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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday October 30 2014 to Sunday November 30 2014

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For jazz musicians and professionals

Drummer/percussionist Aldo Mazza, his world and friends, musical surprises and works for mixed ensembles, at the Segal Centre, Sunday, November 9th.

Segal_AldoMazza_150x150.jpgAcclaimed Montreal multipercussionist Aldo Mazza puts on an all-star drum show accompanied by the internationally-acclaimed Répercussion, Marco Lienhard, Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass) and Rafael Zaldivar (piano).

Internationally recognized drummer and percussionist Aldo Mazza is perhaps best known for his work with the percussion group, Repercussion. He is also the founder and artistic director of the KoSA International Percussion Workshops and Festivals, and organization with worldwide reach that provides educational musical enrichment programs in China, Cuba, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. 

As a solo artist, Aldo has provided drum and percussion tracks for Celine Dion, Alain Caron, Jon Bon Jovi, Nikki Yanofsky and Aldo Nova. His diverse professional background in rock, pop, classical, world music and jazz, along with his keen interest in ethnomusicology has led him to create his personal hybrid percussion approach in playing.       

My World - Aldo Mazza & friends live at the Segal Centre

The concert is presented as part of the Segal Centre’s Power Jazz Series
The Segal Centre for Performing Arts - 5170, Ch. de la Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montreal.
Box-Office: 514.739.7944

Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets : $25 to $30

The jazz combos of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music -  Tuesdays November 4, 11, 18, 25, 6p.m., at the Dièse Onze Jazz Club.

Timbre_jazzmen_150X150.jpgEvery Tuesday during the month of November, jazz combos from the Université de Montréal's Faculty of Music will “burn up” the stage of the Dièse Onze Jazz Club with captivating and exceptional performances.

With Dany Roy, renowned saxophonist and teacher, handling emcee duties, our emerging stars will play each night. For jazz aficionados, it doesn’t get better than this!

Combos led by...

Tuesday, November 4 : Simon Stone and John Roney
Tuesday, November 11 : Paul Brochu and John Roney
Tuesday, November 18 : Michael Gauthier and John Roney
Tuesday, November 25 : Luc Beaugrand and Tommy Gauthier

Two jazz combo videos, for Dig, click here, for Christmas Gift, click here

Dièse Onze, 4115-A St-Denis Street (between Duluth and Rachel)
Information and reservations: 514 223-3543 /

Yves Léveillé Septet, on a Essences des bois tour, Nov. 5th to the 14th in 4 Montreal Maisons de la culture, Frontenac, Mercier, Côte-des-Neiges and Mercier.

animation Yves Leveille Essence oct 2014.gifDifficult to resist the flood of imagery and the muffled waves of the woodwinds set in motion by the latest album from the composer/pianist Yves Léveillé ; Essences des bois. In this septet for flutes, oboes, english horn, clarinets, saxophones, piano, bass and drums, the Montreal musician creates a luminous balance between the colours of the woodwinds and the supple energy of the rhythm section.

Shifting from the pursuit of ideal phrasing to the complex and the lyrical, Yves Léveillé persistently strives for jazz-like beauty. The musical clarity, a sign of the composer’s maturity, is combined with graceful tones and a purity of playing, all of which give a shimmering, dreamy resonance to the ensemble. With ample room for virtuosity and musical intelligence, this encounter between seven exceptional musicians is deeply moving.

Yves Léveillé
, piano and composition
Roberto Murray, saxophones soprano and alto
François Richard, flute and alto flute
Marjorie Tremblay, oboe and english horn
Simon Aldrich, clarinet and bass clarinet
Adrian Vedady, doublebass
Alain Bastien, drums

Essences des bois Tour - Nov. 5 to Nov. 14
Nov. 5 : Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montréal
Nov. 7 : Maison de la culture Mercier, Montréal
Nov. 12 : Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal
Nov. 14 : Maison de la culture Villeray, Montréal

Pat Metheny rumbles back into Montreal on Thursday November 13 with his explosive Unity Group!

JAL_150x150_Pat Methany_SJNjpg.jpgThe one and only Pat Metheny will set the Metropolis de Montreal on fire on Thursday, November 13th! This guitar genius and longtime friend of the Festival will hit the stage with saxophonist Chris Potter, drummer Antonio Sanchez, bassist Ben Williams and multi- instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi!

An evening of rock, R & B and jazz with this talented group who will present his new album released earlier this year, Kin! A unique show you can’t miss!

Tickets on sale now! Reserved seating.
Tickets and information on !

Pat Metheny Unity Group
Thursday, November 13, 8pm
Metropolis - 59 St-Catherine East

Connections, what's jazz, his influences, what he listens to and today's musical reality with guitarist Pat Metheny, Thursday, Nov. 13th at Montreal's Métropolis and in Quebec City's Palais Montcalm Nov. 14th.

animation Pat nice.gifCR - Listening to your new CD "Kin" by the Pat Metheny Unity Group, I'm wondering what's the meaning of unity for you?
PM - "Kin is a word that implies connection or family or lineage. To me, like the word Unity, it really fits with what I am shooting for - and not just with this band - in music in general. I like the idea of making connections, finding inclusion and forming a way of thinking about not just the way the people making the music may be connected to each other, but also the way the music that I hope to present has connections with all of the other music I love. Beyond that, this may be the first band I have ever had that really can address everything from my trio  stuff, to stuff from Song X, all of my regular band stuff, the more straight ahead kinds of things; all of it can coexist under one roof. And the “unpronounceable”  symbol that follows the word "Kin", (←→) , was something that just sort of popped out that I thought did a good job of indicating that our “kin” is not always behind us chronologically in an ancestral sense - we are also going to be the ancestors for many generations to come. And also musically. So this is a message to those future listeners as well."
CR - In 25 years and possibly more, you’ve played and shared the stage and studio with jazz giants such as the late Charlie Haden, Ornette Coleman, etc...over the years your style has changed a little and jazz is always in your heart…Over the years, what is your definition of jazz?
PM - " I am not a huge fan of the whole idea of “genre” or styles of music kind of to start with. To me, music is one big universal thing. The musicians who I have admired the most are the ones who have a deep reservoir of knowledge and insight not just about music, but about life in general and are able to illuminate the things that they love in sound. When it is a musician who can do that on the spot, as an improviser, that is usually my favorite kind of player. I feel like I am a musician in this broad sense first. And all the subsets of the way music often gets talked about in terms of the words people use to describe music is basically just a cultural/political discussion that I have found that I am really not that interested in, in the same way I am interested in the spirit and sound of music itself."
CR - One of your friends and probable mentor was the great Jim Hall. Apart from this giant, who were your prime influences and did you sometimes listen to others such as a Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Freddie Green?
PM - "Well, Wes Montgomery is by far my biggest influence on the instrument. He remains the model for me in so many ways, but particularly in the way that he found a sound that really allowed him to represent his conception of music in such a personal way. You are right that Jim Hall was also an important influence and also one of my favorite playing partners. Also, Kenny Burrell was pretty huge for me and remains one of my favorites. In the generation that followed, both Pat Martino and George Benson are favorites of mine."
CR - Like pianist Brad Meldhau, do you listen to bands such Nirvana, RadioHead, young turks such as  Christian Scott , Ambrose Akinmusire and classical music?
PM - "I listen to everything. I became and remain a musician because I am such a fan of music."
CR - Today’s jazz/music scene is suffering from downloading and streaming, what do you think should be done to change that?
PM - "It has always been very difficult to get good notes out there in the world and each generation faces unique challenges and also gains unique opportunities. But also, I feel if you really get something happening that has a certain authority and authenticity unto itself, there is a possibility you may be able to have a tiny place at the table in the culture of your time. I think just being a good player isn’t really enough, but I think that has always been the case. You have to be able to not just represent fluency - there is plenty of that - but you need to actually aspire to the creation of ideas that no one has ever really thought of before, one way or the other."
Pat Metheny Unity Group - Kin
Pat Metheny, guitar
Chris Potter, saxophone
Giulion Carmassi, multi-instrumentalist
Ben Williams, bass
Antonio Sanchez, drums
Interview : Christophe Rodriguez
Thursday, Nov. 13th at Montréal's Métropolis - part of Jazz All Year-Round
Friday, Nov. 14th at Québec City's Palais Montcalm

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Michel Morissette - Nothing Toulouse

I don't know guitarist Michel Morissette that much, and I admit, I should've paid more attention to his career. What a surprise when I stuck the CD in my player, wow these guys are cookin', even if it's not your "classic" kind of jazz, a somewhat rock sound and quite a talent for improvisation.

With opening track Nothing Toulouse, his fast-paced, crazy riffs makes for some exciting guitar playing, as always, supported by saxophonist André Leroux giving it all he's got. On the CD, sample some tenderness on Le chant and interesting riffs on Impulsions.

A great CD and a great band : André Leroux, tenor sax, Gaétan Daigneault, piano/rhodes, Jean Cyr, bass, and Alain Boyer at the drums.

To see a video of Nothing Toulouse, click here

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  November 5 2013
Combo jazz Université de Montréal - No Sleep - Dièse Onze, Nov 5th 2013

Cyrille Aimée at Upstairs, Friday, Oct. 31st, and at the Festival international de jazz de Québec, Saturday, Nov. 1st.

cyrilleaime.jpgCyrille Aimée is a young jazz singer from France with an international reputation. Growing up with a cultural heritage provided Cyrille with some dominican as well as gypsy jazz
rhythms. That's because Cyrille is from Samois-sur-Seine, France, birthplace of legendairy Django Reinhardt and where gypsies from all over converge yearly to celebrate Django's heritage. Her mother is from the Dominican Republic, her father french, which is where she got both the carabean grooves as well the incredible swing of european gypsy jazz.

Winner of the Vocal Contest of the Festival de jazz de Montreux and the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition, Cyrille Aimée is heavily influenced by the music of the gypsies. This allows her to dip into her gypsy jazz roots. It's said that she puts all her joy and soul in each song that she sings. With her new album ‘’It's a Good Day’’ drives home the rhythmic power of three captivating guitars!

In between choice standards and personal compositions, Cyrille Aimée lays down some modern multi-cultural sounds, her own brand of music and quite a voice!

Cyrille Aimée, voice
Adrien Moignard, guitar
Michael Valeanu, guitar
Guilherme Monteiro, guitar (not in QC City)
Sam Anning, bass
Rajiv Jayaweera, drums

Friday, Oct. 31st
(in collaboration with the FIJQ 2014)
Upstairs @ 7pm and 9:45pm - 1254 Mackay 514-931-6808
Saturday, Nov 1st at the FIJQ 2014
Coco -
Facebook / twitter
Coco Jazz host at Radio LaSalle

Jacques Kuba Séguin and L’élévation du point de chute - shooting for the stars!

jacques-kuba-seguin_150X150.jpgJacques Kuba Séguin launched his latest CD, L’élévation du point de chute, Saturday, Oct. 25th at Montreal's L'Astral. The concert was a success according to the trumpeter who won the 2012 Révélation Radio-Canada .

MEB - Jacques, what does the title of your last album L’élévation du point de chute (elevating the drop off point or connection...) mean ?
JKS - "The drop off point is the place where a projectile lands, but it's also a place to rendez-vous, to connect. For me these definitions join together and bounce off each other : without a drop off point, there's no trajectory or connection.  Each meeting with other musicians help you grow, as the talent of the other musicians influence you...On this project there are two generations of musicians playing together.  One being the generation of Jean-Pierre Zanella (sax), André Leroux (sax) and Frédéric Alarie (bass), veterans of this form of art, and my generation with Jonathan Cayer (piano), Kevin Warren (drums) that represent the "new" generation of musicians…It's interesting to see how each song emerges based on that age difference. I was happy that the musicians went along with the dynamics of the situation. It also helped with the creative process of the album. Because I admire and respect these musicians, I wanted to try out this formula and it worked quite well."
MEB - What did you have in mind when your wrote the material for this project ? There's a hint of jazz-rock, and pop...
JKS - "That the melody is centre stage, and that it featured each instrument. I deliberately shied away from the spotlight allowing the musicians to really take their own space. Everybody on this project plays really well and I wanted all the musicians to have their shining moment."
MEB - Since Litania, you seemed to have gained a lot of respect on the Montreal, Québec and international jazz scenes.
JKS - "Yes really, and I'm conscious of where it's taken me. At a certain point I realised that it was important to include other styles and other sounds from an ensemble of compositions, leading to other types of collaborations. I'd say that what I like about this project is that it's close to pop and many other genres. For me music is just music, as opposed to most people who like to define and categorize styles and genres in small little boxes.…You have to try to break out of those boxes, and make the various styles work together. With this project, I didn't want to produce some kind of academic jazz but rather some "feel-good music". And once the charts are on the lectern, it works right away, everything fits and we're at 80% of the goal, and then it's magic from then on."
MEB - With this project, what were you aiming for as a group and as a musician ? An international tour ? How did you accomplish yourself differently that on Litania ?

JKS - "To be pefectly frank, for this project I'm shooting for the highest stars [laughs]. If there's a jazz festival on another planet, I want to go ! I admit that when we were recording I simply wanted to play some good music with no specific aim."
MEB - What colour does this project represent for you?
JKS - "A clear colour, something bright! bright but not adolescent...!"

MEB - In closing, what are you listening to these days ? What's in your player ?
JKS - "Good question! I admit, I don't listen to a lot of jazz at home...I'd say 90% of the time, I listen to a lot of radio, classical music...I like suggestions, and let myself go to "setlists"prepared by hosts. It goes in phases. I like folkloric music quite a bit, such as bulgarian music recorded in a barn…as well as scandinavian jazz. That and bulgarian music, you know, things out of the ordinary. "
Interview : Marie-Êve Boulanger, special collaboration
Translation : Claude Thibault

to read our CDJazz article by Christophe Rodriguez on L’élévation du point de chute, click here

TVJAZZ  October 19 2010
Yves Léveillé Quartet at L'OFF Jazz 2010 - U-Bahn, Tuesday October 19, 2010

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