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JazzBulletin   -   Thursday August 15 2019 to Saturday August 31 2019

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The Guitarissimo SiriusXM series is presented as part of the Montreal Guitar Show at the 33rd Festival International de Jazz de Montréal.

FIJM_150x150_SJN_Guitarissimo.gifThe Guitarissimo SiriusXM series is presented from 7 p.m., at the Cinquième salle of la Place des Arts. It begins on June 29 with Philip Catherine, an incomparably swingin’ artist (7 p.m.). Just a few hours later, don’t miss Pierre Bensusan, one of the most eloquent world, jazz and folk musicians of our time (9:30 p.m.). On June 30, Larry Corryell returns after his 2010 Jazz All-Year Round concert to perform as part of the Guitarissimo SiriusXM series (7 p.m.). Matt Schofield is back with his most recent release, Anything But Time, hailed as 2011 Blues Album of the Year by MOJO magazine (9:30 p.m.).

On July 1, Kelly Joe Phelps rolls out songs from the 8 albums that have won him critical acclaim and the unswerving affection of a faithful and fervent audience (7 p.m.). The series concludes with an uncommon bonus for six-string fanatics: Steve Hill and Paul Deslauriers step into the ring for friendly battle, accompanied by two 2 comrades-in-arms of their choosing (9:30 p.m.).

Tickets and info available at ! The Guitarissimo SiriusXM series is presented at the Cinquième salle of la Place des Arts - 175 Ste-Catherine W.

In dire need of soul/funk to heal your soul ? check out organist/keyboardist Dr. Lonnie Smith at Upstairs for the 33rd Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Sunday July 1st and Monday July 2nd at 7pm and 9:45pm.

dr_lonnie_smith_150X150_entrevue_2.jpgThe day of his concert at the Upstairs of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, organist and keyboardist Dr. Lonnie Smith celebrates his 71st birthday. With a musical carreer that spans over fifty years, the one's that's played his own brand of soul/funk with the who's who of jazz is coming to present his latest CD : Spiral (Palmetto Records).  The man gets down !

As strange as it seems the turbaned organist is only here for the 2nd time. It's a mystery why, but Upstairs is fixing that, Sunday the 1st and Monday the 2nd of July at 7pm and 9:45pm.

After having played with George Benson, Ronnie Cuber, Melvin Sparks, Joe Lovano, Lou Donaldson, do you still have a lot of things to say ?
 Dr. Smith - "Oh yeah ! A musician stops thinking the day he dies!  Everyday I've got new ideas for compositions, when it's not a new tour schedule. Even if the jazz scene has changed quite a bit since the 50s, and I wasn't playing the B3 organ back then, the public is always there but in a different way."
CR - You've shared the stage with many different musicians such as trumpeter Lee Morgan, electric bassist Marcus Miller, guitarist Melvin Sparks and of course, George Benson just starting out.

 Dr. Smith - "And the idea is to play music that I like, whatever the style, because jazz can be so many different things. If you want, I'm a lot more soul/funk than jazz, but cataloging music is something I don't like. What's important is to share the music, but even more, make the concert-goes happy. I love what I do and if the crowd gets noisy, we won the game."
CR - The man knows how to get down, check out The Midnight Creeper, you'll see !
Interview by Christophe Rodriguez
Dr. Lonnie Smith - Sunday July 1st and Monday July 2nd at 7m / 9:45pm at Upstairs 1254 McKay 514-931-6808.

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ánchez, Richard Galliano, Vic Vogel, James Carter, Grégoire Maret and more to come in our FIJM Interviews section

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