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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday January 11 2018 to Wednesday January 31 2018

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Saxophonist Wayne Shorter and Quartet with panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade, Wednesday January 17th at the Gala concert of the 15th  Panama Jazz Festival and we'll be there.

Wayne Shorter.jpgWayne Shorter, one of the most influential saxophonists and composers of the history of jazz will be celebrating his 85th birthday in 2018. At a time when many musicians are content by collecting tributes and honorific diplomas, Shorter is busy creating some of the most intense music of his carreer. Considered a pioneer since his early days in the fifties, Shorter's artistic path embodies relentless exploration and improvisation without boundaries. In 2013, Shorter launched the album Without A Net, a return to famed jazz label Blue Note Records, after 43 years of separation. The new album was recorded with his faithful quartet made up of pianist Danilo Pérez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade. UK's The Guardian describe them as the "the most talented and adventurous jazz group of the planet" and states that the quartet represents "hope for humanity - harmonically speaking". A complete generation of musicians and fans consider him to be the ultimate creative master of a timeless vocabulary.

Danilo Pérez
Grammy Winner Danilo Pérez is one of today's most influential and dynamic musicians. Over the last decade, his unique blend of panamerican jazz has earned him a lot of success and a faithful public. Danilo's huge talent and enthousiasm make his concerts memorable and inspiring. Whether with his own group or on tour with jazz masters such as Wayne Shorter, Roy Haynes and Steve Lacy, Danilo has a powerful impact in the world of contemporary music, guided as always by his love of jazz. He's also the Artistic Director of the Panama Jazz Festival produced by the Fundacion Danilo Pérez, is also the Artistic Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, and recently opened Danilo's Jazz Club in Panama.

John Patitucci
John Patitucci has occupied an important place in the world of jazz over the last 30 years as well as being active in many musical styles. He's personally won three Grammies as well as having been nominated fourteen times on many albums that won Grammies. Saxophonist Joe Lovano and drummer Brian Blade participated on Patitucci's last recording ; Rememberance. A very active composer with thirteen solo albums, he also writes for different chamber musical ensembles. Patitucci is currently in residence at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute and recently launched an online bass school with ArtistWorks.

Brian Blade
This young and multi-talented music veteran is widely respected in the world of jazz as a drummer, composer and bandleader of Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, with whom he's launched three albums. He's also the drummer of many musical heroes such as Daniel Lanois, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Seal, Bill Frisell and Emmylou Harris. Brian has been part of the Wayne Shorter Quartet since 2000.

To see a great video of the band, it's here

The Gala Concert of the Panama Jazz Festival is dedicated to raising funds for the educational programs of the Fundacion Danilo Pérez. The Gala will also present Danilo Pérez with Luciana Souza, as well as Samy and Sandra Sandoval with Orchestra led by Bill Dobbins.

For more info, will be there and will present coverage, interviews (Wayne Shorter, Danilo Pérez and Chucho Valdes) and videos!
Claude Thibault, editor

Thursday January 18th at L'Astral, discover some of the best of the new french jazz scene with pianist Perrine Mansuy, saxophonist Samy Thiébault and saxophonist Yacine Boularès.

French Quarter 150x150.jpgFrench Quarter, Jazz in NYC & Montréal is a triple concert highlighting some of the best new jazz from France, for this one-night only concert Thursday January 18th at L'Astral you'll discover...

Pianist Perrine Mansuy and trumpet player Christophe Leloil @ 8pm
Acclaimed by critics and musicians alike for her beautiful compositions, intimate and far from virtuoso demonstrations, Perrine Mansuy has made her space in the demanding realm of jazz pianists. From remarkable collaborations to great albums, this young artist has imposed a style of playing and atypical signature writing with free improvisations and harmonic creativity. On here latest album her jazz drifts from pop, rock and oniric atmospheres in a dream pop that caresses the magic of trumpeter Christophe Leloil's blowing.

Perrine Mansuy : piano / Christophe Leloil : trumpet / Pierre Fenichel : bass / Fred Pasqua : drums

For the video, it's here

Saxophonist Samy Thiébault presents Rebirth @ 9pm
With his powerful quartet, welded by a strong friendship, six albums, ten years of intense and adventurous collective playing, the constantly seeking saxophonist presented his last opus Rebirth, last September. This album was the highlight of the fall season. It's the notion of melody, in the intimite and traditional sense of the term as well as it's universal and emotional sense that transpire throughout the album, like a passionate self-portrait. Playing inspired by his morrocan roots, from West Africa where he grew up, and from South America where the quartet has played extensively and rendered in contemporary and modern jazz language. A personal and stylistic renaissance and a new cycle of life and music connected to the intimite inspiration of the musician.

Samy Thiébault : saxophone / Adrien Chicot : piano  / Sylvain Romano : bass / Philippe Soirat : drums

For the video, it's here

Saxophonist Yacine Boularès presents Ajoyo @ 10pm
Ajoyo is the explosive first album of saxophonist, composer and french-tunisian producer Yacine Boularès who after studying philosophy went on to study jazz at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris and obtained the Fulbright Scholarship to study at NY's New School for Jazz where he's been living since 2009. He's made his space in a city that's in phase with his need for creativity and diversity and quickly sided on stage and in the studio musicians such as Ben E. King, Tabou Combo, the Orchestre Septentrional d’Haiti, Sheila Jordan, Placido Domingo or Fela Kuti's past drummer, Jojo Kuo. Those influences inspired him to discover his own identity and the exploration of West African dance rhythms inspired him to create Ajoyo, a mystic blend of african tradition, jazz and soul. Yacine and Sarah Elizabeth Charles co-wrote the texts that celebrate life, love and justice : a sophisticated transe music that feeds the heart, the soul and the body.

Yacine Boularès : saxophone / Alon Albagli : guitar / Jesse Fischer : piano, keys / Sarah Elizabeth Charles : voice / Yonathan Levy : bass / Guilhem Flouzat : drums

For the video, it's here

French Quarter, Jazz in NYC et Montréal

Pianist Perrine Mansuy and trumpeter Christophe Leloil @ 8pm
Saxophonist Samy Thiébault presents Rebirth @ 9pm
Saxophonist Yacine Boularès presents Ajoyo @ 10pm

305 Sainte-Catherine W.

Saturday January 13th at the Dièse Onze, Luke Horimoto's Fat Kid Octet, highlighting some of the members of the Fat Kid Big Band - a new Montreal Big Band, play some of New Beginnings pieces.

Fat Kid Octet.jpgI wanted to find our more about young composer, arranger and even sometimes saxophonist Luke Horimoto, originally from Vancouver, who's made Montreal his home for the last 7 years in between stints working as a flight attendant in the Middle East. When he's not flying or trying to get some rest, he spends most of his time writing music for his 19 member jazz ensemble, the Fat Kid Big Band and it's octet version.

CT : Luke, tell me about the Fat Kid Octet and the Fat Kid Big Band, what made you want to start up a big band and an octet version?

LH : Composing, arranging for big band is something I’ve always wanted to do. To be able to record something with such great musicians was quite an exceptional experience. The octet is a bunch of the dudes from the larger group. It’s a reduced ensemble but easier to manage.

CT : How did you go about choosing the 19 members of the Fat Kid Big Band?  

LH : They’re all musicians who are friends from university, musicians who are active on the scene here, mentors and referrals.

CT : What brought to Montreal from Vancouver seven years ago?

LH : After High School, I was in a completely unrelated field of study in university. After a year, I want to pursue my true passion, playing saxophone. So I deciced to come and study in Montreal. I finished my BAC and the music scene and poutine kept me here for a while after.

CT : So what material will you be playing with your octet on Saturday January 13th?

LH : Material from the upcoming New Beginnings album (mostly original compositions,), some standard jazz repertoire, a bit of groovy-but-not-totally-jazz material. I just want to say though - this show is not truly an album launch though since it won’t be the full ensemble. Stay tuned.

CT : When is New Beginnings due and where will it be available?

LH : It’s to be released on the January 19th. It’ll be on iTunes, Amazon Music and other digital outlets. There will be physical copies too, but in a limited quantity. (Pssst, I will be selling some CD’s at the show on the 13th. I know it’s 6 days too early… but hey man, I’m not in town often.)

CT : And who's the Fat Kid?

LH : I’m still working on a more distilled explanation of the Fat Kid name’s origins. Part of the name’s philosophy though is no frills good old fun, and I do what I can to push that through in our music. Of course with the help of the excellent musicians (all from Montréal) who I get to work with. It’s also a pretty easy name to visualize and remember.

For the video, it's here

For more info :

On  FB :

Interview : Claude Thibault

I like the variety of the music, latin, funk, swing...
Matt Mignogna, guitar

It's definitly inspired, there's a lot of work into this...
Al McLean, tenor sax

Luke Horimoto - tenor sax, compositions
Hichem Khalfa - trumpet
Al McLean - alto sax
Modibo Keïta - trombone
Matt Mignogna - guitar
Guillaume Martineau - piano
Alex Bellegarde - bass
William Machado - drums

Fat Kid Octet
Saturday, January 13th 10pm
Dièse Onze
4115A St-Denis    

Trumpeter Erik Truffaz (France/Switzerland), songstress Emilie Claire Barlow (Canada) and saxman Kenny Garrett (USA) open up the 12th Festival International de jazz de Port-au-Prince, January 20th.

Loop-1-Eng.jpgThe 12th Festival International de jazz de Port-au-Prince kicks off January 20th with these three great artists...

Erik Truffaz, a fusion Jazz trumpet player with an electronic touch. Famous french trumpet player, Erik Truffaz discovered jazz through Miles Davis’ music, where he drew major inspiration from, all while adding his personal touch to it. His music is a mix of electro and jazz fusion. With his tamed sound, Erik Truffaz gives a unique feel to his music. He has collaborated with Arthur Hnatek, Tigran Hamasyan, John Patitucci and Shai Maestro. Erik Truffaz will be opening the 12th edition of the PAPJAZZ on the Prestige stage at the Karibe and at the French Institute during the week.

A smooth and jazzy voice at the PAPJAZZ : Emilie Claire Barlow is a famous Canadian jazz singer and producer who is known for her authentic voice and smooth timbre. She is a recipient of a Felix award at the ADISQ gala of Quebec for her first Francophone album Seule ce soir. She also received two Juno Awards, one of them being for her last album Clear Day in 2016, co-produced with Steve Webster. Emilie Claire Barlow draws inspiration from artist such as Holly Cole, Bobby McFerrin, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Joni Mitchell. Emilie-Claire will charm you all with her voice at the PAPJAZZ opening night on the Prestige stage at the Karibe hotel.

No other saxophone player since John Coltrane had me so shook” – Miles Davis. The alto Saxophone player Kenny Garrett remains one of the best player of contemporary jazz. His versatility allows him to excel in a variety of style such as funk, pop or traditional jazz. He is as comfortable when expressing beautiful exuberance than when communicating deep spirituality. Kenny Garrett never stops to renew himself, all while remaining faithful to his mentors: Art Blakey, Freddy Hubbard or Miles Davis.

For more info,

Drummer Simone Prattico and Trio present Brooklyn Sessions Saturday January 20th at the Théâtre de la Ville.

Simone Prattico.jpgYou could define italian drummer Simone Prattico like a rhythm seeker : over the years and thanks to many prestigious international collaborations, he's explored many diverse musical realms, continuously searching the roots and the authentic pulsations of each project. Well-known in Quebec for having accompanied Piers Faccini, he'll be on tour in Quebec starting with a concert at Longueuil's Théâtre de la Ville Saturday January 20th 2018 to present his first album, Brooklyn Sessions, available January 19th on iTunes.

Musician Simone Prattico is a regular of the circuits and studios of the world. A sought-after drummer and percussionnist, he lines up with his first album Brooklyn Sessions – recorded with pianist Klaus Mueller and bassist Brandi Disterheft – his fundamentals :  a hybrid jazz, musical friends and New York's energy, a global city where he always feels at home. Simone Prattico wanted the recording to be like a live impromptu, where the musicians discovered the music and played it with a few takes, with the freshness and energy that it brings. The moods goes from dreamy ballads, intense rhythms to true lullabies. Tinted with african colors, their revisited Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock) is one of the key tracks of the album and a reflection of the drummer's path.

Simone Prattico : drums
Paul Shrofel : piano
Acelino de Paula : bass

Simone Prattico Trio - Saturday January 20th 8pm
Théâtre de la Ville - Salle Jean-Louis-Millette in cabaret formula
180, rue De Gentilly East, Longueuil
Box Office : 450-670-1616

To see the video of See Ya by the trio, it's here


CDJAZZ by Christophe Rodriguez

Min Rager - Train of Thought

I admit not knowing pianist Min Rager as much as her husband Josh Rager. As it's never too late to do things right, I've been listening to this new release for the last week and it's real treat. If you're into some smart high energy jazz with no down time and well driven, this is it. On eight tracks and as always with original compositions, the young player deftly weaves a fabric of blue notes taking in the past as well as the present.

But there's more. Even if Min Rager opens up Train Of Thought with power and unexpected intricaties, let's hightlight the work of tenor saxophonist Kenji Omae, as well as bassist Fraser Hollins and drummer Dave Laing. Listening to track 3, I Never Felt This Way, a very beautiful duo with the saxophonist, it made me think of the Kenny Barron/Stan Getz duo. Even if the saxophonist plays with a bit more gusto than Stan, Min's articulate and sensitive approach reminded me of Kenny Barron.

Talking about swing, you'll hear a lot of this new release. For example with Let’s Be Cool, a little jewel where the pianist expresses her love of the blues, a little bit like Duke Jordan or Bobby Timmons, while in Say What You Mean, she elegantly unfurls swing going back to Jess Stacy and Count Basie. With these cold days where you might want to hang out by the fireplace, three beautiful ballads await you. You've guessed it, we like this album so congrats to the brilliant pianist.

Train of Thought / Beautiful Journey / I Never Felt This Way / Say What You Mean / Dedicated to you / I Wish I Was There / Moonlight Dance / Let's Be Cool

To listen and buy :

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

TVJAZZ  June 29 2013
Wayne Shorter Quartet (80th) at the FIJM, June 29th, 2013

Pianist Daniel Arthur and trio present Vivid at the Résonance Saturday January 20th.

Daniel Arthur Trio 150X150.jpgSomewhere in between jazz and improvised music, Vivid, Daniel Arthur Trio's album is one of the nice surprises of 2017.

The band got together at McGill University in the fall of 2015 and after a year and a half of exploration, they suprise us with Vivid, a vibrant album that mixes the energy of the jazz language (Tigran Hamasyan, Vijav Iyer, Jean-Michel Pilc) as well as that of classical and contemporary music (Schostakovich, Stravinsky, Messiaen), which led them to the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, the OFF Jazz and many european festivals. Daniel Arthur's bold compositions stand out with their rhythms as well as the writing in between the instruments of the trio.

The trio is completed by Ethan Cohn on bass and Éric Maillet on the drums. Their range of playing searches, suggests and proposes. Whether it's the bow playing, the piano strings, the extreme registers and dynamic contrasts, we're witness to exploration that develops an important narrative sense and a very efficient musical

On stage, their compositions make a lot of space for spontaneity (check out this video of Rondo we shot at the OFF Jazz, you'll see what we mean). The progressive style of this music allows for the pieces to grow each time they play as well as making room for audacity and surprising each other. The sum stays coherent and is quite mature for the young group. It'll be epic at the Résonance Saturday January 20th.

to see our vide of Rondo at L'OFF Jazz 2017, it's here

for more info,

The event on Facebook

Saturday January 20th 9pm
5175A Ave. du Parc   
Benjamin Goron :
Facebook / twitter

Benefit-concert for pianist Michel Cyr Wednesday January 24th at St-Jerome's Bistro Bar Uni-Verre de St-Jérôme, and a crowdfunding campaign, he needs your help.

Michel Cyr tete.jpgPianist / keyboardist Michel Cyr is well-known for his huge talent (Duo de Trois, Beau et Chaud, etc) and his great sense of humor. In 2017 Michel got a liver cancer. After the operation he thought his health would be back but in November cancer struck again, but this time it was a brain tumor. He was operated very quickly and again he thought he was going to better but that's not the case. As of 2018 Michel will have to receive 33 treatments of chemotherapy over a period of 6 weeks. That's a lot of travelling, hard physically as well as Michel Cyr needs a little from his friends and together we can make a difference for him and his family.

It's with the great generosity of St-Jérôme's Bistro Bar Uni-Verre that Wednesday January 24th will go on stage Luc Boivin (percussions), Ron Di Lauro (trumpet), Pierre Côté (guitar), Jean-Pierre Zanella (sax), Norman Lachapelle (bass) and Paul Brochu (drums), for a benefit-concert, but if you can't make it you always support Michel with our crowdfunding campaign.

Luc Boivin (percussions)
Ron Di Lauro (trumpet)
Pierre Côté (guitar)
Jean-Pierre Zanella (sax)
Norman Lachapelle (bass)
Paul Brochu (drums)

Wednesday January 21st 7:30pm
Bistro Bar Uni-Verre / St-Jérôme    
291 St-Georges    


Brothers Chet Doxas (sax) and Jim Doxas (drums) in Quintet with Steve Raegele (guitar), Joe Grass (pedal steel) and Adrian Vedady (bass), a once-time concert Sunday January 21st at the Segal Centre.

Chet and Jim Doxas_Photo by Randy Cole.jpgUnited for a one-time concert at the Segal Centre, this unconventional quintet features the Doxas brothers, Chet Doxas on saxophone and Jim Doxas on drums, Steve Raegele on guitar, Joe Grass on pedal steel guitar, and Adrian Vedady on bass. Layering their individual voices to reinterpret some great standards, the quintet will also present some of their original compositions. Delving into their various musical experiences, the resulting impressionistic soundscape will fill the Studio space and envelop the audience.

Tickets for this event are $30. Subscribe to the full Power Music series at the Segal Centre for as low as $25 per show and enjoy perks such as priority seating and
free indoor parking;

Next up in the Power Music series : Gabs Sings Babs. Gabi Epstein performs her critically acclaimed Gabs Sings Babs: Gabi Epstein sings the songs of Barbra Streisand. The Power Music Series is presented with the generous support of Power Corporation

The Doxas Brothers and Friends
January 21, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.
Segal Centre for Performing Arts
For tickets, it's here
5170 ch. de la Côte-Ste-Catherine,
Montreal, Quebec

TVJAZZ  July 4 2011
Erik Truffaz Quartet at FIJM 2011

TVJAZZ  January 22 2016
Haitian All Jazz Stars - Sparks - Festival International de Jazz de Port-au-Prince, Jan. 22nd 2016

TVJAZZ  July 4 2017
Danilo Perez Trio - The Expedition - at the Mtl Jazz Fest July 4th 2017

TVJAZZ  January 12 2018
Simone Prattico Trio - See Ya - Brooklin Sessions - January 18 2018

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