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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday August 15 2019 to Saturday August 31 2019

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SJNPRO Bulletin

For jazz musicians and professionals

Who's SJN ?

SJN was created by Claude Thibault in January 2003. Claude has been in the marketing, sales, business development and communications environnment for the last twenty years (webcom Montréal, Sun Communications-Marketing, Martin International-Québec City Computer Show-ITExpo, MicroExpo, etc...)

SJN is the fruit of that experience as well as a renewed passion for jazz and a new professionnal orientation.'s mission is to present all the Québec jazz news to jazz fans and the industry.

Claude is also involved at Business Development for webcom Montréal

Claude also offers his services in business development, sales, marketing & communications in the jazz, musical, cultural, business and IT markets.

Claude also gets a kick out of playing jazz guitar and singing in his living room and camping!

Claude Thibault 96X96

Claude Thibault
Editor / Business Development
514-815-6104 (cell)
claudetmontreal (skype)

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