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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday October 17 2019 to Wednesday October 23 2019

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Yannick Rieu, MachiNations and stepping away from jazz, Michael Jackson / Louis Cole, film music, what he likes the most and the least about music,  tonight Thurday Oct. 17th at l'Outremont, and more...

yannick-rieu-avec-cle-150x225.jpgClaude Thibault - I read that with MachiNations you wanted to "step away" from jazz...

Yannick Rieu - I've always been categorized as a jazzman even thought my last albums (Da-Li, Spectrum, Non-Acoustic Project) stepped out of that genre, but with MachiNations I go a little further. It's interesting to use different sounds and grooves that I love, there's a lot of liberty with that project and I love it.

Claude Thibault - And what was the process with MachiNations ?

Yannick Rieu - MachiNations was recorded in 3 different studios, my own for the 4 solo tracks, another for the tracks for which I wanted a particular soundmix of the bass and drums, and a 3rd one for the rest. Some of the influences of the album are film music such as Ennio Morricone, Coltrane of course, but also Michael Jackson & Louis Cole with some powerful grooves and synths, but also acoustic trio music. With this album I wanted to break away from the influences that I've had ever since I started listening to music, so it's wide open.

It originally came out of a solo project, so on the album there's 4 solo tracks where I play everything, I'd presented this solo project at the Musée des beaux-arts du Québec, with machines, pedals, etc and didn't get into playing solo even thought I was surrounded with all those gadgets. So I took that project with those 4 tracks, and some others, and decided to work with musicians,playing together to create this project.

Claude Thibault - Was it difficult for you to kinda move away from jazz ?

Yannick Rieu - Well you know I've been at it for a while now, forty years of playing jazz and I had certain personal limitations that eventually completely blew away. In the end I said no to those limitations and did exactly what I wanted to do. How will it be perceived I don't know because like I said earlier some of the influences are Michael Jackson and Louis Cole with some powerful
sounds and grooves.

Claude Thibault - And always a lot of sax playing ?

Yannick Rieu - Oh yes lots but sometimes it doesn't sound like a sax, like the soprano sometimes sounding like a saturated guitar. And there's more soprano than tenor.

Claude Thibault - What are your tenor and soprano saxes ?

Yannick Rieu - My tenor is an old Selmer from the 30s and my soprano is a signature model created by a company I collaborate with in China.

Claude Thibault - Listening to Synthesis, one of your solo tracks, the groove is surprising and hard to describe...

Yannick Rieu - Once again Louis Cole / Michael Jackson influences, as well as Weather Report / Joe Zawinul, with transformed sax sounds, synths, but we won't play it Oct. 17th at the Outremont. Hundreds of hours of studio time.

Claude Thibault - What do you love the most about music ?

Yannick Rieu - Communicating and sharing with the public and the musicians. Sometimes I wonder what I bring to society, because society has given me a lot, studying at the Conservatory, receiving a lot of support from people, such as grants which are paid by the taxes paid by the public and I benefit from that. So I want to give back, it's important for me, and with time and age it'seven more sharing with the public, the musicians, and sometimes giving a few minutes of happiness, making people feelling good, in all modesty.

Claude Thibault - And what do you like the least about music ?

Yannick Rieu - People with egos that need to be under the spotlight and in front of the music. It's important for me that music be the main attraction, not me.

Claude Thibault - What are you listening to these days ?

Yannick Rieu - Besides the music that I'm working on, not much. But today on my iPod I listened to Ahmad Jamal, who influenced Miles and who worked with the space in between the notes, like Miles did, and I like that.

Claude Thibault - In a few words what can we expect Oct. 17th at the Outremont ?

Yannick Rieu - The concert will be part of the album, but not all, we won't do those 4 solo tracks. We'll push the enveloppe a bit more with the other tracks of the album and that'll fit well in concert, adding percussionist Philippe Beaudin (The Brooks) on a few pieces with the band that is Jérome Beaulieu at the piano, François Jalbert on guitar, Rémi-Jean LeBlanc on bass & Kevin Warren at the drums.

Claude Thibault - Thanks Yannick !
Interview : Claude Thibault
To listen to an excerpt of Black Tree, it's here

Yannick Rieu launches MachiNations

Thursday Oct. 17th 8pm - the Facebook event

Yannick Rieu - tenor/soprano sax, compositions
Jérôme Beaulieu - piano
François Jalbert - guitar
Rémi-Jean LeBlanc - bass
Philippe Beaudin - percussions
Kevin Warren - drums

Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard W.    

The Festival International du Jazz de Montréal presents a Tribute to Vic Vogel with his Big Band and friends Monday Oct. 21st at L'Astral (free entrance).

hommage-vic-vogel-150x190.jpgIn the life of a music journalist, some moments are harder than others. Like writing about the loss of a musician, friend, bandleader, and great Montrealer Vic Vogel. His health had been pretty bad for many years but Viktor Vic Vogel fought all the way to the end. Long before my first steps in the world of media and a devoted coverage of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal - Vic's swingin' orchestra was one of the headliners of the event - he'd given me an interview. Friendly, because I was young and with very little knowledge of jazz, the novice that I was got treated a fast-forward lesson in jazz history starting with Duke Ellington his mentor & idol), Count Basie & Stan Kenton!

His boys, his orchestra.

Throughout the years, Vic Vogel became a friend, the one you visit like a brother, always smiling and welcoming as long as jazz was there. Thanks to his gardian angel Bob Pover who's been there until the very end, I shared some privilieged moments, such as a trip to Rimouski. A few years ago the smallest of the big jazz festivals, the Festi Jazz international Rimouski, launched the Vic Vogel Prize. This now not-so-young columnist has great memories of that singular trip full of anecdotes and a passion for jazz.

For more than fifty years, Vic Vogel and his boys have had quite a road trip. From the inauguration ceremonies of Terre des Hommes to the closing ceremonies of the Montreal Olympic Games with special guest, compatriot trumpeter Maynard Ferguson, he's had a rich and eventful career. Let's not forget his conducting work with director Jacques Cossette (Feu Vert, Multipistes), another radio personality as well as his writing for Gilles Latulippe's Théâtre des Variétés. He was also at the Grand Café where he officiated. Then came the exciting adventure of Offenbach en Fusion, magnified by Gerry Boulet and the gleaming Jazz Big Band, and the NYC meeting in which Vic announced a Phil Dubois, of if you'd like saxophonist Phil Woods. At the heart of this adventure, his boys and his orchestra, along the lines of what Duke Ellington did with his great band. Vic's life what all about jazz, a golden heart, a memory of the Montreal nights that are now gone, like Jacques Normand used to sing.

This title by his mentor Duke Ellington sums up Vic Vogel's career « It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t got That Swing »

So long Vic and thanks a million!

The Festival International du Jazz de Montréal presents a Tribute to Vic Vogel with his Big Band and friends
Monday Oct. 21st 8pm at L'Astral - free entrance (but you must reserve your ticket)
305 Sainte-Catherine W / Mtl

The Facebook event
Christophe Rodriguez
In closing, here are a few of our Vic Vogel videos :

In Quartet at the 2011 Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant, it's here

In solo at the 2012 Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant, it's here

In a Big Band formation at the 2014 Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (one of his very last concerts),  it's here

Eyevin Trio wins the Prix François-Marcaurelle of L'OFF Jazz 2019 - plus videos from Joel Miller Unstoppable (A Party) and the Improvisation Workshop Project (IWP) with Jean-Michel Pilc, Élisabeth Kontomanou, and more.

ivan-bamford-150x208.jpgSpearheaded by the drummer Ivan Bamford, The Eyevin Trio pays tribute to the American composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Chapin, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 40, by assembling a band with similar instrumentation. A unique and energetic trio that will knock you off your seat!

Aurélien Tomasi saxophones
Stéphane Diamantakiou double bass
Ivan Bamford drums and arrangements

To honor François Marcaurelle, co-founder of L'OFF Jazz, and in collaboration with Guilde des musiciens et des musiciennes du Québec, the François Marcaurelle Prize is awarded to Eyevin Trio who stood out at the 20th OFF Jazz.

Two OFF Jazz 2019 videos :

Joel Miller - Unstoppable (Song Story - A Party)

Joel Miller - tenor and soprano saxophones
Christine Jensen - invited conductor
Billy Kerr, Nadia Sparrow - flute
Mark Simons, Samuel Blais, Jennifer Bell - clarinet
Bruno Lamarche - tenor sax and clarinet
Guillaume Roy - english horn
Lex French, Bill Mahar - trumpet
Dave Grott - trombone
David Ryshpan - piano
Steve Raegele - guitar
Sacha Daoud, Erin Donovan, Kullak Viger Rojas - percussions
Fraser Hollins - bass
Rich Irwin - drums

L'OFF Jazz 2019 at the Gesù (Mtl), Thursday Oct. 3rd.

Improvisation Workshop Project

Jean-Michel Pilc - piano
Élisabeth Kontomanou - voice
Pierre Mendola - flute
Rémi Bolduc - alto saxophone
Kevin Dean - trumpet
Claire Devlin - tenor sax
Ananda Suddath - guitar
Mike de Masi - bass
Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

L'OFF Jazz 2019 at the Ministère (Mtl), Thursday Oct. 10th.

Photo @ Michel Pinault

Pianist Emie R Roussel and Trio celebrate ten years of jazz October 25-26th at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur de Montréal.

emie-r-roussel-trio-150x150.jpgTo highlight and celebrate their tenth anniversary, the Emie R Roussel Trio is presenting two unique concerts. The band is quite happy to present new and original music sometimes inspired by elements of their four previous albums. This new project celebrates ten years of creativity and friendship. A rendez-vous not to be missed that will create a bridge in between the past and the future.

Come and immortalize this special moment with us by participating in the live filming of these concerts!

Friday October 25 : free tickets available here / Saturday October 26 : free general admission tickets - simple show up!

P.S. : It should be busier on Friday Oct. 25 so we suggest coming to the Satuday Oct. 26th concert.

Emie R Roussel : piano/keys
Nicolas Bédard : doublebass/bass
Dominic Cloutier : drums

Winner of the 2015 Félix for jazz album of the year for their 3rd album Quantum, and the 2013-14 Opus prize for jazz album of the year for their preceding release, Transit, the Emie R Roussel Trio has experienced a dizzying ascent since 2010, and is now an unstoppable force in the Canadian jazz scene. With Emie R Roussel on piano (Révélation Radio-Canada Jazz 2014-2015), Nicolas Bédard on bass, and Dominic Cloutier on drums, the trio delivers creative and captivating jazz with passion and undeniable chemistry. Having had the privilege to present their music in eleven countries across four continents in the last few years, the Trio is inspired, and with a whole new level of complicity and mutual understanding – with their Intersections (nominated for Album of the Year – Jazz at l’ADISQ 2018 and at Prix Opus 2019). The hard-won musical cohesion of the group’s three members puts a particular spotlight on groove and melody via a sound at times more acoustic, at others more electric. These precious shared moments, and each member's creativity, meet at the crossroads of their respective paths, the intersections of their musical odysseys…

For the Facebook event, it's here

For a teaser of the new project, it's here

Emie R Roussel Trio - 10th anniversary concerts

Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26 7:30pm
Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur
100 Sherbrooke W    

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal - The Mystic Mind

Even thought we recently lost beloved bandleader Vic Vogel, a mainstay of the Montreal / QC jazz scene, the world of Quebec big bands can count on L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal, made up in large part by many members of the Vic Vogel's Big Band.  Conducted by trombonist and composer Jean-Nicolas Trottier, you'll be able to check them Saturday October 12th at L'Astral (L'OFF Jazz closing concert) as well as on this album. Dedicated to the departed bandleader, The Mystic Mind is an ambitious work made up of beautiful portraits which are superb platforms for soloists Yannick Rieu (tenor sax), Rafael Zaldivar (piano) and Sylvain Provost (guitar).

In the spirit of what had done at a certain time brilliant bandleader Gil Evans on New Bottles Old Wine as well as Out of The Cool, composer Jean-Nicolas Trottier treats the three musicians to more than just simple solos. The improvisations are part of a fine and important writing endeavour. Althought the framework for which we are in awe is light, it's bliss when we hear the power of tenor sax Yannick Rieu, the gentleness of pianist Rafael Zaldivar and the aesthetic riffs of guitarist Sylvain Provost! In regards to the orchestra, Jean-Nicolas tranports us in a space/time of sophistiscated writing, rich in protein, like a long poem where jazz is alive. Vic Vogel would've been proud of his boys and of this great writer.

Forethought / Emotional Interference / Déjà-vu / Flow / Daydream / The Fascination Maze / Altered Recollection / Mindfulness / Phonological Loop

Jean-Nicolas Trottier, direction & composition
Yannick Rieu, saxophones
Rafael Zaldivar, piano
Sylvain Provost, guitar
Jean-Pierre Zanella, Samuel Blais, André Leroux, Frank Lozano, Alexandre Côté : woods
Jocelyn Couture, Aron Doyle, Lex French, David Carbonneau, Bill Mahar : trumpets
David Grott, Taylor Donaldson, David Martin, Bob Ellis : trombones
Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, bass
Kevin Warren, drums

L'ONJM on Facebook

L'OFF Jazz on Facebook

The Facebook event

For the EPK video, it's here

For tickets, it's here

L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal (ONJM) launchesThe Mystic Mind

L'OFF Jazz closing concert - Saturday Oct. 12th 8pm
305 Ste-Catherine W   
Christophe Rodriguez (

TVJAZZ  October 3 2019
Yannick Rieu - MachiNations EPK (oct 2019)

Two nights, two saxophonists (Paul Nedzela et Donny Kennedy) and good times to be had at Upstairs October 18-19.

donny-kennedy-paul-nedzela-150x189.jpgMontreal-based saxophonist Donny Kennedy from Saskatchewan invites NY baritone saxophonist Paul Nedzela for two exceptional nights of music at Upstairs, with the help of top notch rhythm section : Andre White at the piano, Alec Walkington on bass and Dave Laing at the drums.

Donny Kennedy  is a complete artist. After brilliantly completing his studies at McGill back in 2000, he's joined different bands touring many times across the Americas. His amazing stage presence is completed by his ability to share his passion to the younger generation teaching at Montreal's St. George's School, McGill University and the Cégep Vanier.

Paul Nedzela pursues a full blown career standing out amongst some of the best baritone players of the continent. He's studied at  NY's Juilliard School as well as McGill, and has played with some of biggest names in jazz including Chick Corea, Maria Schneider or Paquito D'Rivera.

This reunion will allow us to hear a mix of original compositions and jazz standards. You'll have a great time enjoying their technique, grace, audacity and the creativity of these five musicans at Upstairs.

For the Facebook events, it's here

Paul Nedzela on YouTube

Friday Oct. 18 - 7pm and 9:45pm
Saturday Oct. 19 - 7pm and 9:45pm

1254 Mackay   
Montréal, QC
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

La mince ligne - Tertio's sultry yet lyric jazz-rock online Oct. 18th and at the Patro Vys Tuesday Oct. 22nd.

tertio-la-mince-ligne-150x172.jpgMontreal jazz-rock quintet Tertio launches its 2nd album - La mince ligne - on the MCM label Friday Oct. 18th and in concert Tuesday Oct. 22nd at the Patro Vys. Created under the impulsion guitarist and composer Vincent Duhaime Perreault, Tertio is made up of bassist Alex Lefaivre, trumpeter Andy King, drummer Éric Thibodeau and pianist Paul Shrofel. Their brand of sultry and lyric jazz-rock got a lot of public and media attention with their EP release back in 2015.

Tertio is back with a more elaborate opus and their unique sound exploring new musical adventures. Title track La mince ligne flirts with progressive rock while Au revoir Lea explores folk-jazz recalling Daniel Lanois or Bill Frisell.

For this concert Tertio will be joined by many special guests :  Josiane Bell : cello / Geneviève Morasse : violin / Jacques Boisclair : trombone Alexandre Beauregard : saxophone / Raphaël D'Amours : pedal steel and acoustic guitar

For the video teaser, it's here

The Facebook event

Tertio launches La mince ligne in concert - Tuesday Oct. 22nd 5pm - O Patro Vys 356 Mont-Royal E

TVJAZZ  June 30 2015
Vic Vogel Tribute with the Jazz Big Band - Carnival Of Life - FIJM, June 30th 2015

TVJAZZ  October 6 2015
Tertio - Albino Alien - MCM showcase of L'OFF Jazz at Casa del Popolo, Oct. 6th 2015

TVJAZZ  October 3 2019
Joel Miller Unstoppable : Song Story - A Party - L'OFF Jazz, Oct 3 2019

TVJAZZ  June 29 2019
Yannick Rieu 4tet - Untitled Original 11383 (Both Directions At Once) Montreal Jazz Fest, june 29 juin 2019

TVJAZZ  October 10 2019
Improvisation Workshop Project - L'OFF Jazz, Oct 10 2019

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