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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday October 10 2019 to Thursday October 31 2019

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals ARCHIVES

1000+ videos since June 2007 - Since June 2007 we've produced over 1000 videos of Montréal/Québec jazz artists as well as international jazz artists playing on the Québec scene. Many of these videos are produced for free (but not all!) for our TVJazz section and distributed via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Really ? why ?
The reason behind is to present a video sampling of Montréal/Québec as well as international jazz artists to entice the public to go and see them play live.  These videos usually last from 2 to 15 minutes and are produced and distributed online for free by with the consentment of the artist and/or producer. These concerts are held in Montréal/Québec jazz venues, festivals and other types of venues.

OK, great, but how do I get a video of my group ? how do we chose who to video ?
2 videos per week : Because this takes a lot of time (4 hours per video including transport, filming, editing and uploading) + equipment (Sony HXR-NX5U + computer + editing software) we're only able to offer this service for free for two videos per week. We also offer professional video services for small budgets. For the videos that we do for free, we do not supply additional lighting and the sound recording is done on the camera's two XLR channels. One thru the console when possible (please advise the sound technician ahead of time that we'll need a mono soundtrack output for the camera), mixed in with the second, a Rode M3 microphone for instruments played acoustically and not in the console. Both sources can be mixed when part of the instruments are in the console and part played acoustically.

There are unarchiving, publishing/printing, handling fees of 55$ / h + taxes and transport if you want a DVD or other copy of a video as originally uploaded by and a 55$ / h + taxes for editing, unarchiving, publishing/printing & handling + transport if you want a DVD or other copy that is different from the one originally uploaded by

Obviously we present artists that interest our readers, so there's a also a editorial/musical choice.  We usually film no more than 30 to 35 minutes of the concert.

Concert production quality : It takes good lighting - this is really important, better the lighting, better the video. And sound ? Sound recording is done on the camera's two XLR inputs, one being from the console when possible and the second with a Rode M3 for instruments that aren't in the console or played acoustically which usually works well for jazz concerts because of the volume and a quiet crowd, but sometimes the crowd can be noisy and become part of the soundtrack which is something we have to live with ! Finally staging and the venue can make a difference in a video...

Confirmation of a video
- We're getting numerous requests for filming so it's really difficult to confirm filming which sometimes is only confirmed when we show up !

To find out more, please contact :

Claude Thibault

Venues and concerts of the greater Montréal area (June 18th to now)  

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Win a pair of tickets for MachiNations by saxophonist Yannick Rieu Thursday Oct. 17th at the Théâtre Outremont!

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