings will once again assemble the crème de la crème of the music scene in celebration of the holiday season.

On stage, Anna McGarrigle, Loudon Wainwright III, Robert Charlebois, Daniel Bélanger (Saturday Dec. 5th) and Louis-Jean Cormier (Sunday December 6).  Two magical evenings that will appeal to young and old! And all profits will be donated to the Kate MacGarrigle Fund, which supports cancer care and research at the McGill University Cancer Centre and the teaching hospitals of McGill University.

Tickets and info available at !

Montréal en lumière has finally unveiled concerts of his 17th edition : something for everyone with Martin Levac, Thomas Enhco, Yannick Rieu - Da Li and Laila Biali !

SJN_11_25_MEL (Jt).gifAn evening of pop, rock, classic, soul and jazz with this versatile artist! On February 18 at Lion d’Or, fans of Genesis will be amazed by Martin Levac and his show A Visible Jazz Touch of Genesis! On stage with Mario Fraser on piano and Mathieu Gagné on upright bass, they revisit timeless classics of the British band!

The rising star of jazz Thomas Enhco will also perform on next February 18 at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Bourgie Hall. The young French pianist launches his new CD, Feathers. An artist sure to please jazz lovers everywhere!

February 25 at l’Astral, Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan, star saxophonist Yannick Rieu invites you to discover pieces of his new album Da Li!  A timeless voyage, matching traditional Chinese instruments with percussion. Samuel Joly on the drums, Morgan Moore at the bass and  Jean-Sébastien Williams on guitars. A musical trip between China and Quebec you can’t miss!

Finally, on February 28 at Segal Centre for Performing Arts - Studio Theatre, see a rising figure in contemporary jazz, Laila Biali.

Tickets and info available at !

Gary Tremblay presents some of the concerts to watch for in December at Diese Onze : An evening of Christmas tunes with James Gelfand, a few vocal nights with Daphné Cattellat and Vincent Potel, lots of saxophone with Charles Papasoff, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Rémi Bolduc, Alex Côté, Yannick Rieu and Al McLean and 2 celebrations with singer Kim Richardson!

diese_onze_nouveau_logo_150X150.jpgA rare appearance on Thursday the 17th : pianist James Gelfand will be joining December artist of the month saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella for a evening dedicated to his jazz arrangements of Christmas tunes...James has a bit of a Santa complex...we rarely get to see him more than once a year!!!

We will also host a few more vocal gigs than usual : On Friday the 4th, pianist Anthony Rozankovic invites vocalist Vincent Potel to join his quartet. On Tuesday the 8th, from 6 to 8, six young students from the Vincent-d'Indy Music School will showcase the fruit of their labour. On Saturday the 12th, singer Daphné Cattellat goes big for her first weekend gig at the Dièse, with nothing less than a sextet featuring alto sax Samuel Blais to showcase an upbeat selection of standards.

Also this month, Kim Richardson, host of the weekly vocal jam session on Sundays, will be celebrating her birthday Sunday the 20th. I suspect this will be a very packed night, with many well-known guests paying tribute to one of this city's most talented vocalists. We are very proud to add that Kim will also be headlining our new year's celebrations on the 31st.  Reserve your seats early, 90$ per person includes a 4 course meal, the concert, and a glass of bubbly at midnight.

A major dose of saxophone also awaits you, and I mean major!!! Charles Papasoff plays mostly baritone on the Saturday the 5th with pianist Matt Herskowitz, Jean-Pierre Zanella hosts a sextet featuring 3 saxes on Thursday the 10th, featuring Jean-Pierre on soprano, Rémi Bolduc on alto & Alex Côté on tenor. Our resident Yannick Rieu plays his music on the Friday the 11th, and  then nails Coltrane's A Love Supreme on Saturday the 26th. Other resident saxman Al McLean plays tenor with a quintet hosted by trumpet player Joe Sullivan on Friday the 18th.

"Like I said, lots of sax in December.  Don't sleep!" Gary Tremblay, Diese Onze

See an interview with Gary Tremblay, (en français) by clicking here

Diese Onze
4115A St-Denis

Thursday, Nov. 26th, Claude Thibault's monthly feature at Quand le jazz est là, with Stanley Péan on ICI Musique.

quandlejazzestla_150X124.jpgThursday, Nov. 26th,'s editor, Claude Thibault, is Stanley Péan's guest at Quand le jazz est là on ICI Musique.  He presents Quebec jazz news, special events, releases, features, concerts and more. The show is at 5:30pm and his feature is in the 2nd hour, around 6:30pm. They'll listen and talk about...

1) Jazz pour le temps présent! with the Big Band de l’Université de Montréal, Thursday, Nov. 26, salle Claude-Champagne de l'Université de Montréal.

2) Jazz Composers Series with Patrice Luneau (alto sax) Christopher Vincent (trombone) Sam Kirmayer (gtr) Hugues-Olivier Blouin (bass) Phillipe  Lussier-Baillargeon (drums), Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle.

3) Contrebasse et marées with Mathieu Désy, Charles Papasoff and Paul Picard, Thursday, Dec. 3rd at the Cabaret-Théâtre du Vieux-Saint-Jean of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Friday, Dec. 4th at the Théâtre de Ville de Longueuil.

4) The trio of Mehdi Nabti Lionel Kizaba and Abéna Atangana, Friday, Dec. 4th at the Bantujazz Cabaret du Diolo, on Jean-Talon W.

5) Noël Jazz with pianist Julie Lamontagne in trio, 3 concerts : Nov. 29 - Centre communautaire Elgar de l'Ile des Soeurs / Dec. 18 - Centre Culturel de Beloeil /
Dec. 19 - Théâtre Outremont.

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Pierre Labbé Sextet - Tromper Eustache

Here's a consistant new release that shines like a star. We're talking about jazz, of course, but with a middle eastern vibe (a bit like what Rabih Abou Khalil does), rock grooves, and the prolongation of a coltranian mind. Saxophonist, composer and flutist, Pierre Labbé presents with his friends, on Tromper Eustache, a world in fusion, like the atom.

Of course it sometimes might require some attentive listening, and maybe an open mind such as with Inouë Ouïe or Aparté.  In this homogeneity, let's mention a great cast made up of  guitarist Bernard Falaise, bassist Clinton Ryder, pianist François Bourassa, drummer Pierre Tanguay and Frank Lozano, tenor sax and clarinet.

Tromper Eustache has all the attributes of a great CD.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  November 26 2015
Jason Rosenblatt Quartet

Vladimir Sidorov and Tina Louise Cayouette - Astor Piazzolla Tribute - Friday, November 27th at l'Espace Cercle Carré.

tinalouisecayoutte_vladimirsidorov.jpgThe Vendredis Jazz de l’Espace Cercle Carré series presents Vladimir Sidorov and Tina Louise Cayouette in Astor Piazzolla tribute.

Let yourself get carried away in the sumptuous universe and fantasy of Astor Piazzolla's Tango Nuevo.

Alberta violist Tina Louise Cayouette is recipient of many grants. A versatile chamber music artist, gifted with surprising creativity in classical or contemporary music, innovation is her forte.  She's collaborated on some original and audacious projects such as electronic operas, contemporary danse improvisations and live art events. We owe her, among others, many premiere contemporary pieces for viola.

Russian-born bayanist (classical accordion), Vladimir Sidorov is now living in Montréal.  At a very young age, he systematically wins all the first prizes of the contests in which he participates and is present on the international music scene. Composer and solist, his repertory is vast, from classical, contemporary, brazilian to jazz. He's part of Montreal group Trio Expresso.

The duo is inspired by Astor Piazzolla's traditional argentinian tango mixed in with some contemporary harmonies. Piazzolla is forefather and important figure of new, or avant-garde tango, which is perfect for this duo. You might even dance!

Vladimir Sidorov and Tina Louise Cayouette - Astor Piazzolla Tribute
Vendredis Jazz de l’Espace Cercle Carré
Friday, Nov.  27th @8pm
36 Queen   
Coco -
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Coco Jazz host at 100,1 CKVL FM

Interview with the amazing Rachel Therrien in regards to the Jazz Composers Series and concert, Wed. Dec 2nd at the Bleury Bar à Vinyle ! Wow!

animation SCJ au FIJM 2015_v2.gifWhen I met jazz trumpeter Rachel Therrien for the first time, I was impressed by her energy and contagious enthousiasm. In a few words, let's say the talented artist and business woman is not afraid of challenges, and takes them on smiling! Her concert schedule with her own bands as well as Gypsy Kumbia have taken her all across Canada and the United States. But she's also got ideas and projects for the jazz community! Local and american musicians can't wait to play in her Jazz Composers Series, and for free! It's a sign of how the community respects and supports her ambitious endeavour!
CG - So tell us about the Jazz Composers Series...
RT - "It's an incredible jazz jam experience that connects musicians and composers, highlighting the power of jazz throught active listening and interaction in between the musicians. From December to May 2016, every first Wednesday of the month, like Wed. Dec. 2nd, a new band of musicians present a completely original concert made up of their own compositions. They'll be playing together for the first time with only one rehearsal that same afternoon..."
CG - What makes the Jazz Composers Series unique and how do you choose the musicians?
RT - "First of all, I join musicians that have never played together before, that's the rule of thumb of the Series, I make sure they have musical affinities, but that can also challenge themselves. I mix younger and upcoming artists with respected artists, in each group…We've probably making a bit of local jazz history, creating numerous associations and unforgettable experiences! One of the strenghts of jazz is to renew itself, to listen to each other, to continually create, propose new music and foster new dynamics. It's a treat for the public to witness this creative effervescence live, there and then. And it's crucial for the musicians! Playing new compositions outside of their usual groups, and improvising, outside of their usual confort zone! Jazz musicians are passionate, and where we're continually challenging each other!"
CG - That quite a feat to bring together musicians to play together, knowing it's not easy to just get a quartet together for a rehearsal! So who takes the organisation and where does the financing come from?
RT - "Yes, there's a ton of things to organise !  Alex Dodier and I take care of the programming, our website and Facebook page, as well as the concerts. The Bleury Bar à Vinyle also does promo and co-produces. We pay to bring the musicians and work as volunteers for the organisation. The night of the concert, contributions are voluntary and we benefit from the generosity of the public! We also collect donations on the website of the Series!"
CG - Tell me about the Bleury Bar à Vinyle and it's involvement in jazz and the Jazz Composers Series?
RT - "Without the Bleury's support, there would be no Series. Sébastien Fauteux and Christelle Roussy have trusted me completely without knowing me and have supported this project 100% . Like the musicians, they are passionate and they often host the jazz community with all of its energy and enthousiasm. It's also a great venue, very human, lot's of charm, the stage is close to the bar with a nice terrasse in the back. The room is full throughouth the Series, so get there early to get a good seat!"
Where?  Bleury Bar à Vinyle, 2109 Bleury, Montréal

When ? Every first Wednesday of the month from December 2015 to May 2016.

Artists of the upcoming Jazz Composers Series, Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 2015 :

Patrice Luneau
(alto sax) Christopher Vincent (trombone) Sam Kirmayer (guitar) Hugues-Olivier Blouin (bass) Phillipe Lussier-Baillargeon (drums).

2016  dates : January 13, February 3, March 2, April 6 and May 4.

website  :

Facebook :

Interview and pics : Céline Grumbach

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