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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday May 24 2018 to Wednesday May 30 2018

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Beloeil Jazz is Ron Di Lauro, Rémi Bolduc with Taurey Butler, Yannick Rieu with Yves Léveillé, the Big Band Jazz with Miosa, June 14-16 at the Centre culturel de Beloeil.

1 - Big Band Jazz 150x170.jpegBeloeil Jazz is an initiative of Diffusions de la Coulisse proposing a first weekend of jazz concerts at the Centre culturel de Beloeil on June 14th, 15th and 16th. During this event, four groups will be performing. Things start off with Marcel St-Maurice's Big Band Jazz Thursday the 14th, followed by Swingin’ with Oscar by the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble with pianist Taurey Butler Friday the 15th and a Herb Albert Tribute by trumpeter Ron Di Lauro Saturday the 16th. Y2, the duo of saxophonist Yannick Rieu with pianist Yves Léveillé play the first part of the concerts the 15th and 16th.

Thursday June 14th, the Big Band Jazz, directed by Marcel St-Maurice with 16 musicians and singers Miosa and Tommy-Charles, present an unforgettable evening of big band music from the 20s to today. On the program, composers who have marked the history of jazz such as Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, and many others.

The Big Band Jazz is composed of four saxophonists, three trumpeters, three trombonists, a guitarist, a pianist, a bassist and two percussionnists. Not only that but the group accompanies a singer from Beloeil, Miosa. They're specialised in ballroom style, popular music, swing, jazz and latin. The ensemble was created by saxophonist Marcel St-Maurice in 2003.

Tickets for all these concerts are available at the box office of the Centre culturel de Beloeil, 600 Richelieu (Beloeil), by phone 450-464-4772 and on For each show, different rates are available in addition to a package for all concerts of Beloeil Jazz.

So Beloeil Jazz is...

Thursday June 14th 8:30pm : Big Band Jazz, dir. Marcel St-Maurice with Miosa and Tommy-Charles / Friday June 15th 6pm : Y2 - Yannick Rieu Yves Léveillé / 8:30pm : Swingin’ with Oscar by the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble and Taurey Butler / Saturday June 16th 6pm : Y2 - Yannick Rieu Yves Léveillé / 8:30pm : Herb Albert Tribute by trumpeter Ron Di Lauro.

Pianist Rafael Zaldivar, artist in residence at Chicoutimi's Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale, and in concert Friday June 1st.

Rafael 150x150.jpgChicoutimi's Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale (CEM) hosts cuban-born pianist / composer Rafael Zaldivar for a three-week residence that will culminate with a
concert and recording Friday June 1st.

Enriched by his academic studies, his professional career and his origins, his unique understanding of afro-cuban rhythms, the european classical langage and afro-american jazz, Rafael Zaldivar proposes a project where he invites a group of musicians from the Saguenay area. With David Simard (drums), Robert Pelletier (percussions), Pascal Beaulieu (guitars), Guillaume Tremblay (saxophone), Caroline Tremblay (voice) and Sola Nkani (voice), in order to deepen his vision of mixing afro-cuban rhythms with other musical and cultural influences.

In this situation, afro-cuban rhythms are used as the cornerstone of composition, as well as an invitation to exchange about its dynamics and features, the performance strategies and a cultural recontextualisation effort. The professional recording of 10 original compositions with the public at the Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale will be the culminating point of this hybrid project.

In this video, Rafael Zaldivar talks about this residence project.

The Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale on Facebook, it's here

Maxime Larcher of tells us about the Festival Jazz à St-Germain-des-Prés de Paris, May 24th to June 4th.

Festival St-Germain 150x150 officiel.jpgA Jazz in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés revival, in the mythical district, historic landmark of jazzmen in Europe…

That's the crazy bet that launched Donatienne Hantin, Frédéric Charbaut and Joël Leroy when they decided to create in 2001, the Festival Jazz à St-Germain-des-Prés, Paris. Over the years, guided by the humanistic values of its organizing association, L’Esprit Jazz, the event has become a staple of Parisian musical life.

On the occasion of this 18th edition, which will be held from May 24 to June 4, 2018, the Festival Jazz à St-Germain-des-Prés will give rhythm to the cultural life of this Paris area by offering, in addition to the evening concerts, musical entertainment on the Place Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, exchanges with the artists at the Café Les Editeurs or even Jazz & Meditation workshops at the Lucernaire Cultural Center (an unusual sensory experience, inviting you to listen to music differently). Committed to promoting the emerging Jazz scene, the festival will also showcase the new generation of musicians during Jams sessions at the Lucernaire or during the Tremplin Jeune Talents organized  at the Sunset-Sunside.

As for concerts, Frédéric Charbaut unveils a daring program, an artistic bias that contributes to give the Parisian festival, one of the very few downtown, all its identity and singularity.

May 24, stopover in Cuba for an evening event: Roberto Fonseca will start at the Grand Amphithéâtre de l’université Panthéon-Assas. Back in trio with Yandy Martinez Gonzalez (double bass/electric bass) and Raul Herrera Martinez (drums), the Cuban pianist will perform the titles of his last two albums « Yo » & « AbuC ».

May 25, again at the université Panthéon-Assas, you will be able to attend during the first part of the evening at Airelle Besson (trumpet) Aïres trio, Stéphane Kerecki (double bass) and Edouard Ferlet (piano), 8 years after their first album, an original and elegant encounter between Jazz and Baroque.

To see the promo video, i's here

For the complete article on, that's here

This feature is a special and collaboration.

Celebrate drummer and jazz icon Norman Marshall Villeneuve's 80th birthday, this Sunday May 27th at the House Of Jazz Oliver Jones!

NMV.jpgThis Sunday come and celebrate Canadian Jazz Legend and Master of bebop drummer Norman Marshall Villeneuve for his 80th Birthday Gala Tribute at the House Of Jazz Oliver Jones. Join Norman Marshall Villeneuve celebrating 80 wonderful years and seven decades of music. Saxophonist and teacher Dave Turner will be the MC and host the All-Star jam.

Many musicians and vocalists who have performed with Norman in his 7 decades of music will join him on stage to pay tribute to this beloved jazz legend.

It will be a fantastic night of music!

Norman Marshall Villeneuve, drums
Jeff Johnston, piano
Éric Lagacé, bass
Ken Fornetra, alto sax

...and many more!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

House Of Jazz Oliver Jones
2060 Aylmer    
Reservations : 514-842-8656
Here's two albums by Norman Marshall Villeneuve : *Montreal Sessions* et *King Dog*

In “Montreal Sessions”, Norman Marshall Villeneuve brings you his personal recordings from the 1960s. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 were taped during his performances at famed Montreal jazz clubs, Rockhead's Paradise and the Black Bottom. Tracks 5, 6,7 are from a reel-to-reel tape that Norm, Charlie Biddle and Nelson Symonds recorded at SSI studios in Montreal. The music brings you to another time and place, to the elegant, smoky, crowded clubs of yesterday where jazz was intimate and personal, to the recording sessions when professional jazz musicians played live and laid down tracks in one take.

The “King Dog” CD is derived from a recording session at Toronto’s Kensington Sound Studios. In 1985, after a one-week engagement at East 85th, Norman Marshall Villeneuve, Nelson Symonds, Doug Richardson and Kingsley Ettienne recorded their session from 2am to 6am. The 2-inch reel had never been used until Andre White  converted it to electronic format in 2015, 30 years later. The result is a stunning set of post-modern bebop as fresh, new and hip as today.

CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Nouvelle R - Sénescence

What's the connection in between man and the planet? To this metaphorical question that's been asked before in jazz, such as with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, the Nouvelle R trio tries to bring answers. Never too spacy, but very interesting in regards to the form and its content, the trio lays down some powerful jazz that fits somewhere in between rock jazz and the blue note. Created 2015 by guitarist Sylvain St-Onge, electric bassist Carl Mayotte and drummer/percussionnist Olivier Bussières, Nouvelle R opened their horizons and shared their queries.

Without it being a completely new sound, we're reminded of John Abercrombie, Pat Metheney and Stanley Jordan, the compositions should appeal to a large public, without falling in the trappings of industrial sounds. In this case it's better to talk about textures, atmospheres and ambiances, supported by the bass licks of Carl Mayotte, one of the key elements of this new release. Even if we hear a bit too much of a studio sound, all of it is very fascinating. In regards to this trio that beckons the poet in all of us to imagine a better world, let's add that Le Pourquoi Du Comment, Alchimie Anamorphique and À Qui De Droit are well worth the detour.

Alchimie Anamorphique / Sendionek Mastro / Absence / Asthénie / Fugitifs / À Qui De Droit / Le Pourquoi Du Comment / Nostalgie d’Été / Conjoncture Post - Apocalyptique

Nouvelle R
on Facebook, it's here

To listen to Sénescence, it's here

See them at the Montreal launch concert Wednesday May 30th 7:30pm at Upstairs.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  November 15 2012
Taurey Butler Trio - 7 Steps to Heaven - Salle Bourgie of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Nov 15th 2012

Tertio presents new compositions at Ahuntsic's Broue Pub Brouhaha Friday May 25th.

Tertio 150x187.jpgWe discovered Tertio in 2015 with the release of their self-titled EP. Throughout the four tracks, we discover a jazz-rock universe with a retro sound, soaring and  energetic, where there's never a dull moment. And for a good reason, the five musicians that make up the band have all that's needed to take us on a exciting voyage. Tertio's made up of guitarist/composer Vincent Duhaime-Perreault, trumpetter Andy King, bassist Alex Lefaivre, Paul Shrofel on the keys and Éric Thibodeau at the drums.

Vincent Duhaime-Perreault completed his Masters Degree in jazz guitar at the Université de Montréal last fall, and has a nice track record so far, such as winning the 2011 Syli d’Or with the Cuban Martinez Show. He also plays with the collective Arometis nominated in 2012 for a Félix in the "best world music album" category. Guitarist, composer and arranger, he'll present new compositions this coming Friday, an appetizer before the upcoming album release.

So what a great idea to sample this new music from five very active musicians of the Quebec jazz scene.

With Tertio you can expect energy, imagination and complicity. Don't be square, make this Broue Pub Brouhaha Ahuntsic concert happen!

For the Albino Alien video, it's here

For the Tertio Bandcamp page, it's here

Tertio on Facebook, it's here

The event on Facebook, it's here

Friday May 25th 9pm
Broue Pub Brouhaha Ahuntsic
10295 Papineau   
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

TVJAZZ  November 1 2013
Norman Marshall Villeneuve Jazz Message Trio - Secret Love - House of Jazz, Nov. 1st 2013

TVJAZZ  March 23 2017
Rafael Zaldivar Afro-Cuban Revival - Obatala - Jazz en Rafale, March 23 2017

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