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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday June 23 2016 to Saturday July 9 2016

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For jazz musicians and professionals

In few days begins the 37th Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Les Nuits series, 10pm @ Club Soda!

Primeur 13_150x150_lesnuits.gifTo launch the Les Nuits series, see Mashrou’Leila (June 29), an arabic alt-rock group who isn’t afraid to tackle taboos with their songs. Then,
DJ Champion
(June 30 - sold out - and July 3) makes his triumphant return with his 4th album, Best Seller. On July 1st, Terrace Martin, the producer involved in Kendrick Lamar’s last album, for his first visit to the Festival. Late ‘70s hip-hop pioneers, The Sugar Hill Gang (July 2) are coming with renowned artists for their first time to the Festival. Virtuoso guitarist with an exceptional voice, Paul Deslauriers (July 4) is accompanied by prodigious musicians for the launch of his new album.

Jeanne Added (July 5), a cellist diving into pop-rock-electro, comes with his first album, Be Sensationnal. A leading contemporary R&B artist, Bilal (July 6) treats us to his his first solo visit to the Festival with his 5th album, In Another Life. Radio Radio (July 7) coming at the Club Soda to celebrate life with the celebratory energy of their new album, Light the Sky. Between decadent rock and pop new wave, Peter Bjorn and John (July 8) are coming with their new album. Finally, see the Australian indie folk band Boy & Bear (July 9) with sinuous rhythms and silky harmonies.

Tickets and info available at

This summer, the 37th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal with the Les Événements Spéciaux TD series @ 7:30pm at Place des Art's Wilfrid-Pelletier!

Primeur 14_150x150_evenementsspeciauxTD.gifPart of the Les Événements Spéciaux TD series, in a symphonic as well as visual concert, at the crossroads of lyric opera, a visual experience and symphonic pop, Rufus Wainwright (July 2 and 3) unveils his new work with the opera Prima Donna. In the second part, he will present an orchestral interpretation of his greatest hits. On July 4, it’s a rendez-vous with Kool & The Gang, with over 70 million albums sold worldwide, that they coming at the Festival with their 45 years of musical mastery and irresistible grooves. Also, while the July 5th concert is sold out, tickets are still available on July 6th, one of the grande ladies of R&B, Lauryn Hill, returns to the Festival after a long 14 year absence with a new repertoire.

Then, fifty years after the release of the most legendary Beach Boys album Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson (July 7) welcomes former bandmates to bring the most resonant, spine-tingling music of the ‘60s back to life ! Finally, soaring in the same supremely talented ether of Britpop predecessors Oasis, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (July 9) continue their UK hitmaking trajectory with their 2nd album, Chasing Yesterday, an event you don’t want to miss!

Tickets and info available at

Pianist Kenny Barron is ready for his three Invitation series concerts at the Gesù, with Lionel Loueke July 3rd, Elena Pinderhugues July 4th and his trio July 5th.

kenny_barron_photo John Sann.jpgIt’s 10am, NY time. Kenny Barron picks up the phone on the first ring, obviously in great shape. Twenty years after his first carte blanche at the Montreal Jazz Fest, one of the hard-working master jazz pianists keeps looking for new challenges. He's hosting three Invitation series concerts this year. First on two nights his favorite formula : the duet (Lionel Loueke July 3 - Elena Pinderhugues July 4) then on the third night, with his trio, July 5th. “I’m ready” says the man with a well-assured voice.
RB - A French singer/songwriter from your generation once declared that if he had not become a rock musician, he would have ended up in jail for civil unrest. What would Kenny Barron have become had he not played the piano in his life? To put this differently, do you picture yourself doing anything else in this world?
KB - Well, right now, no! (Laughs) But many years ago, there were other things that I considered. Like becoming a writer. I enjoyed writing a lot. I don’t have the skills now - not anymore - but way back then, it’s really the only thing that I considered. Besides playing bass, ‘cause I was the double bass player for my school band in Philadelphia, the  All-City Highschool Orchestra. So these are the only two things I was tempted to do seriously, for a while. But neither one would have guaranteed a great income. So…(he laughs smoothly)
RB - You’ve been coming to the Montreal Jazz Festival since the early 80’s. We’ve actually tracked back your band’s appearances back to 1983 followed with a first performance with you as headliner on October 29th, 1984, at the Bibliothèque nationale. Now, you’ve performed in more than 30 concerts over the past 36 years and finally, you get to treat yourself with three nights at the Gesu, part of the Invitation series. Does this feel as a gift, or more like a reward that’s been overdue?
KB - No, not at all. I don’t see it as a reward that’s been a long time coming. I just feel happy that the opportunity came up. It never occurred to me like “Oh, I should be doing this”. I’m not familiar with the venue but I’m sure it’s gonna be fine. And I’m very grateful and honored to bring on Lionel Loueke and Elena Pinderhugues.
RB - So let’s hear what you say about them. First Lionel Loueke: isn’t he amazing?
KB - He is such an interesting guitarist. Not any “traditional”guitar player. He does other things. With his instrument and also with his voice. He kind of takes me on an adventure. We’ve played together as a duet once or twice. It is nice ‘cause he doesn’t play the standard kind of stuff.
RB - What makes him so special, so unique? Is it his sound, his technique, his harmonic approach?
KB - It’s really all of those, really. Definitely. He is really amazing.
RB - Apart from what you’ve recorded with him on the 2008 album Traveller, what else can you tell us about what you intend to play that night?
KB - Mmmm…I don’t know. With Lionel, I would kind of leave it up to chance. And actually, I kind of like that. We will probably play only original compositions but accessible stuff.
RB - Tell us about Elena Pinderhughes. We barely know of her. How did this connection happen?
KB - Yeah…She is starting to make a reputation for herself. She is a wonderful flautist from Berkeley. California. And her brother told me about her (he was one of my piano students at Julliard School). She came to New York to play at his senior recital and I finally got to hear her. I was amazed… She’s been working with Christian Scott lately, on tour, and she also had quite a few gigs with me. We did the Village Vanguard in December, for a week. You need to hold her on. And she’s pretty young. She’s still in college at  tje Manhattan School of Music. You will love her. Oh yeah…
RB - You seem to be at ease working with artists from different generations. Is this the ultimate proof that you have remained young at heart?
KB - I think it’s part of it! You know, surrounding yourself with younger people, we get different ideas and you get younger ideas. So it helps you to stay young snd hopefully makes your music to stay fresh and you don’t get stuck. That’s the one thing I don’t want. I don’t wanna get stuck.(*)
RB - From the Trasher Dream Trio recordings with Gerry Gibbs and Ron Carter, one feels like asking: What’s your take on popular music -especially Soul, R&B- as compared to jazz?
KB - (He bursts in laughter). Ha! The Trasher Drean Trio! That was a lot of fun. Older R&B, I like. I mean I listen to it still. When I was coming up I listened to a lot of Rh ythm and Blues. I listened to Do-whop. That was the music of the day in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And also the popular music. I listened to Earth, Wind and Fire, people like that… I love that stuff. But I have to confess I’m not a big fan of hip-hop like some younger jazz players are.
RB - -Not that you ever seemed to be in a race or of any kind of competition… but you remain a first runner up to your friend Ron Carter as “the most recorded jazz artist”.
KB - (Lots of laughs) That’s all right! I’ll never catch up. He’s been on so many records. That’s OK.
RB - Do you have any recollection or interesting insights of the Quartet you once had with him, Buster Williams and Dan Riley?
KB - Yeah! It was a great group. Very successful. The only quartet with two basses. It was fun to do with an unusual concept. Ron played piccolo bass. We did our first recording live at Sweet Basil in The Village, downtown Manhattan. That was one of my favorite clubs.
RB - You are really fearless. Should I mention previous duets you did with Jim Hall - Dave Holland - Chucho Valdes - Regina Carter - Stefon Harris? Jazz is an adventure, right?
KB - It does mean that. Jazz is really an adventure and you learn something of every situation. For me, playing duo is probably the most difficult. But I enjoy playing that format because it's challenging. Very challenging.
(*). Kenny Barron is 73 and will be presenting three concerts in the Invitation series at the Gesù part of the Montreal Jazz Fest

Kenny Barron Lionel Loueke
- Sunday July 3rd 6pm
Kenny Barron Elena Pinderhugues - Monday July 4th 6pm
Kenny Barron with Kyoshi Kitagama (bass) Jonathan Blake (drums) - Tuesday July 5th 6pm.
Interview : Ralph Boncy, special collaboration at the Montreal Jazz Fest - Photo : John Sann

Roger Walls and the House of Jazz, just a few steps away from the 37th Montreal Jazz Fest, present a Hommage aux Grands Montréalais @ Late Night Jazz Session, June 30th to July 9th.

rogerwalls_150x150.jpgAmerican-born trumpeter Roger Walls hosts with Jean Cyr on bass and Jeff Simons at the drums the Late Night Jazz Session présenting a Hommage aux Grands Montréalais with a special musical guest every night at the Aylmer St. House of Jazz, June 30th to July 9th.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, with some time in Los Angeles and Chicago and now living in Montréal, Roger Walls has played and participated in many international tours with renowned artists such as Garou, Tony Bennett, Cab Calloway, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Al Martino, Michel Legrand, Dean Martin, Dionne Warwick, the Gene Krupa B Band, just to name a few. You can also hear him with his two other bands, the Roger Walls Dixieland Band (July 5th) and Superbrass (July 10th),  also at Montreal's House of Jazz.

Each night at 11pm a special guest, followed by a jam you can't miss!

Thursday, June 30 : Josh Lebofsky (piano)
Friday July 1 : Geoff Lapp (piano)
Saturday July 2 : Normand Deveault (piano)
Sunday July 3 : Taurey Butler (piano)
Monday July 4 : Mike Gauthier (guitar)
Tuesday July 5 : Robin Chemtov (piano)
Wednesday July 6 : Chad Linsley (piano)
Thursday July 7 : Mike Rud (guitare)
Friday July 8 : Félix Stüssi (piano)
Saturday July 9 : Éric St-Jean (piano)

To find out more and discover who's playing at the House of Jazz in Montréal :

Hommage aux Grands Montréalais @ Late Night Jazz Session
Thursday June 30th to Saturday July 9th @11pm
House of Jazz Montréal
2060 Aylmer (corner Président-Kennedy)

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Rachel Therrien - Pensamiento (Proyecto Colombia)

Trumpet/flugelhorn player Rachel Therrien is on a roll with a number of projects. After last year's Grand Prix from the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, she's laid her tracks for herself in NY as well as multiplying latin music collaborations. Lead trumpeter in Kumbia Project, she's also into Colombia's music with this new release, Pensamiento, in which she's poured all her energy, no doubt.

In between jazz and world music, Proyecto Colombia is a huge patchwork that connects fifteen musicians as well as guests. More than just a nicely done CD, which counts by the way, on some solid musicianship, this mix of genres touches will generate broader appeal for a public looking for musical horizons that expand from jazz. Even if Pensamiento's music can be danced, it has a lof of power, and eleven tracks that render some pretty intelligent latin sounds, and not the Club Med type. Keep your eyes on this young trumpeter with lots of new ideas.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  March 22 2016
MISC - interview and music - La Sala Rossa, March 22nd 2016

Coco's daily picks at the 37th Montreal Jazz Fest - June 29th to July 9th!

melody_gardot_29 juin.jpgWednesday, June 29th : Melody Gardot. The opening concert is a double bill with singer Lisa Simone as the opening act. Yes yes that's Nina Simone's daughter and she'll be  presenting her latest work : My World.  It's a little bit thanks to the Montreal Jazz Fest that Melody Gardot is such a big hit today. The american singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist is treating us to another concert. Her magnificent voice and incredible charisma stand out on her latest album, Currency of Man.  Repeat concert June 30th.

To end the night, a free concert : the Jordan Officer Sessions with his guests - Place Heineken at midnight. The montreal blues guitarist is always a hit wherever he's playing. A free concert every night of the Festival at 10pm.

Thursday, June 30th : The Pilc Moutin Hoenig Trio. Colorful pianist and composer Jean-Michel Pilc is one of the best pianists on the jazz scene these days. With top bassist François Moutin and a drummer with some unique grooves, Ari Hoenig, Pilc promises a hot night!

To end the night, a free concert : The Hot Sardines - Rio Tinto, 10pm.  A New York jazz-swing group with some hot jazz, a mix of original compositions and tunes from Django, Piaf and Armstrong.

Friday, July 1st  : Takuya Kuroda. His Montreal Jazz Fest first. The NY-based japanese trumpeter is creating a wave on the jazz scene with his captivating style that crosses the borders of hip-hop, bop as well as soul. He's presenting his latest project : Rising Son.

To end the night, a free concert : Denis Chang - Le Balmoral - 10pm and midnight. The guitarist has always been fascinated by Django Reinhardt's music. One of the few musicians that can sign in romani. He's very much involved in the local and international gypsy jazz scene as a musician and teacher of his DC Music School as well as many other projects.

Saturday, July 2nd : Christian Scott & Lizz Wright. Last of the his three Invitation series concerts, the trumpeter and composer with a unique sound is joined by a singer with a fiery voice and a lot of charisma. Will blow your top.

To end the night, a free concert : The 15th Annual Jazz Organ Jam by the Certified Organic Quartet - Brutopia Bistro Lounge, 10pm. The Montreal band delivers some crowd-pleasin' groove that will get you body movin'. A mix of afrobeat, soul jazz and the Blue Note sound, original sounds with personal compositions. This jam promises.

Sunday, July 3rd : Kenny Barron et Lionel Loueke. The legendary pianist and composer Kenny Barron plays with amazing beninese guitarist Lionel Loueke. An extraordinary and unique-sounding duo.

To end the night, a free concert : Malika Tirolien - Scène Rio Tinto - 10pm. The Guadeloupian singer-songwriter shines on the musical scene. A mix of afro-caribean jazz, urban music and groove.

Monday, July 4th : Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio. A true jazz legend.  At 73 ans, the Turbanator is a virtuoso of the Hammond B3 Organ and will play tracks from his latest album Evolution with guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg, a unique innovator as well as the very popular Joe Dyson, on the drums.

To end the night, a free concert : Jamie Cullum - Scène TD, 9:30pm. The extravagant and ultra-popular pianist, crooner and british composer, is back again, this time for a free concert under the stars for a concert you won't forget.

Tuesday, July 5th : Steve Coleman and Five Elements. The great saxman and composer is back with a bang. He's the man behind M-Base, where improvisation and creativity connect. He's playing with Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Miles Okazaki (guitar), Anthony Tidd (bass) and Sean Rickman (drums).

To end the night, a free concert : The Campbell Brothers - Scène TD, 9pm and 11pm. Come celebrate the 50th birthday of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. The band revisits the work of the master, a spiritual, funky and groovy message that can lead to an irresistible collective trance.

Wednesday, July 6th : Marcus Miller presents Afrodeezia. Named UNESCO's Artist for peace in 2013, the legendary bassist has played with some greats, such as Miles Davis. Slap and jazz fusion are part of his groove. A voyage of rhythms, from Africa to America.

To end the night, a free concert :  Bleu Moon Marquee - Le Balmoral, 10pm. Jasmine Colette & Alexander Wesley are a marvelous duo that tap into some rootsy and authentic blues!

Thursday, July 7th : Farewell Festival concert for the Oliver Jones Trio with l’Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal (ONJM). The renowned montreal pianist Oliver Jones is stepping aside. He'll be first be playing with his trio. Then the trio joins the ONJM, to highlight the great career of the pianist that's mastered be-bop and swing. Oliver Jones has been active on the international jazz scene for the last sixty years. An historical concert!

To end the night, a free concert :  Alysha Brilla - Scène Rio Tinto, 8pm and 10pm. A young canadian artist with tanzanian and indian roots. She'll make you smile with her melodious compositions with folk / roots and jazz tones. A positive soul that sings in english, french and swahili.  A discovery !

Friday, July 8th : José James with Takuya Kurado. Singer José James presents Chet Baker Sings with great japanese trumpeter Takuya Kurado. Longtime collaborators, the cool NY cat will enthrall you with his rich soulful voice and some mesmirising groove.

To end the night, a free concert : The Liquor Store - Bar Valet de Carreau - Casino de Montréal, 11pm. 6 musicians passionnate about funk and rhythms, will get you feet dancing on their spicy'n'groovy jazz.

Saturday July 9th :  Aaron Parks Trio. A acoustic jazz trio with original compositions influenced by indie rock, hip-hop and modern jazz. The NY pianist is a virtuoso, with complex yet harmonious musical textures. He'll be presenting his next album.

To end the night, a free concert part of the Jazz Composers Series with Corey Wallace, Frank Lozano, Rachel Therrien, Rafael Zaldivar, Mike Deicont, Vincent Ravary et DJ St-Louis : Bleury bar à Vinyle, 11pm. A great way to end the 37th Montreal Jazz Fest, with probably lots of breathtaking improvisations. Come party and connect with all the jazz influences of the moment. Lots of great musicians, men an women, playing jazz.  Lots of horns and piano! The whole thing topped of with a DJ set.  It's the kind of finale that'll keep you up late in the night, I'm pretty sure.

Have a great festival!

For more info, go to
Coco -
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz host at 100,1 CKVL FM

MISC - interview and music in concert in the Jazz d'ici series, at L'Astral, Sunday July 2nd.

entrevuemisc.jpgWe met MISC, the ex-Jérôme Beaulieu Trio and spoke, mixed-in with some footage of Messenger, Respirer dans l'eau and Les années molles this spring at their La Sala Rossa launch.

With Jérôme Beaulieu (piano), William Côté (drums) and Philippe Leduc (bass), we spoke about their new name and where they're at, the March 22nd launch and their 7 to 77 year old public, their vision of music, the music of Daniel Bélanger - Respirer dans l'eau and their take on that, William's beard, Philippe unharnessed drive, Les années molles and their social vision according to  Jérôme...

To see the interview (in french) click here

To see Les années molles click here

Interview : Ralph Boncy
Camera/editing/producer : Claude Thibault
MISC is in concert, Sunday July 2nd in the Jazz d'ici series, at L'Astral part of the Montreal Jazz Fest

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