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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday May 19 2016 to Wednesday June 1 2016

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The 37th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal presents the Jazz Beat series at 8 p.m. for an intense summer!

Primeur 4_150x150_jazzbeat.gifTo launch the Jazz Beat series, the Monument-National welcomes the one who dazzles fans and critics alike, famed saxophonist Chris Potter (June 30). Next, it’s the fast-rising young (12 years old!) piano phenomenon Joey Alexander (July 1) with his trio. It’s a pleasure to welcome back brilliant Israeli double bassist Avishai Cohen (July 2) and his trio after last year’s concert was cancelled, with a remarkably clever album. Also, the renowned norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen (July 3), accompanied by Simin Tander and Jarle Vespestad, presents his latest release, Hymns and Visions.

A pair of musical explorers, bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons and pianist Dorantes (July 4), bring their shared passion for flamenco to life. The return of great american saxophonist Steve Coleman (July 5) with his project Five Elements. A special visit by a legendary jazz fusion group: guitarist Larry Coryell’s Eleventh House accompanied by Randy Brecker on trumpet and Alphonse Mouzon at the drums (July 6). Then, see prolific virtuoso organist Joey DeFrancesco (July 7) who brings us his 40th album showcasing soul jazz, bluesy grooves and hard bop. Finally, on stage, renowned trumpeter Erik Truffaz Quartet (July 8) shares his madly restless and generous jazz.

Tickets and info available at

Pianist Simon Denizart wins the 2016-2017 jazz Révélation Radio-Canada!

simon_denizart_150X150.jpgPianist Simon Denizart whisks away the 2016-2017 jazz Révélation Radio-Canada and we couldn't agree more. Moreover, SD3, his trio, was our jazz gig of the week of the moment last September when they launched Between Two Worlds.

SD3 is a trio and great connection in between two cultures and three young musicians! Pianist/composer Simon Denizart left Créteil, a Paris suburb, in 2010 to pursue his music studies at the UdeM, where he meets bassist Jeanne Corpataux-Blanche and drummer Simon Bellemare. The three musicians with different cultural backgrounds make up SD3 since 2011.  The group's reputation has spread all over Québec as well as internationally.

Selected as part of the new talent contest at the 2014 Festi Jazz International de Rimouski, SD3 stood out and was awarded the public's prize. Following this recognition, the band released Between Two Worlds. SD3 is inspired by Avishai Cohen, E.S.T, Tigran Hamasyan as well as Keith Jarrett. The trio's repertoire includes compositions and arrangements by pianist Simon Denizart.

SD3 plays modern, fresh and accessible music with groovy rhythms, ingredients of european jazz with north-american influences.

Check out his latest Beautiful People that he plays with Jeanne Corpataux on bass and Simon Bellemare at the drums, with whom he makes up SD3, by clicking here

Check him out in duo at Upstairs May 31st and with SD3 at l'etOH Brasserie June 28th.

Jazz & poetry with the Marcel A Trio - Les Vendredis Jazz à L'Espace Cercle Carré, Friday, May 27th.

MarcelA150X150.jpgPoetry and jazz go hand in hand in a moving and theatrical concert, Friday May 27th at L'Espace Cercle Carré. Famous and well-known poems from around the world will be recited and followed by musical compositions inspired by the poetry. Amoung the poems presented, you'll discover those of Edgar Allan Poe, Émile Nelligan, Jack Kerouac, Alexander Pouchkine, T.S.Elliot and many more.

The Marcel A Trio is a jazz group founded in 2010 by guitarist and composer Marcel Anicic. The band’s sound is centered around his unique touch, melodic and refined guitar playing. This trio offer a harmonious blend of groove, blues, funk and modern jazz while adding the influences of traditionnal and ethnic music of each member. Marcel Anicic, originally from Croatia is accompanied by Francis Darche on bass and Orest Harmatiuk on the drums.

A program with the poems will be available at the concert.

Jazz & poetry with the Marcel A Trio : Les Vendredis Jazz à L'Espace Cercle Carré, Friday, May 27th @8pm at 36 Queen, Old Montreal.  Tickets $ 25, students $ 15, reservations :  514-397-0430 The last concert of this Series will be held June 24th with the Jean-François Lambert Trio.

Doudou Boicel, The Rising Sun and the first Festival Jazz et Blues de Montréal in 1978.

animation primeur Doudou 150X194.gifIf you're a jazz and blues lover of a few years you might know about Doudou Boicel and his Rising Sun (Soleil Levant) on Ste-Catherine St. in Montréal. If so or if you're into Montreal's history and the history of music, you gotta check out  Rising Sun - The True Story of Montreal's First International Jazz & Blues Festival.

In this book also available in french (L'Histoire du Rising Sun et ses légendes Jazz & Blues) I relived the first moments of my love for jazz and blues thanks to this venue that I'd discovered a while back.

Great stories full of anecdotes of the artists playing at the Rising Sun, such as Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Dexter Gordon, and a few more, we time travel to the smoky venue of the eighties-nineties and some of the first contacts I had with jazz and blues. Fascinating.

Doudou Boicel claims that the 1978 edition of his festival was the first jazz blues festival in Québec, and it's quite possible. Isn't it a bit ironic that the Rising Sun was directly in front of today's Place des Festivals?

Enjoy the reading!

Available at Renaud-Bray.

Claude Thibault, Editor

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Philippe Côté - Lungta

Young tenor sax Philippe Côté dives head first into this ambitious adventure with sidekick alto sax David Binney. In a Gil Evans / Maria Schneider spirit, he welcomes the jazz lover to discover this contemplative adventure named Lungta. It takes a bit of patience, time and some good listening to get all the nuances of these very personal compositions, that are sometimes a bit redundant. Let us make no mistake here on the sense of this endeavour which is in itself colossal.

Surrounded by a powerful machine, namely a large orchestra composed of top musicians, Philippe Côté expresses a certain form of jazz, a bit hermetic, but that deserves an audience. We can recognize compositional skills, but it could use a bit of swing, something with gusto, like Charles Mingus and his Workshop, Duke Ellington or simply Gil Evans. There's a lot of great playing here but it's maybe a bit too serious. With a bit of life this long poem could certainly take on different colours.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  June 30 2015
Joey Alexander - words and music - FIJM, June 30 2015

Brad Mehldau in a solo concert at the Maison symphonique, Friday May 27th.

bradmeldau_150X150.jpgIn this unique concert prolific american pianist Brad Mehldau
departs from his trio for his first solo concert at the Maison symphonique!

After his 2000, 2008 and 2011 Festival solo concerts, one of the great pianists of the planet gives us his first solo concert at the Maison symphonique, a concert hall made to mesure for the artist.

Original thinker and improviser, Brad Mehldau is one of the great jazz pianists of his generation. Each of his solo concerts are an intense emotional voyage that mix jazz and classical, great american jazz standards as well as incredible versions of music by Björk, the Beatles or Radiohead. Each theme becomes a pretext for breathtaking improvisations, becoming magical moments of pure liberty. Seldom in solo, this is one of Montreal's major late spring concerts.

Pop, rock, classical music and german romanticism can be heard in his writing and playing. His use of traditional jazz elements, but not only, his ability to play two distinct melodies with each hand, among others, have influenced today's musicians in jazz and other genres, in their way of writing, playing as well as the repertoire. Brad Mehldau's playing command a unique technical ability and a perfect control of structure and rhythms.

"A superb classical technician, someone who can turn jazz standards into Bach-like fugues.” (The Guardian)

Brad Mehldau solo
Friday May 27th @8pm
Maison symphonique
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Interview with pianist Joey Alexander who was in a solo concert, at the  36th FIJM

Joey Alexander concert 150X150.jpgLast year we'd interviewed young jazz prodigy Joey Alexander who did a solo concert at the 36th FIJM.

He's back in a trio format at the 37th FIJM, July 1st, so here again is this interview in which we'd spoken with 12 year-old prodigy jazz pianist Joey Alexander about how he got interested in jazz, listening jazz with his father, the music he likes, learning the piano, jam sessions, a pianist from Indonesia he admires, what inspires him, the first CD he bought and who he'd like to play with.

For the interview, click here

For a clip of the June 30th 2015 concert, click here

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