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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday August 15 2019 to Saturday August 31 2019

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Blues and more at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski with Anomalie, O.G.B., the Jireh Gospel Choir, Emily Burgess, Spencer Mackenzie & Justin Saladino.

Emily Burgess 150x154.jpgFrom Thursday August 29th to Sunday September 1st the 34th Festi Jazz international de Rimouski hosts many blues, electro-jazz, jazz, funk, rock and hip-hop artists to be discovered!

Thursday August 29th, virtuoso keyboardist Anomalie who's played his electro-jazz music all over the planet kicks things off at the Série Éclatée Québecor on the Scène Énergique Hydro-Québec, followed by Francouvertes winner - O.G.B. and their driving beats mixing up jazz, funk, rock & hip-hop.

Friday August 30th, the JIREH Gospel Choir will knock you off your feet with their wild rhythms and music followed by young singer Emily Burgess's (pic) warm & flinty voice, and her roots/blues roots trio, The Emburys.

Finally, Saturday August 31st, the young and very talented bluesmen Spencer Mackenzie & Justin Saladino, both winners of the Maple Blues Awards, will blues up the Scène Énergique Hydro-Québec.

For as little as 20 $, you can attend those six concerts on three nights presented on the outdoors site of the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski at the Scène Énergique Hydro-Québec! This Festi Jazz bracelet is your "ticket" to discover all those talented and inspiring Montreal and Canadian artists. To get your bracelet or any other tickets go online at Spect’Art Rimouski or give us a shout at 418-724-0800.

Don't miss it!

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Talking with guitarist Mike Stern who's at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski Aug. 31st about what turned him on to jazz, Trip, the Mike Stern Band, what he listens to, another instrument he'd like to play, a WOW moment, his guitar, washing dishes with Miles, Alain Caron and much more...

Mike Stern with guitar.jpgSaturday Aug. 31st at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski, guitarist Mike Stern presents his latest album Trip. Widely recognized as one of the great American jazz fusion guitarists Mike is back at his best after a serious accident breaking his arms and his right hand. He's bounced back and will be showing off his impeccable guitar technique for a great concert with Danny Walsh on sax, Edmond Gilmore on bass and Richie Morales at the drums.

CT - It's nice to talk to you Mike and can't wait to see you at the Rimouski Jazz what's the first jazz piece that you heard that you went ok I like this...

Mike Stern - It was probably something from Miles, If I Were A Bell (1956), I think, my mom had a recording of that, she was playing the whole record and it was great, and it go me into it. There was a whole bunch of stuff that I was listening to, my mom used to play a lot of jazz around the house, but I remember that particular one. Another one was Maiden Voyage (1963).

CT - Mike you'll be in Rimouski with your 4tet playing the post-miles funk fusion music of Trip, your 17th album if I'm right, so is  it a musical trip or a road trip, or both ? or none of those...

Mike Stern - Well it could be all of the above, but for me it has a much more specific meaning. Three years ago now I tripped on the street in New York and I fell, fracturing both arms and my right hand. I have permanent nerve damage in my right hand, but I was back playing again 3 months after the accident. I was playing a gig with Chick Corea and I didn't want to give it up so I found this amazing doctor who did tendon transfers, using different tendons so I could hold a pick. And then I found another way to support it, cause it wasn't quite strong enough, so I'm still using that technique and will probably always use it, it's a little bit of glue, wig glue actually, the glue that Donald Trump uses everyday. I've been on the road for the last three years and that's the way I've been doing it. So you gotta try to keep going. Of course there some discomfort and nerve pain and all that stuff but I try to deal with it and just keep going. After the accident I was really scary, and it remains a that's why I called the record Trip.

CT - So I read this comment from a reader about one of your recent concerts about the fact that you were playing even faster since you had your accident!

Mike Stern - Laughs...I don't know about that but I'm just trying to keep it happening, and it's happening and I'm not going to give up something that I love. And then I think music is good for the world, and we need stuff that's good for the world, and I'm glad to be part of it.

CT - So tell me about the Mike Stern Band...

Mike Stern - So the band here will be really fun, Edmond Gilmore a great bass player, and Richie Morales who's played with everybody, the Brecker Brothers, and so many others, and Danny Walsh and incredible saxophonist, so it's really gonna be a fun band. We were just in Japan actually at the Blue Note. I've know these guys for years, I've played with Richie for years actually longer than anybody else (laughs)...Danny Walsh I played first time about a year ago, Richie's from Israel but he moved here, living in NYC and playing his ass off. I do different things with different people, in this case it's called the Mike Stern Band because I put the music together and wrote all the tunes. We're going to be doing all of my tunes.

CT - What music do you listen to in your down time ?

Mike Stern - Mostly bebop, but lots of other stuff too. You know I love to rock, I love Jimi Hendrix and all that stuff, and that's what part of what I do because I got that when I was really young, and I never let it go. But sometimes I listen to singer-songwriters, and pop, and if I hear a good pop song on the radio I'll turn it  up and get into it you know. I love blues too.

CT - What other musical instrument would you secretly like to play and that you'll only tell us ?

Mike Stern - Oh man, the saxophone, but I already told a lot of other people. I listen to Sonny Rollins and many others. Of course I've worked with Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, you know some of the best, Joe Henderson, I did some gigs with him, Jerry Bergonzi's another phenomenal saxophonist I've played with. So I love those lines and I try to get some of that on the guitar, and that kind of sound, a vocal sound, and it's also part of the reason I use a couple of amplifiers, for that sound.

CT - You've played with so many jazz greats including of course Miles but also Jaco Pastorius, the Brecker Brothers, and the list goes on, how about sharing a WOW moment you've might've have playing with one of them, or anybody else really...

Mike Stern - There's plenty of them you know. And then some funny moments, like with Miles when I was at his house in Malibu, he had cooked dinner and he said with his hoarse, scratchy voice "put the dishes in the dishwasher" so I did that and put some soap in there,  you know the normal amount but the dishwasher was broken and it started bubbling up and leaking so I said to Miles what are we going  to do about the dishwasher ? And he said "Fat Time...(he used to call me Fat Time back then)...ask me about a chord or something, or  a scale...but a dishwasher ?" and we looked at the thing and we just left.

CT - How many guitars do you have and which one are you playing with these days ?

Mike Stern - I've got a couple but right now I'm only using my Yamaha Signature Model, the Mike Stern model. It was really cool of them to create a signature model, something I certainly didn't want to pass by. And they did a great job, so I've been using this one for quite some time. I didn't know about the quality of their stuff and it turns out that a friend of mine that used to fix  all of Jaco's basses, he was checking out their guitars for a luthier and he loved them. But I could tell right away when I played this guitar. You know they built it over time, they sent a few, and I would send them back with my comments and that's how it got done.

CT - What's the most lasting thing that you got out of playing with Miles Davis ?

Mike Stern - Playing for the heart, you can feel it and translating it to an audience. My favorite musicians have that and I don't care what kind of music they're playing. That what I try to do when I play.

CT - Let's talk a little about your connection with bassist Alain Caron, did you know he's from Rimouski ?

Mike Stern - Yes I know. He's amazing, I haven't played with him for a while but I'd love to, we're overdue

CT - What do you love the most about music ?

Mike Stern - Playing from the heart, with music that grabs you.

CT - What do you like the least about music ?

Mike Stern - Music is pretty harmless at the worst, nobody ever died for a 8th note. Learning music is sometimes tough, so I just keep practicing and work at it. I learned that from some of the great teachers that I've had, just do it. And it'll become clear later. And I try to teach that to students and kind of live by that.

CT - And I think you like to practice quite a bit...

Mike Stern - I love to play, it keeps my mind off a all the crazy stuff in the world. Music is such a good thing I'm telling you, everybody should play an instrument and have a passion like that. Even if I wouldn't make a living playing music, I would do it.

CT - Are you still on at NY's 55 Bar on Mondays and Wednesdays ?

Mike Stern - Yes I still do that but I've been on the road so much, too much, I'm actually looking forward to teaching more next year and staying off the road a little bit, I've been like a road dog for so many years and I think I gotta slow it down but I'll play at  the 55 Bar for as long as its open and that'll be for a while, so I've been real real lucky to have that place.

CT - Any last words you want to pass on to our readers about Aug. 31st ?

Mike Stern - We're going to be playing some of our tunes and stretching them a bit, so everybody's going to get a chance to play...I love that. Again these guys play so great and that's one thing you can do live, play a tune for 15 minutes and it's a totally exciting thing, so I hope people come out, it's the second time I've been there and I had a ball the last time so it should
be beautiful...

Interview : Claude Thibault
Mike Stern, guitar & compositions, Danny Walsh (sax),  Edmond Gilmore (bass) and Richie Morales (drums).

Festi Jazz international de Rimouski
Saturday Aug. 31st 7:30pm / Cabaret Espace Scène de la salle Desjardins-Telus

L’OFF JAZZ invites you to the unveiling of its 20th edition program, Sept. 4th at the Lion d'Or's Lionceau.

L'OFF Jazz 150x222.jpgL’OFF JAZZ turns on the spotlight on local seasoned artists, as well as on young creators that make up Quebec’s vibrant jazz scene. Moreover, it promotes collaborations with high-profile national and international artists.

Founded in 2000 by passionate local musicians, the festival offers programming that blends musical quality, creativity and free expression. It has become Montreal’s fall jazz celebration featuring original projects and raising the profile on the local jazz community.

There will be musical performances and a photo exhibit celebrating the festival’s 20th anniversary

20th edition of L'OFF JAZZ
October 3-12, 2019

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 5:00PM
Where: Le Lionceau (adjacent to the Cabaret du Lion d’or)
Enter via the restaurant Au Petit Extra
1690, Ontario East, Montréal (Québec) H2L 1S7

The complete programming will be online Sept. 4th : L’OFF JAZZ

Discover the 19th Prince Edward County Jazz Festival, on until Saturday Aug. 18th, and it's only 4 hours from Montréal!

pec2017_150x143.jpgYes it's the Prince Edward County Jazz Festival, not Prince Edward Island! on the other side of Kington, On just a few hours away down the 401.

Some of the highlights of the 19th PEC Jazz Festival include Colleen Allen, Jane Bunnette & Maqueque, Jodi Proznick, Robi Botos, Mike Murley & The Brian Barlow Big Band...

But there's a lot more going on, so check it out at Prince Edward County Jazz Festival

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Simon Legault Trio - Liminal Spaces

Guitar lovers : you might want to run to your favorite record store or download Liminal Spaces. Talented guitarist Simon Legault cultivates the art of the trio with his colleagues bassist Adrian Vedady and drummer Michel Lambert. Like he explains eloquently, this project got off the ground after many encounters with his colleagues creating the chemistry behind Liminal Spaces. To give more clout to the album the standards were set aside highlighting thirteen very personal tracks that reflect the talent of the guitarist and composer. Airy and poetic without being new-age-ish, you could be reminded of Pat Metheny at a certain period.

It takes a bit of time and a certain state of mind to let yourself slip into the soft atmosphere of Liminal Spaces and A Moment Ago. And then things pick up with some driving swing on Solus I and Into the Unknown. As I was listening to the guitar, I had a endearing thought for departed Jacques Languirand and his radio show Par Quatre Chemins. The master of infinite spaces, who was also a jazz lover, would've loved Liminal Spaces. To sum it all up, Simon Legault plays wisely and works the themes with intelligence and sincerity. Nice work for guitar and art of trio lovers. In between the vibrant art and the connection in between the musicians, great research work.

Liminal Spaces / A Moment Ago / Inflexion / Solus I / Reenvision / Inevitable Certainty / Solus II / Adrift Solus / Interwoven / Prestidigitize / Solus III / Into the Unknown / Solus IV

Simon Legault Trio - Liminal Spaces

Simon Legault, guitar & compositions
Adrian Vedady, bass
Michel Lambert, drums

Christophe Rodriguez (

TVJAZZ  September 1 2018
Cécile Doo-Kingué - Anybody Listening - Festi Jazz International de Rimouski 2018

Another Pixel in the world of jazz with Martin Roussel & Marie-Josée Cyr Wednesday August 28th at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski.

Martin Roussel MJ Cyr - Pixel 150x131.jpgPianist Martin Roussel & singer Marie-Josée Cyr will be launching next Wednesday their new album Pixel at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski. It's a family affair for pianist and teacher Martin Roussel, who was Chairman of the Board of the Festi Jazz from  2010 to 2015. So they'll be launching the fruit of their longtime collaboration on familiar grounds.

The zoom on the eyes of the fly on the album cover is not a hint about its content, a personal proposition that invites us to let go and that focuses on the "soul and inner balance". A serene and fluid piano, a warm and lyric voice that reminds us of Annie Poulain, trying out a singular approach not unlike the one of Georges Aperghis, in which the voice becomes a percussive instrument on fast sequences doubled by the piano, describing the path of a fly. Let's mention the participation of saxophonist Alexandre Côté on L’Éveil/Great gig in the sky, a magnificent complaint full of poetry and lyricism.

This is not a first for Martin Roussel et Marie-Josée Cyr who've been involved in other Rimouski bands, in Quartet or Quintet, they are a mainstay of the Rimouski jazz scene, as well as both being teachers at the Cégep and the Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski.

So next Wednesday if you're in Rimouski come check out their new baby, Pixel, part of a festival that should be as exciting as in the past with Mike Stern, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Shpik, Dr. Paul Rossy, Christian McBride and more...

For the Facebook event, it's here

To see the Pixel slide show, it's here

Martin Roussel & Marie-Josée Cyr launch Pixel
Wednesday Aug. 28th 7:30pm
Festi Jazz international de Rimouski
Benjamin Goron :
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TVJAZZ  October 7 2016
Jacques Schwarz-Bart and Voodoo Jazz - Kontradans - L'OFF Jazz, le 7 oct 2016

TVJAZZ  June 30 2018
Mike Stern / Randy Brecker Band avec Dennis Chambers et Tom Kennedy - Out Of The Blue - at the Montreal jazz Fest June 30 2018

TVJAZZ  September 1 2018
Petros Klampanis and the Quatuor St Germain - Chroma - Festi Jazz International de Rimouski 2018

TVJAZZ  August 31 2018
Edmar Castaneda - For Jaco - at the Festi Jazz International de Rimouski 2018

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