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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday February 23 2017 to Friday March 31 2017

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Lucie Gagnon and Lush Life Thursday Feb. 23, Big BandYTorchestre swings Sunday Feb. 26 at the HoJazz Montreal and Bob Ricci on Thurdays at HoJazz Laval.

output_yFwxQL.gifThis Thursday Feb. 23rd (7:30pm) come and discover talented singer Lucie Gagnon at the HoJazz Montreal. The Great American Songbook is well served by the versatile singer-songwriter. Her powerful and personal rendition of some of our all-time favorite jazz standards made famous by legendary female vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Diana Krall will charm you. This multi-talented recording artist, whose album Different has been heard all over Canada and Europe has also appeared in cinema, tv shows and numerous tv commercials. No stranger to the live stage , Lucie has also been featured in musical revues, musical theater and as lead singer of many top 40 bands. For this concert Lucie is accompanied by her wonderful quartet Lush Life, in honour of one of her favorite jazz songs. Here at the HoJazz Montreal she gets to do what she loves best!

Don’t miss out on the Big BandYTorchestre, led by Yves Turgeon this Sunday Feb. 26th (7:30pm)! Twenty of the best musicians in town on stage at the same time to perform some of our favorite jazz songs ! Come and relive the days of the great swing and jazz orchestra at HoJazz Montreal. Book your seats now ! ;)

Back at the HoJazz Laval every Thursday  (7pm) ; Bob Ricci and Friends...

Bob Ricci was born and raised in Montréal and was first introduced to music at the age of seven, playing the accordion, he quickly made the transition to piano due to friends
condescending remarks on his squeeze box instrument.  This consequently lead him to discover his true passion “singing”. Throughout his musical career he humbly considers himself fortunate and privilege to have also been given the chance to prove his singing talent with some of Quebec’s most acclaimed musicians, such as Oliver Jones, Richard Beaudet. Éric Lagacé, David Margaryan, and Michel Ferarri amongst many others.

In 1996 Bob Ricci produces his first album The Vagabond which caught the attention of many artists, two of which were Gino Vanelli and Brother Ross. Their comments were positive, so much so that they invited Bob and his co-producer Peter Ronallo to Thousand Oaks, CA for the completion of the albums final mix. This album includes Bob’s original composition, which are a direct reflection, on his personal life revealed in a unique pop-jazz style. In 2000 he also produced and released a single entitled Until We Meet Again, as as tribute to Nicolas Guy’s passing, during which he considers himself honoured to have recorded this single with his long life idol Oliver Jones.

Don’t miss out on our new promotion at HoJazz Laval.  Every Wednesday is All you can eat mussels for 15$ per person ! Starting March 1st .

For the HoJazz Montreal, reserve your seats at 514-842-8656 Montreal

House of Jazz Montréal - 2060 Aylmer
For the HoJazz Laval, reserve your seats at 450-232-5582 Laval
House of Jazz Laval - 1639 boul de l’Avenir, Laval

Check out dozen of videos of these artists at the House of Jazz Montreal and Laval at

Interview with guitarist Al Di Meola, back with his Elegant Gypsy Tour at Montreal en Lumière, Saturday Feb. 25th, and at Palais Montcalm, Friday, Feb. 24th.

Al Di Meola concert 150X150.jpgReleased in 1977, Elegant Gypsy was the follow-up album to Al Di Meola’s debut release in 1976.  The distinctive music on the album is a fusion of jazz and rock, with Di Meola’s lightning-fast guitar riffs intermixed with lyrical acoustical passages. It was named Best Guitar Album in Guitar Player magazine and is generally regarded as a masterpiece in the rock-jazz fusion music genre.

At the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest, we'd spoken with Al Di Meola about the Miles Davis Award he'd just won, his relationship with Miles, the Elegant Tour, what's different about it today, his nostalgia of the 70s music period and how the record industry has changed since, his acoustic vs electric music and career, how he re-invents himself, his Beatles project, working on his technique vs his compositions, and playing with Piazzolla.

For the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest interview, it's here. For an excerpt of the Elegant Gypsy concert of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest, it's here

Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy Tour
Montréal en Lumière, Saturday Feb. 25
Palais Montcalm, Friday Feb. 24

Pianist François Bourassa and his Quartet presents the music of his 9th album at Jazz en Rafale, Thursday, March 23rd at l'Astral!

23 mars_Francois 150x150_v2.jpgFrançois Bourassa has formed several musical domains in some 30 years of his career. As a pianist, composer and band leader, he has long been recognized as an example of contemporary Canadian jazz on the international scene. Born in Montreal on September 29, 1959, Bourassa was introduced to the piano and then devoted himself to the blues guitar. At 17, he started his jazz trip which was done by the Return to Forever ensemble, after which he discovered Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Miles and Coltrane.

His determination to always go forward has led him to play in a wide variety of situations. Having been inspired as a young man by Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter and McCoy Tyner, François Bourassa has also been absorbed by classical music, new music, world music and pop trends to make him an extremely personal vocabulary .

The music of François Bourassa (piano, composition) remains deeply personal, with longtime musicians and friends, André Leroux (saxophones) Guy Boisvert (double bass) and Greg Ritchie (drums). So during Jazz en Rafale, François will present the music of his 9th group album, no title yet. For this new album he's working on, François plans to exploit different musical atmospheres. Contemporary music will always be present as one of his major influences, as well as today's jazz and free improvisation.

For more info on this concert, that's here

François Bourassa Quartet
Thursday, March 23rd 9:30pm @ L'Astral
305 Sainte-Catherine W.

The 17th edition of Jazz en Rafale is held March 18th to the 25th at L'Astral and presents L'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal March 18th 8pm, the Afro-Cuban Revival Project with pianist Rafael Zaldivar March 23rd 8pm, François Bourassa Quartet March 23 9:30pm, Alain Bédard and Auguste Quartet March 24th 8pm, Félix Stüssi et Les Malcommodes March 24th 9:30pm, Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio March 25th 8pm and Pierre De Bethmann wih the Yannick Rieu Quartet March 25th 9:30pm.

Vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant with pianist Aaron Diehl (in Septet) play Jelly Roll Morton and Gershwin at Montreal en Lumière, Friday Feb. 24th.

aarondiehlcecilemclorinsalvant150x150_2.jpgJelly Roll Morton was a ragtime and stride legend, while George Gershwin worked on the borders of jazz, classical, and popular song. Now a new generation of musicians, led by pianist Aaron Diehl, with the help of vocalist extraordinaire Cécile McLorin Salvant, turns the spotlight on timeless classics and little-known gems by these two jazz masters, tracing a musical lineage that spans a century. Our collaborator Ralph Boncy caught up with Cécile a few days ago to chat about this Montréal Feb. 24th concert.
RB - Who came up with this Jelly and George concert highlighting Jelly Roll Morton and George Gershwin?
CMS - It's no me, it's Aaron Diehl. This is Aaron's concert in which I sing a few songs. He wanted to juxtapose two great pianist composers from the history of jazz, both known as being innovators, and some of the musicians that really created the musical genre that is jazz. Althought Gershwin's name is on everybody's lips, Jelly Roll Morton has been forgotten. The idea of connecting these two composers, I think, was to elevate one while exploring the similarities and the differences in between both composers…
RB - A kind of redemption, in a certain way, for Jelly Roll Morton?
CMS - Yes, for the persona that was Jelly Roll…
RB - In fact, these two contemporaries (editor's note : 1885). One well-known, the other with a business card that stated : « inventor of jazz » : that's something!
CMS - Yes, he was something!
RB - What do you think about Mister Morton, is he the missing link? the initiator? Do you think he invented jazz?
CMS - No. But I think he established a lot of things that make up what jazz is today, but mostly, what it was when it started. I think he was forgotten, and back then, unrecognized.  It was very frustrating because he did have a lot of success when he started, but he lost out when people moved on to other things. I also think that he's an amazing arranger that we don't talk about much. His arrangements are magnificent! He's a great singer, super pianist and composer extraordinaire. He was also caricatured a bit...he was thought of as a smooth talker that was quite drunk. He had a reputation, and it was bad. He wasn't taken seriously, but had a lot of talent.
RB - He did start playing in brothels at 14! That creates a persona…
CMS - Yes, that's right. But I think he also had a very serious side. On the Alan Lomax recordings he drank a bit. He's drunk but he plays great, but there's a lot of folkore around that. We forget he really worked his music and his art, his way of playing, wrote his arrangements, which is more than just having that instinctive talent that came with his New-Orleans origins.
RB - In the concert, you sing mostly some George and some Jelly?
CMS - It's half-half. I do eight songs and they change from concert to concert.
RB - Tell us about Aaron Diehl. How did you meet and how long have you been working together?
CMS - We've known each other and have been working together for 4 1/2 years! I had a concert in the U.S. and my manager suggested a few pianists. I didn't know any of them. I thought he had a certain sensitivity, was original as well as versatile. He can play practically anything, but in his own way. And since then, we've played many concerts.
RB - It's a thrill to hear you play together. He's perfect for you! Did Aaron pick the other pianist of the concert, Adam Birnbaum?
CMS - Yes, he created the concept and picked the other musicians. He really wanted two pianos. We'd done a first version of the project in 2013 in the Catskills (NY) with
Marcus Robert and now we're on tour with Adam Birnbaum. So the pianos are really center stage. Both pianos interact a lot in concert and even play a few duos. But there's also
the rhythm section and the horn section. So I can draw back a bit. I like it. I'm learning many things. I'm involved but I don't have to manage all the attention on me. It's not the same energy.

RB - Besides, you couldn't say no to Aaron Diehl, considering your level of collaboration. It's like returning the favor a bit no?
CMS - Yes, that's true. He's been there for me for years. And I think it's normal that he does his own project. And I'm real happy about that. And you know what ?, this is really good music.I'm still writing and I'm putting the finishing touches on an album that we recorded last year and this is due out in 2017.
For Aaron and Cécile playing a bit of Winin' Boy Blues (Jelly Roll), it's here. For Cécile in Yesterdays at the 2914 Montreal Jazz Fest, it's here

Vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant with pianists Aaron Diehl and Adam Birnbaum (in Septet) play Jelly Roll Morton & Gershwin.

Montreal en Lumière

Friday, Feb. 24th 8pm
Salle Pierre-Mercure of Centre Pierre-Péladeau    
300, boul. de Maisonneuve E.

for more info, it's here
Interview : Ralph Boncy, special collaboration

The 18th L’OFF Jazz de Montréal will be held Oct. 5-14 2017 in different Montréal venues - musicians can submit a concert proposal before, Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

cloture-OFFjazz_2016.jpgThe 18th L’OFF Jazz de Montréal will be held Oct. 5-14 2017 in different Montréal venues - musicians can submit a concert proposal before, Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

Your concert proposal should include:
- A CD or demo with a minimum of 3 pieces (.wav is preferable, or MP4);
- The title of the project with a short description ;
- Leader’s name and short biography ;
- Musician’s list and instrumentation ;
- A photo of the band or leader in jpeg 300 dpi ;
- Postal and email address and telephone number ;

You can send your concert proposal by email or by regular mail (see addresses below) :
Important: if you choose your concert proposal electronically, make sure you send a compressed Mp3 file. Please do not send files that are too heavy. Only one email per proposal.

Postal adress :
L’OFF Festival de jazz de Montréal
Comité de la programmation
C.P. 60150
Montréal, Québec
H2J 4E1
CANADA @ programming committee
Information : 514-524-0831

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Bélanger & Bisson - Conversations

A while back and in another life as we say, singer / pianist Anne Bisson was an actor. Converted to jazz, she's managed to make her mark and her own space on the five continents. In a mode where the genres range from song, to ambiance music to, of course, jazz, she offers us Conversations with cellist Vincent Bélanger, as well as double bassists Jean-Bertrand Carbou and Jacques Roy, singer Charlotte Bélanger and harpist Isabelle Corriveau, on a few tracks. As there is a multitude of sounds and moods, it's hard to categorize this album.  Without it being a catch-all, because it's very nicely produced, we enter a realm that will certainly reach a very large public.

For example with the popular sounds of composition Fly Away or Rêverie sentimentale that highlights the deep sound of the cellist. There's also some chamber music with Dédéthoven by pianist and composer André Gagnon, and then there's the strange Fantasia For Morel. For some blues/funk, the very nice Wake Up will turn up the heat of these winter months. All throughout the tracks, Anne Bisson is  a pleasant singer and pianist, with some pretty swing riffs and a major influence, the world of Michel Legrand. Without it being a curiosity,  Conversations aims music lovers of all kinds yet fails to turn us on.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  July 27 2014
Big Bandytorchestre - A Warm Breeze - House of Jazz, Sunday July 27th, 2014

Jazz Amnesty Sound System present Malika Tirolien who sings Nina Simone, Saturday, Feb. 25th at La Sala Rossa.

Jazz Amnesty Malika Tirolien 150x150.jpgJazz Amnesty Sound System (J.A.S.S.) welcomes singer Malika Tirolien with quintet in a Nina Simone tribute.

Guadeloupean singer-songwriter Malika Tirolien shines on the music scene. Her vocal style is in the long soul-jazz tradition of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and others and a fusion of afro-caribbean jazz and urban grooves. Adopted montrealer, Malika Tirolien is busy with many groups including Kalmunity Vibe Collective, lead singer with the Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba as well as collaborations with Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Lara Fabian, Lalah Hathaway and NY band Snarky Puppy.

J.A.S.S. is at the helm of this festive event and had the great idea of inviting singer Malika Tirolien to presente a tribute to one of the great figures of american music, singer Nina Simone.

J.A.S.S. does the first set followed by the vibrating Nina Simone tribute in quintet formula followed by a last set of J.A.S.S. playing their fare of jazz-funk, jazzy house, jazzy hip-hop, soul jazz, etc.. The DJ duo of Andy Williams and Sweet Daddy Luv challenges anyone with a bit of rhythm to stay put and not get up to dance.

Jazz Amnesty Sound System : with djs Andy Williams and Sweet Daddy Luv

Malika Tirolien, voice/piano
Chris Cargnello, guitar
David Ryshpan, keyboards
Martin Heslop, bass
Jean-Daniel Thibeault-Desbiens, drums

Saturday, Feb. 25th
8:30pm  J.A.S.S.
10pm  Malika Tirolien Quintet
+ a last J.A.S.S set
La Sala Rossa
4848 St-Laurent   
Coco -
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz, Tuesday night 7pm @ 100,1 CKVL FM

Thurday, Feb. 23rd, Claude Thibault presents his monthly feature at Quand le jazz est là, with Stanley Péan on ICI Musique.

quandlejazzestla23fev150x150.jpgThursday, Feb. 23rd from 5:37pm to 6:15pm, the Editor of, Claude Thibault, is the guest of Stanley Péan @ Quand le jazz est là on ICI Musique. We'll listen and talk about these upcoming Quebec concerts...

Jelly & George : Cécile McLorin Salvant Aaron Diehl and Adam Birnbaum play Jelly Roll Morton and Gershwin
Friday Feb 24 @ Salle Pierre-Mercure (Montréal en Lumière)
music : Le Mal de Vivre @ Cécile McLorin Salvant - For One To Love

Elegant Gypsy - Al Di Meola (with Philippe Saisse Evan Garr Gumbi Ortiz Elias Tona Luis Alicea)

Friday Feb 24 @ Palais Montcalm de QC
Saturday Feb 25 @ Salle Pierre-Mercure (Montréal en Lumière)
music : Mediteranean Sundance @ Elegant Gypsy

St-Jovite Quartet : Sylvain Provost Alain Juneau Norman Lachapelle Alain Boyer

Saturday March 4 @ Église du Village de Mont-Tremblant
music : Normandel @ Saint-Jovite Quartet - Retrouvailles

Mouse On The Keys - Québec tour

Feb 23 - Québec @ Le Cercle
Feb 24 - Shawinigan @ Maison de la culture
Feb 25 - Trois-Rivières @ Centre culturel Pauline-Julien
March 1 - Rimouski @ Espace Scène da la salle de spectacles Desjardins-Télus
March 4 - Cap-aux-Meules (Iles de la Madeleine) @ Pas Perdu
March 10 - Montréal @ L’Astral (Montréal en Lumière)
March 11 - Joliette @ La Mitaine
music  : Reflexion @ Mouse On The Keys - The Flowers of Romance

Yannick Rieu Trio with Alex Le Blanc Louis-Vincent Hamel

March 10-11 @ Bar Ste-Angèle de Québec
music : Tribecca @ Yannick Rieu - L'Art du Trio

For more info on these concerts check out our Montréal and Outside Montréal calendars

TVJAZZ  June 30 2011
François Bourassa Quartet at FIJM 2011

TVJAZZ  February 19 2013
Sylvain Provost Trio - Pasteur Goulet - Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, Feb. 19th, 2013

TVJAZZ  October 21 2013
Cécile McLorin Salvant - Woman Child - Festival international de jazz de Québec, Monday, Oct 21st 2013

TVJAZZ  September 4 2014
Bob Ricci and friends - The Shadow Of Your Smile - House of Jazz Laval Opening - Sept 4th, 2014

TVJAZZ  June 26 2015
Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy & More Electric Tour 2015 - words and music - FIJM, June 26 2015

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