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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday April 19 2018 to Thursday May 17 2018

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For jazz musicians and professionals

Jazz Buzz with pianist Yves Léveillé at the Théâtre Outremont as well as Yannick Rieu, Jacques Kuba Séguin, Jean-Nicolas Trottier, the inter-generational hive and more on Thursdays April 26th, May 3rd and 10th.

Yves Leveille_Photo Mathieu Rivard_150x165.jpgArtist in residence at the petit Outremont of the Théâtre Outremont, pianist and composer Yves Léveillé welcomes you to the Jazz Buzz series at l’Outremont.

Three concerts dedicated to the exchange of the many visions of jazz from the effervescent Montreal scene. In the spirit of thinking out of the box and to harness new ideas, thirteen musiciens that have marked the important local busy hive of jazz will break free on stage, sharing their music as well as from others, including collegues and the public. On the program, a first concert night where a Composer's Quintet present their works, followed by a intergenerational exchange on the second night, and finally, on the third night, a three-way conversation with Yves Léveillé and Yannick Rieu (Y2) who host a rebellious trombone.

The 7@8s - Everything you always wanted to know about jazz (but were afraid to ask) : Each concert is preceded by an informal 7@8 in which the public and the creators meet and discuss around a light lunch, while sharing their musical ideas and anecdotes. Open for questions!

Thursday April 26th -
Composer's Quintet : A concert that incites a crossed pollination in between the composers/musicians that are Yannick Rieu (sax), Jacques Kuba Séguin (trpt) and Yves Léveillé (piano). Accompanied by Guy Boisvert (bass) and Alain Bastien (drums), each leaving their confort zone to explore unchartered territories.

Thursday May 3rd - Intergenerational Exchange : When Roberto Murray (sax), Frédéric Alarie (bass), Camil Bélisle (drums) and Yves Léveillé (piano), four of our jazz veterans, rub shoulders with four new talents Pierre Mendola (flute), Olivier Salazar (vibes/keys), Alex Le Blanc (bass) and Noam Guerrier-Freud (drums), it'll be epic!

Thursday May 10th - Three-way Dialogue : For this concert, jazzmen Yannick Rieu and Yves Léveillé, partners in their Y2 duo, share the stage with Jean-Nicolas Trottier, one of the hottest trombonists of his generation.

To see a video of U-Bahn by the April 26th Quintet, it's here

To see a video of Jonglerie by the Y2 Duo May 10th, it's here

All the concerts are at 8pm

Jazz Buzz of the Petit Outremont
Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard W   

Reg 33$ / Senior 28$ / Students 23$ - Light lunch with the artists from 7pm to 8pm included in the price / 10% discount for 2 concerts / 15% discount for 3 concerts / 15% discount for UDA and Musicians's Guild.

Videographer/photographer Randy Cole delivers a moving and intimate document on John Hollenbeck's singular vision of movement and music and the Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal with Theo Bleckmann at l'Astral May 6th 2017. Watch it here.

ONJM Randy Cole.jpgRandy Cole is a great videographer and this mesmerising document he's produced on drummer/percussionist John Hollenbeck with Theo Bleckmann and the Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal in preparation and performing at l'Astral May 6th 2017 is a must watch! Watch it here.

This is what Randy says about the video :
I was both moved and perplexed by the Orchestre National de Jazz Montreal's show with John Hollenbeck last summer. I had the daunting task of shooting a beautiful project that was so dense and complex, I never knew where to point the camera!

Anyways, I think I managed to capture a slice of the great work of H ollenbeck and the band. Next time, a single camera on a steady cam should do it - I'll wander around the action, à la Birdman... nobody will notice me in the chaos.

Randy Cole

To see the video, it's here

The House of Jazz immortalizes Oliver Jones.

Maison du Jazz Oliver Jones logo anglo.jpgGeorges Durst, owner/designer of the legendary House of Jazz, is pleased to announce that his two live music venues will now be called House of Jazz by Oliver Jones. "I was looking for a special way of honouring this extraordinary man, piano virtuoso and personal friend. Here it is!" says the entrepreneur.

A few months ago, in front of a very emotional crowd, Oliver Jones ended his last public performance at the Montreal House of Jazz with this revelation: "My career really took off on this stage, thanks to Georges and Charlie (Biddle); this is why I wanted my last show to take place here."

Upon learning about this tribute, the world renowned pianist said with his traditional modesty: "It was such a privilege to perform at the House of Jazz for three decades! I have the greatest admiration for Georges because, for more than 50 years, he supported so many singers and musicians. Now, I enjoy returning there because they serve the best ribs in town in a very creative ambience. I deeply cherish this homage."

The first House of Jazz opened in Montreal in 1981 at 2060 Aylmer Street. The second was inaugurated at 1630 Boulevard de l'Avenir in Laval, 3 years ago; newly appointed Chef Robert Lapaj proudly introduces innovative southern flair dishes. Both venues present nightly a wide variety of local and international Jazz, R & B Soul artist.

To see Oliver Jones with Éric Lagacé and Jim Doxas playing Oscar Peterson's Hymn To Freedom at the Montreal House of Jazz by Oliver Jones, it's here      

Welcome to the House of Jazz by Oliver Jones!

Saxophonist Yannick Rieu and new territories, Jean Beaudet, John Hicks at the Duc des Lombards, China, and more.

Yannick Rieu 150x159.jpgSaxophonist Yannick Rieu is a veteran of the jazz scene, recognized, among others, by jazz mag Downbeat, and has played all around the world reaping awards and accolades for his albums as well as his stage presence. His fascinating presence and playing have always impressed me. Here's an exchange I recently had with Yannick.
CT - Yannick, where and how did you get into jazz ?

Yannick - At first I simply got into music. At home we'd listen to Brel, Brassens, Ferrat, Ferré but also Los Calchakis, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Bach, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, african music, Miriam Makeba and many others! No jazz. And then at 16 I got interested in this music for it's liberty of playing. Friends made me discover Duke Ellington, Paul Desmond and the rest followed suit...

CT - Your discography of over a dozen albums, the first being In the Myth in 1992 is impressive and quite varied, the last being Da Li in 2015...when you've got a dozen little ones like that are you like a dad and love them all ? or are you rather into here and now and it's the last one ? (In the Myth - Sweet Geom - What is the Colour of Love - Little Zab 1 - Little Zab 2 - Non Acoustic Project/Jazz album - I is Memory - Saint-Gervais - L'Art du Trio - Spectrum - Da Li)

Yannick - I don't re-listen to myself much! Each album has it's unique story, collaborators, and ambiance when recording. These are moments of my life that I was into at the moment. They all have their defects and maybe certain qualities...Why look back on something you can't change ? My favorite is the one I haven't done yet.

CT - Let's talk about China that you've been touring yearly since 2006 and that you highlight with you latest album, Da Li, how do you live that privileged relation ? is China the future of jazz ?

Yannick - 14 tours since 2006 ! This connection with another culture helps me take a step back and that's priceless! Simply being a tourist can't render the intimacy that's happened over the years. I have to thank my companion, Haiying Song, for the amazing opportunity she's given me by opening the doors of such a rich and complex world. China is expanding in all domains. And jazz is part of it.

CT - We can hear you regularly at the Dièse Onze and recently you were playing with Jérôme Beaulieu (piano), François Jalbert (gtr) Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass) and Sam Joly (drums), some of best new talent around. How would you describe the sound and repertoire ? when's the next gig at the Dièse ?

Yannick - Each new group is a opportunity for me to invest in new territories.  Whenever possible, my previous experiences are part of that music I'm playing, I'm always searching for a new angle without it being disconnected from what I've done in the past. I wanted to surround myself with open, enthousiastic and versatilemusicians. So I'm real lucky! Next Dièse Onze concerts April 28th and May 12th.

CT - You had a special connection with superb pianist Jean Beaudet, and it's not surprising as there is a common thread in your musical languages...tell us about that period...(it's after concert of Jean where there was hardly anybody that I started, to help...)

Yannick - Jean Beaudet was a mentor for me. He gave me total freedom in his music and peaked my interest in experimentation. The quartet made up of Jean, Michel Ratté and Normand Guilbeault was an awakening for me on many levels!

CT - Your fav up and coming saxophonists?

Yannick - There are many and it would be thoughless of me to forget just one. What I can say is that a lot of talent in the younger generation, on all instruments.

CT - Today's situation for musicians is not easy...what should we do ? is digitalization the problem ? or is it political?

Yannick -  That's a touchy question that deserves more than just a few lines! Quebec's cultural policy must be reformed. A lot of money is invested but not always at the right places. Give a sense to culture and the need to discover it should start in elementary. It seems we've got a long way to go.

CT - And what's coming up for you?

Yannick - Quebec concerts with Gentiane MG and her trio, a China tour in August with Yves Léveillé, and recording with Quintet in the fall. And a tour with this group in Québec, Europe and Asia in 2019. And my residency at the Dièse Onze continues...(now in it's tenth year!) with two monthly concerts.

CT - What do you listen to in your car?

Yannick - Mostly R&B.

CT - You've played with some of the best musicians of the planet (Dizzy Gillespie, Toots Thielemans, Paul Bley, Jon Hendricks, Dee Dee Bridgewater, etc) could you please share a WOW! musical moment you've had with our readers...

Yannick - When I was living in Paris, pianist John Hicks was at the Duc des Lombards and asked me to join the group. Like he used to say : « I love it when a musician arrives and...bang ! » We had a great time! Just like with my new's a bang!
Here's a few videos we shot of Yannick : 

for Sunset (Da Li) it's here

for Loose (Uzeb Project) it's here

for Projet Groove 5 (Le Gros Groupe) it's here

Yannick will be in concert with Gentiane MG, Yves Léveillé, and with his Quintet (Dièse Onze April 28 - May 2) in Montréal and all over Québec, for more info check out our Greater Montreal area calendar here and our Outside Mtl area calendar, here

Interview : Claude Thibault

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Dominique Fils-Aimé - Nameless

Finalist of television show La Voix and part of the Pierre Lapointe's team, Montreal singer Dominique Fils-Aimé is having a nice success with the launch of Nameless. After two listens, we can predict she'll be around for a while, thanks to her soul-enriched voice, a far cry from pre-established formats. Dipping in the roots of afro-american music from the 60s and 70s, without trying to re-invent the genre, this young lady has a lot of potential. If you like Billie Holliday, the Staple Singers, the Supremes, all of those with a few helpings of modernism, that's what she does real nicely. What strikes at first, is the grain of her voice, powerful, sensual, and a modulation that gives a uniqueness to each composition, and of course, the spirit, or if you want : soul.

To convince you of the trueness of my enthousiastic writing, listen to Rise. Three minutes or so of happiness sung with simplicity and that little voice that will slowly get to you. Courageous as well, Dominique Fils-Aimé opens with Strange Fruit, THE track, if I could say. This hymn to struggle that gave singer Billie Holiday many problems, because she condemned lynching in hidden terms, the singer makes it her own while staying true to the message, direct and powerful. In closing she beckons the return of Nina Simone with the unavoidable Feeling Good. Then again, you can appreciate Dominique Fils-Aimé's intelligence singing the classic in a capella mode, that deconstructs the song a bit, without erasing the heart of the message.


Strange Fruit / Birds / Home / Sleepy / Nameless / Rise / Unstated / Feeling Good

For Rise, it's here

For the Nameless EPK, it's here

To listen and buy, & bandcamp

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  October 19 2010
Yves Léveillé Quartet at L'OFF Jazz 2010 - U-Bahn - Tuesday October 19, 2010

Saxophonist Tevet Sela hosts drummer Tal Bergman at Upstairs Saturday April 28th.

Tevet Sela Tal Bergman 150x140.jpgImpossible to stay home and miss out on this high-energy concert. Saxophonist and composer Tevet Sela welcomes drummer Tal Bergman at Upstairs. They'll be sided by John Roney at the piano and Simon Pagé on bass.

From Israel where he was already a well-established musicician, Tevet Sela arrived in Montreal in 2010 and rapidly made his mark on the Canadian scene as a dynamic and virtuoso saxophonist, drawing his vocabulary from modern jazz as well as the klezmer and Middle Eastern musical traditions.

On the other hand, Tal Bergman is an extremely versatile drummer and musician, with a broad range of genres from funk, jazz and hard rock, to which you can add his producing talents that have been around the world with the famous It Had To Be You / The Great American Songbook by Rod Stewart.

The two musicians have played together quite a bit in Israel, so this Saturday you'll hear Tevet Sela's compositions driven by Tal Bergman's energetic groove and funk. It'll be high-energy, with lots of improvised monologues and dialogues.

A few days before the 6th International Jazz Day, saxophonist Tevet Sela wanted to "thank all the Montreal and jazz lovers of the world for their support of jazz" and encourages them to "keep sharing the message of the importance of jazz, a music for the soul and the spirit."

For more info go to and

Tevet Sela Quartet with Tal Bergman

Saturday April 28th at 7:30pm and 9:45pm
1254 Mackay   
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

The 2018 International Jazz Day in Montréal makes room for Jazzwomen with Chantal De Villiers, Annie Poulain, Suzi Silva and Christine Tassan et les Imposteures, April 28-29 at the MDC Côte-des-Neiges.

JIJ 2018 150x150.gifHere we are. The 4th edition of International Jazz Day in Montreal. In collaboration with the Maison de la culture of Côte-des-Neiges, Divertissement Mercier presents two concert evenings entirely devoted to Quebec Jazzwomen marking the nternational Jazz Day designated by the Unesco.

Saturday April 28th :

1st part : Chantal De Villiers. For her newest album “À Travers Le Temps“ the saxophonist chose to perform her music in a more intimate  setting. Indeed, the album features Chantal playing in duets three outstanding pianists; François Bourassa, Taurey Butler and her dad Burt De Villiers.

2nd part : Annie Poulain. Annie is an accomplished singer/songwriter who moves effortlessly from ballads to full-throated scat as she explores thought provoking lyrics and impeccable musical arrangements. It’s clear that “Dix pianos une Voix” is not only a showcase for Annie’s artistic excellence, but also a journey of deep personal introspection. She will be on stage with François Bourassa and Jonathan Cayer.

Sunday April 29th :

1st part : Suzi Silva. Fad'AZZ is neither Fado nor Jazz. It's a meeting of styles, sounds and colors. A hybrid and mestizo project. Fad'AZZ expresses itself in Portuguese but also in French and tries to bring together fado and jazz by crossing the characteristics of each musical genre.

2nd part : Christine Tassan et les Imposteures. Tireless explorers of the world of gypsy jazz, the quartet will present a show bringing together the most beautiful pieces of two giants of music, Félix Leclerc and Django Reinhardt. Audacity, virtuosity and humor are at the rendez-vous with Christine Tassan (solo guitar, voice), Martine Gaumond (violin, voice), Lise-Anne Ross (rhythm guitar, voice) and Blanche Baillargeon (double bass, voice ).

We welcome the public to join us in celebrating this global event. Please remember to use the hashtags #jazzday and #jazzdaymtl in your social networks when commenting on this event! On Facebook, it's here

International Jazz Day in Montréal
Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges
5290 chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges,
Montréal, QC, H3T 1Y2 (Métro: Côte-des-Neiges)

Doors : 6pm, Concerts : 7pm //// Tickets on sale only in advance as of April 12th at La Vitrine Culturelle - 2, Sainte-Catherine E.

TVJAZZ  November 8 2011
Oliver Jones Trio "Hymn to Freedom" at the "Live in Baden Switzerland" launch at the House of Jazz Nov 8th, 2011

TVJAZZ  April 8 2017
Le Gros Groupe with Yannick Rieu - Projet Groove 5 - Côté Cour, Festival Jazz et Blues Saguenay, April 8 2017

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Journée International du Jazz à Montréal 2018