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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday July 18 2019 to Wednesday July 31 2019

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals

Work on your music with Jean-Michel Pilc, Kirk MacDonald, Sienna Dahlen & Adrian Vedady at the JazzWorks Adult Jazz Camp and Composers' Symposium (August 12-18) on beautiful Lake MacDonald.

Jazzworks teachers 150x247.jpgThis is bassist Adrian Vedady's second year as music director of JazzWorks. In anticipation of this year's Jazz Camp, he's featuring a few members of our faculty.

Pianist Jean-Michel Pilc is originally from Paris, he emigrated to New York in 1995. For a short video from that period of his life performing at the famed Smalls Jazz Club, it's here. He's now living in Montreal and will be teaching at the Composer's Symposium and the Jazz Camp from August 12th to the 18th.

Saxophonist Kirk MacDonald has been a mainstay on the Canadian jazz scene for the last 3 decades. Originally from the Maritimes, he quickly established himself on the Toronto scene. For a video playing Kenny Dorhams's La Mesha, it's here. Kirk will be teaching for the first time at JazzWorks for both the Composer's Symposium and the JazzWorks Jazz Camp. He is a great saxophonist, composer and educator.

Singer Sienna Dahlen hails originally from Dawson Creek, B.C. She has made Montreal her home since the early 90's and is very active as a vocalist, composer and professor at both Concordia and McGill universities. For a video in which she is singing Warm Lake, it's here. This is Sienna's second year teaching at the Composer's Symposium and the Jazz Camp.

Composers' Symposium / Practice Retreat, Monday August 12th to Thursday August 15th.

At the Composer's Symposium, hone your writing and arranging skills or take some time for solo practice and impromptu jam sessions in an idyllic lakeside setting. Refine your original tunes with one-on-one coaching from international jazz composer greats: pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, saxophonist Kirk MacDonald, vocalist / songwriter Sienna Dahlen, and bassist / Camp Music Director Adrian Vedady.

JazzWorks Adult Jazz Camp, Thursday August 15th to Sunday August 18th.

At the Adult Jazz Camp, polish your jazz theory and performing skills with outstanding, innovative Canadian and international jazz artists, on beautiful  Lake MacDonald in the Laurentians (less than an hour’s drive from Montreal, Quebec). It's an intensive, adult-focused learning experience for musicians of all levels in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Immerse yourself in improvisation, jazz history, composition and arranging, combo rehearsals and master classes, topped off with nightly high-energy jam sessions and exciting concerts featuring Camp participants alongside JazzWorks’ faculty of world-class jazz pros. (pay in Canadian dollars - it’s a bargain!)

You can still register for both or each session. Registration starts at $735 CAD ($555 USD) including tuition fee, accommodation and meals.

The JazzWorks Vocal Intensive Program was probably where my dreams to become a jazz singer first took flight.”
-KellyLee Evans, vocalist

Jazz Camp is always quite rewarding, and never fails to inspire me to try harder to improve.” -Lance Schwerdfager, bassist

It’s the highlight of my whole year! Time to focus on music I love with people who love it as much as I do. The thrill hasn’t worn off in 10 years.” -Leslie Toope, vocalist

Here’s a taste of what you can expect :

Composers' Symposium : Monday August 12th to Thursday August 15th. ////  JazzWorks Adult Jazz Camp : Thurday August 15th to Sunday August 18th.
CAMMAC Music Centre - Harrington, QC.

For the event on Facebook, it's here

To register : By phone: 613-220-3819 / By email:

For more info and photos :

The Classes de maître, Midi Jazz Manouche, Relève & Jazz Lounge Desjardins Series present 20 concerts at the 12th Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant, from Wednesday July 31st to Sunday August 4th.

Frank Lozano 150x180.jpgThe Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant renews its programming offer with the favorite series of the public. Presented in the Scène Jazz Lounge under the open tent, four series of concerts are fading from 11 am to 5 pm for the pleasure of festival-goers.

Classes de maître
—11 am

Every day at 11 am the Classes de maître present an artist and his instrument for an intimate meeting with the public. We talk about technique, inspiration and affiliation to music. On July 31st, saxophonist Benjamin Deschamps opens these classes. On Aug. 1st, it's saxophonist Samuel Blais, followed Aug. 2nd by pianist Félix Stüssi, drummer Paul Brochu on Aug. 3rd and bassist Alain Caron Aug. 4th.

Midi Jazz Manouche Séries — noon

Make room for gypsy jazz at noon with the Suzi Silva Trio. This talented singer will revisit in her own way great classics of French song played in the gypsy jazz style. She will be accompanied by José Brites on guitar and Jean-Sébastien Clément on double bass.

Série Jazz Relève
Series  — 1:15pm

July 31 : Jérémie Dallaire Trio - Pianist Jérémie Dallaire and his acolytes, drummer Julien Saulnier and Médéryc Titi on bass, take their place under the sun to present their original repertoire. Aug. 1st  : Hoy Trio - Gabriel Ashkinadze on bass, Simon Brosseau on piano and Julien Saulnier on drums. Aug. 2 : Andrei Dinu Quartet - An excellent quartet composed of Andrei Dinu on guitar, Mathieu Quenneville on piano, Guillaume Picard on drums and William Ouellet on double bass. Aug. 3 - Nicolas Villeneuve Quartet - This young pianist presents the pieces of his first album, Interstices. Jules Payette, alto and soprano saxophones, Eugénie Jobin at the voice. Nicolas Villeneuve on piano, Sylvaine Arnaud on double bass, and William Javier Machado on drums. For our critic of Interstices, it's here. Aug. 4 : Simon Brosseau Quartet - Simon Brosseau on piano, Elisabeth Lajoie on saxophone, Brian Nam on drums and Chriss Ross on bass.

Jazz Lounge Desjardins Series — 3pm

July 31st : Rémi-Jean LeBlanc Quartet - The talented bassist Rémi-Jean Leblanc presents his album Déductions opening this series with Rafael Zaldivar on piano, Samuel Joly on drums and Nicolas Ferron on guitar. Aug. 1st  : Frank Lozano Trio (photo) - Excellent saxophonist Frank Lozano, for his first visit to Festi Jazz, will present his compositions and revisited standards. With Morgan Moore on bass and Kevin Warren on drums. Aug. 2 : Folégo - It will be on the rhythms of Brazilian jazz and samba that this Laurentian band will sunbathe your afternoon. Yves Labrèche on guitar, Hugette Gausserin on vocals, Yvon Boivin on piano, Jean-François Barbeau on drums, Michel Viau on bass and Raoul Pereira on percussion. Aug. 3 : Annam's Family Project - Guitarist Annam Nguyen presents his second album of original funky and jazz fusion compositions with Thiago Ferté on saxophone, Jonathan Boudreau on double bass and Simon Bergeron on drums. Aug. 4 : Yvan Belleau Quartet - To conclude these musical afternoons, virtuoso saxophonist and clarinettist Yvan Belleau will perform the compositions of his Clair et net album. He will be joined by bassist Normand Lachapelle, guitarist Sylvain Provost and drummer Yvon Plouffe.

The Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant presents 54 free concerts with 160 artists on three outdoor stages, many Series and seven venues. The Festi Jazz site is on the Presbytery grounds of l'Église de Saint-Jovite. For more info on the complete programming and the other Series of the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant on from Wed. July 31st to Aug. 4th :

Anba Tonèl : Let's dance to the Haitian/West Indies music of percussionist Daniel Bellegarde with special guest Eddy Prophète Friday July 19th at the Théâtre Fairmount part of the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique.

Daniel Bellegarde  150x177.jpgA rich bouquet of West Indian colors and warmth, Daniel Bellegarde's album Anba Tonèl is a tribute to the traditional music of haitian and antillean peasants, a music that's free, uninhibited, happy and rhythmic. Contredances, quadrilles, and vocal polyphony are an invitation to danse Anba Tonèl, under the small rooftop.

Daniel Bellegarde is a versatile percussionnist. He's played with many artists on tours and in recordings including Robert Charlebois, Paolo Ramos, Daniel Bélanger, Maxime Leforestier, Richard Desjardins as well as the Cirque du soleil. With his acoustic formation, he takes us on a voyage back to his roots and tradition. With his special guest pianist & singer Eddy Prophète as well as Toto Laraque (guitar and voice), Jean-Christophe Germain (violin, voice, percussions), Marco Jeanty (main voice, percussions), Bruno Rouyère (banjo, voice), Fritz Pageot (bass, manouba, voice) and Fabrice Laurent (percussions).

This Friday July 19th at the Fairmount, the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique suggests a voyage rooted in the West Indies tradition, a music of slavery, of hope, and that continues to vibrate and grow.
CT - Daniel with Anba Tonèl you present your haitian/West Indies roots...

Daniel Bellegarde - It's always interesting to research and discover the history of music. And I'm fascinated by the history of music in the West Indies. Anba Tonèl is a friendly meeting place for the community. I'm trying to re-create the musical ambiance of the 18th century dances. I'm interested in what I call the cultural transfer that happened with the colonization of Haïti,  Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica.

CT - What inspired you to create this project ?

Daniel Bellegarde - It actually happened by accident. At first I was interested in the traditional Rasin music of Haïti. I got a grant by the Canada Council for the Arts to study with haitian percussionist Frisner Augustin that was living in NY and that is recognized for his teaching skills and that unfortunatly died on a trip to Haïti. Haïti and the West Indies are a mix of many cultures
 ; a fascinating story that connected with my grandfather that wrote a history book for haitian schools. When I researched the music of Haïti I discovered that there wasn't much information on the contredanses, quadrilles, and menuets-Congo, etc…In the eighties I'd worked for a year with excellent haitian percussionist Georges Rodriguez and his dance company and in their
repertoire, there were contredanses. After consulting musicologists, archives and a few friends from the West Indies I realized that Martinique, Guadeloupe and Dominica had the same problem in regards to information and its broadcasting. So I rolled up my sleeves and I started writing and experimenting. It took me six years, it was quite a task and I had to persevere!

CT - What does Anba Tonèl mean ?

Daniel Bellegarde - A tonelle is a small roof that protects from the rain or the sun. But the name is associated with rural life & celebrations, and having a good time. After a hard day's work it's the place to meet to relax, danse and play music. The settlers who were probably nostalgic introduced danses and music from the 18th century that were quickly popular, which brought contredanses, quadrilles, menuets, waltzes, etc. It created a rich musical hybrid with instruments like the accordion, the violin, the guitar, the chacha (maracas), the syak or graj (a stricker) and the tanbou bass (a long narrow drum on a stand).

CT - Contredanses, quadrilles, menuets-congo, those musical styles don't come to mind when thinking of the West Indies...

Daniel Bellegarde - Like I said earlier, the introduction of the contredanse in the colonies comes from the fact the french settlers wanted to recreate the lifestyle they had back in Europe. The contredanse and later on the quadrille were the most danced forms of music in the french colonies in the 19th century for the slaves, the non-slaves and the planters. The democratization process led to bring together the European settlers and the black people of the colonies. Some musicologists think this is an act of resistance or a symbolic expression of the rejection of the colonisation, a kind of act of resistance to slavery.

CT - For this concert you invited pianist and singer Eddy Prophète...well-know in Haiti...tell us about him...

Daniel Bellegarde - Eddy is a cousin on the side of my father's grandmother. He's a legend of haitian music. He's played with many artists of the country ; Webert Sicot (creator of rempa), Boulo Valcout, Haitiando, poet Syto Cave and super percussionnist-singer Azor. He's lived for many years in Martinique playing music. He plays the piano, the accordion and is a great Hammond B3 player. He's played in large hotels in Québec, Martinique, Brazil and Japan. After studying musical harmony and jazz at the Université du Québec a Montréal, he did his share in the evolution of haitian music. I wanted this legend and talented man of 75 to play in the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique. I'm lucky because he's slowed down his work on the
piano. So I took advantage of the fact that he's got more time...and we've got so much fun! I'm discovering him and he's discovering me, we love brazilian music, and jazz. He's got quite a presence and I love the way he laughs.

CT -  Your répertoire included pieces like Haute Taille, Pantalon, Autobus Nord, Sérénade, Avan De, Twoubabou, did you build this fascinating track list ?

Daniel Bellegarde - It takes a lot of time, I researched many archives and composed a few pieces inspired by traditional music (4) and have arranged other pieces. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. I took some risks in regards to the arrangments and the choice of artists so it could be...listenable! I learned a lot and continue to learn! It's engrossing!

CT - So what you're message to our readers in regards to Friday July 19th ? What can we expect ?

Daniel Bellegarde - There's a crack ! A crack in everything, that's how the light gets in!  Come discover this acoustic music played on the violin, banjo, dobro, guitar, bass kalimba(manouba), bass, voice and percussions. It's vintage...Yé Krik!
Interview : Claude Thibault
Daniel Bellegarde - Anba Tonèl
Friday July 19th 8:30pm
Théâtre Fairmount au Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
5240, ave. du Parc

Videos of Antonio Sánchez - Migrations, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Jean-Michel Pilc Waves Trio & Donato Bourassa Lozano Tanguay at the 40th Montreal Jazz Fest!

Christian Scott pour primeur.jpgHere's a few vids from the 40th Montreal Jazz Fest : Antonio Sánchez - Migrations, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Jean-Michel Pilc Waves Trio & Donato Bourassa Lozano Tanguay.

Drummer Antonio Sánchez presented Migration. The one that wrote the music for Birdman was sided by Thana Alexa Pavelic (voice), John Escreet (piano/keyboards), Chase Baird (saxophone) & Orlando Le Fleming (bass), Sunday June 30th at Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts.

To see the video, it's here

Fiery trumpeter Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (photo) was at the Monument-National Monday July 1st. With the help of Logan Richardson (saxophone), Lawrence Field (keyboards), Kriss Funn (bass), Corey Fonville (drums) & Weedie Braimah (percussions), the party was on!

To see the video, it's here

French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc moved to NY and then made Montreal his home. Teacher at McGill U he can be seen and heard in many Montreal venues. Here he is improvising with his Waves Trio that includes Cole Birney-Stewart (basse) and Michel Lambert (drums). This concert was Wednesday July 3rd at L'Astral.

To see the video, it's here

Donato Bourassa Lozano Tanguay play jazz with introspection, with beautiful riffs on great classics, among others, by four seasonned québecois jazzmen, Michel Donato (basse), François Bourassa (piano), Frank Lozano (sax) & Pierre Tanguay (drums). Saturday July 6th, L'Astral was on a high.

To see the video of Nardis, it's here

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Nicolas Villeneuve - Interstices

Summer is a great time for discoveries. So let's look into young pianist Nicolas Villeneuve. With his fine band of musicians he takes us on a lovely trip, in a summer mode, with eight very personal compositions. Instead of revisiting certain standards like some do, something we would've liked, he lets creativity unfold. Soft jazz that's like a summer breeze and sometimes remind me of Sergio Mendes. Interstices also gets into some latin grooves, supported by the lovely voice of singer Eugénie Jobin and Jules Payette's saxophone supplying a colorful accompaniment.

Imagine for a moment that you're by a lake and the album's third track, Deux Océans, plays and mingles with the soft breeze and calm highlighting Eugénie Jobin's crystal-clear voice. After some listening we realize that this singer we're discovering has probably gotten into Christine Legrand, a pillar of the Doubles Six and sister of Michel Legrand. And let's not forget bassist Sylvaine Arnaud, with some fine phrasing that enhances the voice of her collegue. In the case of pianist Nicolas Villeneuve, we can affirm that he's into jazz and classical. A sprinkling of Satie, two tablespoons of Bill Evans, and there you go, it's a done deal. Jazz of course, but a lot more than that.

Été / La Cumbia de la Amistad / Deux Océans / Reunion de los Espiritus del Bosque / Continuidad de los Parques / Las Ruinas Circulares / Mémoires Fossiles / Atardecer

Nicolas Villeneuve, piano
Eugénie Jobin, voice
Jules Payette, alto / soprano sax
Sylvaine Arnaud, bass
William Javier Machado, drums

Check them out at the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant Saturday Aug. 3rd @ 1:15pm.

For the promo video, it's here

Interstices on Facebook

Christophe Rodriguez (

TVJAZZ  July 3 2019
Jean-Michel Pilc Waves Trio - Montreal Jazz Fest, July 3rd 2019

News ! This concert is cancelled : Trumpeter Lina Allemano, inventive, current and suggestive jazz at the Résonance Thursday July 18th.

Lina Allemano 150x150.jpgCanadian trumpetter Lina Allemano lives in between Toronto & Berlin. Those two very different musical scenes helped her find her own voice with a successful personal synthesis of modern jazz, writing techniques and contemporary interpretation.

Rather than exploring more electro-psychedelic sounds such as with Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot, she maintains a more acoustic sound with this quartet, the Lisa Allemano Four, with Brodie West (alto sax), Andrew Downing (bass) & Nick Fraser (drums). Their last album,  Sometimes Y, shows the porosity of frontiers in between composition & improvisation, the two components entangled with fluidity. The discourse is suggestively abstract, played by all the musicians with admirable technique and precision. Check it out and see for yourself at the Résonance this Thurday. Don't wait to discover one of the young innovative voices of the jazz scene.

Thursday July 18th 9pm
5175A Ave. du Parc   
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

TVJAZZ  August 14 2015
Kirk MacDonald Quartet + Harold Mabern - Impressions - Resonance, Aug. 14th 2015

TVJAZZ  October 2 2015
Marc Copland Adrian Vedady - My Foolish Heart - L'OFF Jazz at the Lion d'Or, Oct. 2nd 2015

TVJAZZ  July 6 2019
Yamandú Costa Guto Wirtti - Montreal Jazz Fest July 6th 2019

TVJAZZ  June 28 2019
Annie Poulain Trio - Equinox - Québec Jazz en Juin at the Palais Montcalm, June 28th 2019

TVJAZZ  July 6 2019
Yamandú Costa - interview and excerpts - Montreal Jazz Fest July 6th 2019

TVJAZZ  June 30 2019
Antonio Sánchez - Migration - Montreal Jazz Fest, June 30th 2019

TVJAZZ  July 1 2019
Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Montreal Jazz Fest, July 1st 2019

TVJAZZ  July 6 2019
Donato Bourassa Lozano Tanguay - Nardis - Montreal Jazz Fest, July 6th 2019

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